Summer Reveals Phyllis is Alive to Daniel, Who Doesn’t Believe Her, Tucker Moves in With Ashley and Lauren and Michael Have a Massive Fight

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jack’s upset to find Tucker moved in, Summer blurts the truth to her brother who doesn’t believe her and Lauren walks out on Micael.  In the previous episode, Nate lies to Elena and Victoria won’t listen to Nick’s concerns as Michael reveals to Jack that Stark was murdered.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 27, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 28. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Tucker arrives at the Abbott house and surprises Ashley who didn’t think he’d move in tonight. He asks if she meant her offer.

She meant the offer, she says with a smile.

asahley and tucker at abbott home

He belongs there as long as he behaves. He moves in and says, “Behaves?”

He checks her out and then kisses her. Afterward, she asks what that was about.

tucker kisses ashley before moving in abbott manse.

He finds it a romantic gesture that she offered to share her home with him and he’s looking forward to seeing the look on Jack’s face as he comes down for breakfast this morning.

She doesn’t want to talk about her brother. “Let me show you the stairs.”

He follows her. “They go up?” He asks.

Ashley says, “Yes, and down.” They head up.

Later, they come down and he admits he hasn’t officially checked out of the Athletic Club.

ash and tucker talk him moving in.

His stuff is still there. He asks how the others will react to the move. She shrugs.

They won’t like it but they’ve other things on their mind. He’ll try to give everyone breathing space.

Ashley wants him to consider what he’s going to do next in life. 

tucker and ash the day he moves in

Lauren gives Michael the evil eye at GCAC lounge. He asks how her day was and she says it’s fine.

He starts to talk about the weather and she gets upset.

He’s trying to renew normalcy but can see there’s too much pain, especially there.

lauren and michael dine

This is the perfect place, she thinks since it’s the last place they saw Phyllis alive.

She asks how he justifies defending the woman who murdered their best friend.

She thinks this is about his enormous ego.

Michael asks how she can say that. He’s not blithely sacrificing his job with Vicotr for a bruised ego.

lauren yells at michael

She angrily asks him then why, why did he do this when she asked him not to. He let’s her know that Nikki and Victor knew Diane murdered Phyllis which is the kind of jury Diane would go up against.

Biased people. “Everybody deserves representation.”

He yells that they need to ensure the system works fairly for everyone.

She thinks another lawyer without an emotional tie would have been better but Michael thinks he’s passionate because he can keep it separate.

Phyllis’ killer could go free because of Michael, Lauren insists and if it happens, she’s not sure she can look at him.

Michael defends himself. He’s good at seeing when someone is lying. She thinks she was set up and so does he.

Lauren’s shocked to hear Stark is dead, which means they can’t get answers out of him. Lauren calls him a lowlife but doesn’t think that makes Diane blameless. 

Michael just asks her to believe in him. He’d never betray her. He just wants to seek justice for both Phyllis and Diane.

“Why can’t you have faith in me?”  He yells through gritted teeth. Lauren sobs that she’ll never forgive Diane who made Phyllis’ last months a living hell. Sure, she knows Phyllis brought it on herself but it doesn’t matter to her BFF.

Lauren can’t be there anymore and walks out on him.

michael defends himself

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At Jabot, Jack says to Billy that he needed a diversion after seeing Diane.

He admits he told Diane he wanted to marry her right away and she refused.

Billy’s sure she’s scared and just trying to get through life. Jack knows. He’s trying to comfort her. Billy calls it impulsive.

billy advice for jack.

Jack agrees and Billy assumes he thinks things are spinning out of control and he’s desperate to find something to control.

Jack doesn’t like being analyzed suddenly. He’s just moving up the timetable.

Billy hands him some alcohol and asks his brother to slow down.

jack and billy talk about proposal

He thinks Jack’s not dealing with Phyllis’ death. He’s just trying to support everyone else instead of taking time to himself.

He and Phyllis were in a rough spot when she died which makes her loss harder. Jack nods.

Billy wants him to acknowledge how much she meant to him.

They had a rich and deep history and he needs time to grieve.

Chelsea calls and Billy goes outside to take the call while Jack flashes back to telling Red one time years ago that he wanted to marry her.

jack asks Phyllis marry him

Phyllis had accepted and kissed him. Then he flashes back to other times when they were together when she cheated on him with Nicholas to the time he and Phyllis were trapped in an elevator when she was in labor with Summer.

He remembers telling Red he wanted her back when he was drinking and Phyllis was shocked and assumed the talk was only due to him being drunk.

jack flashbacks with red

Billy returns and Jack admits it’s going to take a long time to accept Phyllis is gone and that their story ended in resentment.

“When did you get so wise?” He asks his little brother.

Still, Jack’s more determined to marry Diane as soon as he can since life is too short.

billy is wise

Summer paces Chancellor Park after Phyllis has left. She hears a noise. “Mom?” It’s Daniel. “Did you see her to?” Summer asks.

Daniel admits he sees Mom all the time too. Summer calls what she saw real. Daniel thinks it’s a way of keeping her alive.

Summer talks about how Phyllis felt about being trapped by Stark.

summer and kyle in park

Daniel says if it’s true, why isn’t she back, especially after Stark was found dead?

Summer says if she returns, she’d be arrested.

Daniel knows it’s hard to let go but he’ll be there with her.

She scoffs, assuming he thinks she’s out of her mind.

He thinks she’s acting like their mama is alive.

summer wants to prove mother alive

Summer snaps. “She is. I saw her.” She wishes she could prove it to him and she starts screaming, “Mom! Mom!”

Daniel grabs her and holds her, telling her it’s okay. She asks how she can prove that their mom is alive.

She knows she will see their mom too. She isn’t sure where or when but she’ll be back.

Daniel wants to believe it but it’s not going to happen! “She’s gone! Mom is gone. She’s gone!” He yells.

He backs down. He’s sorry, but Summer maintains that she spoke with their mom who told her what happened. 

Daniel says if she did return, she’d be locked up. 

summer breaks down

Jack returns home to find Tucker with Ashley in the lounge.

He’s pissed and when he learns that Tucker’s moved in, he purses his lips and runs off. Tucker shrugs. “That went well.”

jack pissed tucker moved in


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Jack’s stunned to find Tucker at home in the morning, with a tray of tea. “Morning,” Tucker says.

tucker with morning tea

Audra says to Elena, “Did Nate tell you he was going alone to LA?”

Elena says he did.

Audra reveals he’s there with Victoria. 

audra tells elena nate went la with vicky

Chance goes to Summer. “If you know something or if you’ve learned something new you can tell me.”

chance wants summer to open up

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