Bold and Beautiful May Sweeps: Steffy and Thomas Realize Hope Has Feelings For Him and Sheila Plots a Prison Escape

Executive Producer and Head Writer, Bradley Bell previews spoilers for what’s going down with all of the LA residents of Bold and the Beautiful May sweeps in 2023 with Soap Opera Digest.

Bell is spotlighting complicated romance plots, family members who return to L.A., and Forrester Creations’ work as well as lots of drama. 

Love triangle

Everyone is still talking about how much Ridge and Bill became heroes by putting Sheila Carter behind bars.

Bill’s back to running Spencer Publications with Wyatt and Liam. Bill’s also busy trying to court Katie.

Things get complicated when Katie confirms she’s in love with Carter and Bill confesses that he is in love with Katie.

It’s a matter of how far Dollar Bill will push to reunite his family.

Bill wants his katie

Pulled into Liam’s drama

Finn and Steffy have had a trying and stressful year and now they have time for a relationship.

Steffy continues work at Forrester as CEO while Finn continues forth with his career as a physician. 

How long will this relationship stay uncomplicated?

Liam’s pulling both Finn and Steffy into his concerns that his wife and Thomas are going to get up to no good.

Meanwhile, Sheila plots her escape from prison.

finn wants to see sheila too.

Liam’s intuition

Liam’s intuition is in overdrive. He thinks something is going on with Thomas and Hope working together but he can’t prove it. Not yet.

Thomas continues to work on himself and coexists with Hope in a platonic way.

Thomas doesn’t know that Hope is struggling with her burgeoning feelings for the Forrester.

hope tells thomas she's having a moment

Hope will have a trying month navigating her feelings, her love and commitment to Liam, and her marriage, while she fights her feelings for Thomas.

Hope still worries she’s like Brooke in need of being with a bad boy and enjoying the drama and friction it creates. 

The story takes a turn in May when Thomas and Steffy realize Hope has these feelings.

thomas listens to taylor

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Yet another love triangle


Brooke and Taylor continue their friendship and support of each other and face a challenge when RJ returns to LA from Europe. 

Thomas worries Brooke and Ridge are getting closer while Taylor maintains that her BFF is over with Ridge. But the question is, are they over?

There’s a shift between Ridge, Taylor and Brooke and how RJ’s return affects the whole family.

B&B family photo.

Deacon’s buried love


Deacon keeps his love for Sheila buried as he focuses on his business in Il Giardino. 

Deacon engages with “prominent personalities” at his workplace as he continues establishing his restaurant as the place to dine at in L.A.

deacon mulls over sheila's offer

Our stir-crazy prisoner

Sheila searches for a way out of prison.

Bell says, “Stay tuned; it’s going to be great!”

sheila paces her cell upset.

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