Sharon and Victoria React to News of Sally’s Pregnancy and Paternity Conundrum, While Victor Gifts Nikki a Diamond Necklace on Valentine’s Day

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, It’s Valentine’s Day in Genoa City, Victor and Nikki reminisce about their love. At the same time, Lily gives advice to lovelorn Daniel and Sharon lends an ear to Sally.

In the previous episode, Audra revealed everything to Tucker, and Victoria and Victor revel in their plans for Tucker, and Ashley’s back from Paris and pissed off that Diane’s with Jack now.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 13, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 14. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Sally arrives at Crimson Lights and watches Sharon and Nick on their phones nearby.

Nick gets a text from Vicky asking to meet at Society and takes off while Sally lets herself in.

Sharon says Nick just left. She offers to run and catch him but Sally would rather she not.

sharon and nick valentines day crimson lights Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

She’s trying not to let this relationship be all-consuming Sharon gets her a tea and starts the counseling session.

She tells them about Jill being interested in her company, thanks to Nick encouraging her to see she’s turned over a new leaf.

Sharon asks how things are between her and Nick. Sally says they’re good and Sharon’s glad.

Nick deserves uncomplicated stress-free happiness.

sharon advice for sally Y&R early recaps

Sally admires how close they remained. Sharon says there’s no secret. They share kids together.

Sally asks about their history and she tells the redhead they struggled as a couple but were forced to grow up a lot together.

They had to learn forgiveness together which is why their bond is strong. Sally wonders if Sharon doesn’t think she’s good enough for Nick.

Sharon sees a spark and thought she was a perfect match for Adam initially.

She sees Sally has learned from her mistakes and gives her credit for trying to do better. Sally’s thankful.

sally and sharon valentines Y&R early recaps

Sharon calls Nick impulsive when it comes to love. Not that she’s trying to derail anything.

She says she and Nick are in different places and she’s in a journey of self-discovery since her battle with breast cancer.

She talks about family being there for her, including Nick.

Sharon can see she’s looking for some confirmation that Nick will stand by her in sickness and in health.

She asks if Sally is facing a medical problem. Sally says no. She’s pregnant and terrified. Sharon digests that.

sharon learns sally pregnant Y&R early recaps

She calls it a normal reaction. Sally says her mother was no mother at all so she’s not sure she can do this. She also doesn’t want Nick to feel trapped.

Sharon says Nick will willingly do the right thing and he loves being a father. She can tell by the way Sally’s acting that Adam’s a contender for father.

Sally gets freaked out and jumps up, ready to leave. Sharon tells her there’s no judgment. Her secret is safe with her.

Sally’s sorry for putting her in this situation. Sharon says she can trust her.

sharon talks sally about her pregnancy Y&R early recaps

Lily finds Daniel sitting at the park in the cold. She jokes that he’s preemptively stalking her.

He’s quiet so she gives him a peppermint candy.

daniel lily park in dark Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

They wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day but he’s glum thinking about Heather and letting go of the hurt.

She gives him a pep talk and they reminisce about being in love as kids.

He tells her she’s been there during his darkest days.

daniel and lily banana costumes Y&R early recaps

They flashback to their time in California with their jobs at the banana stand, wearing banana costumes.

They think their unrelenting love and support came out of that.

She remembers Daniel visiting her at another point in their lives when he told her he knows where his baby is. 

Lily lets him know he’s shaped who she is. He thanks her and calls her the best. They embrace and leave together. 

daniel younger days Y&R recaps

At the ranch, Nikki says the planning committee meeting went well. The Genoa City Bicentennial event will be the talk of the season. 

Victor talks to his wife about his kids always being at odds with each other.

Nikki asks if he hasn’t misinterpreted things between them.

Vicky’s wary of the chaos Adam brings to them.

He’s proven he can’t go long without creating drama.

nikki and victor valentines Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Victor wants to put an end to it but Victoria’s protective of Newman’s success.

He knows she’s doing a great job.

Nikki thinks Adam needs to prove he can put the company above his personal grievances and she doesn’t see it happening. 

They talk about how well they did with their kids and Victor thinks their love is the stuff poems are written about.

She grabs an envelope. One of the first Valentine’s Day cards he ever gave her. He looks at it.

nikki and victor kiss valentines Y&R recaps

They kiss and smile at one another. He always knew they’d defy the odds.

He always knew his heart belonged to her, even when others were in the picture.

They reminisce about her telling him they belong to each other.

She recalls telling him she loves him and won’t leave him and him embracing her.

Victor recalls talking about it being their destiny to be together and remarrying her.

They snuggle and he talks about always coming back to his strong, independent, beautiful wife.

nikki victor reminisce wedding Y&R early recaps

They kiss more. Victor gifts her something to remind her of their love.

She reads his card telling her she manages still to take his breath away.

He takes out a sparkly necklace and she gasps.

He repeats, “There we go. There we go,” a few times as he puts it on her. It’s to replace the stolen one.

She can wear it here since they keep the other in Chicago. They say their I love yous.

nikki diamond necklace valentines day victor Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Nick finds Vicky at Society. It’s set up for Valentine’s Day and they joke about being in for a night of romance and passion.

She tells her brother she’s worried about their father wanting to give Adam control of Tucker’s empire.

Talk turns to Sally.

vicky and nick valentines Y&R early recaps

She offers her support since he’s been supportive of her in the past. If he needs to share, he can come to her. 

She won’t push or prod for information, she says before Nick blurts, “Sally’s pregnant.”

Victoria’s shocked as she tries to take a sip of her martini.

Nick tells her it’s Sage and Adam all over again. Vicky asks if this will make or break the relationship. 

Nick feels deeply for her and is more invested with a baby on the way.

Victoria asks if it’ll hold true if the baby isn’t his.

He isn’t sure how it’ll go but he’s happy. Victoria agrees to keep this to herself.

victoria learns sally pregnant Y&R early recaps

Daniel arrives at Grand Phoneix and looks at all of the Valentine’s Day dinners outside of other suites.

He meanders into his room all sad.

daniel valentines day alone Y&R early recaps

He sees Heather on the sofa.

“Heather,” he says.

heather in genoa city Y&R early recaps

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