Nick Confronts Summer Who Accuses Sally of Using Him, Chelsea Comes Between Adam and Billy as Nate Eavesdrops on Lily and Daniel

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick confronts Summer, Adam confronts Chelsea and Sharon tells Billy that he could be hindering Chelsea’s recovery.

In the previous episode, Summer confronted Sally over her ‘selfishness’ and Nick and Adam got some things out in the open while Phyllis decides to join Stark in making Diane’s life miserable.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 6, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 7. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chelsea sets the table for lunch in her apartment when Adam interrupts to check on her.

He assumes Billy’s coming over since Connor’s at school.

He gripes about not understanding why Billy has to come to her place instead of a restaurant.

She tells him to leave his negativity at home. He guesses that their relationship has gone past just friends.

“Maybe it has,” she exclaims. He’s happy for her but she needs to keep her guard up. Billy’s toxic.

At Crimson Lights, Billy gets dessert for him and Chelsea. Sharon notices his flowers and finds him thoughtful.

He’s been instrumental in helping her reclaim her life but Sharon worries their bond is growing stronger.

sharon and billy crimson lights Y&R day ahead recaps soaps spoilers

He thinks it’s supposed to but she says they came together under extraordinary circumstances but she’s still fragile.

She’s not trying to overstep. He knows and appreciates her input. He’ll listen even if he doesn’t like what she has to say.

She worries about her dependency on him. He’d never jeopardize Chelsea’s recovery.

Sharon knows he won’t, intentionally. But it is almost like it’s artificially lifting her spirits. 

billy says good friends iwth chelsea Y&R recaps

Billy heads to Chelea’s and asks if everything is okay since Adam’s there.

Adam starts in on Billy who was asking Chelsea, not him. Chelsea blows out some air.

adam at chelsea's upset billy's there Y&R day ahead spoiler recaps soaps spoilers

She comes between the men and asks them to stop.

Adam tells her to enjoy her lunch before he goes and Chelsea’s happy for the flowers and pastries. 

They discuss Chelsea possibly working for Daniel and how Lily was there and seemed to like the idea.

She had thoughts about gamers going through mazes and using personal trials to get through them.

billy flowers for chelsea Y&R day ahead spoiler recaps Soaps Spoilers

This lunch is a celebration of her getting closer of her getting to where she wants to be.

“It’s a celebration of us,” she admits.

They talk about the job itself. She’ll design visuals once someone else codes.

chelsea with pastry at her apartment with billy Y&R day ahead spoiler recaps soaps spoilers

Billy thinks it’s a perfect fit for Daniel’s platform and tells her about Jack’s offer to work at Jabot.

Because of her, he’s considering the offer.

He thanks her for seeing things in a different life. Chelsea feels she owes him. He asks if she can stand on her own and she admits she can. She’s just grateful to have him in her life.

kyle vs adam Y&R early recaps

Adam arrives downstairs at Crimson Lights. He looks glum. Sharon comments and asks if he’s okay.

He’s crusty and she tells him off, knowing he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions so he’s lashing out. “Are you trying to therapize me?”

She’s sure that running into Billy made his mood foul. Adam admits it’s true. He doesn’t think Billy cares about how he’s affecting Chelsea’s recovery.

As he asks if Sharon will talk to her, Sharon tells him, “I think you should stop.”

shharon and adam therapy Y&R day ahead spoiler recaps soaps spoilers

At the Abbott house, Summer snarks to Kyle that she’s upset with “Sally Fricken Spectra.”

She reveals Sally’s pregnant with Adam’s kid and Nick’s sticking by her. He’s shocked and calls it complicated.

When Summer thinks that Sally loved watching her squirm, Kyle doubts that. This isn’t a stunt. It’s a baby. She probably had a lot on her mind without thinking about how it affected her.

Summer’s angry he defended Sally Spectra to her but Kyle says the health and well-being of the baby is the most important thing.

Summer agrees but thinks she’ll use the baby to manipulate her dad. Kyle thinks this thing isn’t casual and that Summer needs to get used to it.

summer upset about sally spectra Y&R day ahead recaps soaps spoilers

At Society, Sally reveals to Nick that she told Summer everything. “Everything,” he deadpans.

She’s sorry but his daughter accused her of creating chaos wherever she goes and she’s not wrong.

“This whole thing is a mess.” She feels bad. Their relationship has always been awful.

nick learns summer knows about sally pregnancy Y&R day ahead recaps soaps spoilers

Nick tries to reassure her and offers to go with her to her doctor’s appointment but since it’s not an ultrasound, she refuses him. He tells her not to think about Summer. Focus on the baby. They kiss.

sally hugs nick Y&R day ahead recaps

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Elsewhere in Society, Daniel meets with Lily who says Jill’s fighting for Omegasphere.

Daniel likes the idea of working with Chelsea and Lily thinks that’s good news.

The type of good news she needed today.

lily and daniel society talking omegasphere Y&R day ahead spoiler recaps soaps spoilers

Lily believes in the project and knows Daniel put a lot into it. It’s a way to reinvent himself.

Daniel thanks her for being patient while he wallowed. “It was a little like being with Eeyore,” she says.

Lily owes Chelsea a thank you. As they discuss her issues with Devon and finding a way to make things right, Nate listens from nearby.

lily anad daniel talk omegasphere and chelsea working there Y&R day ahead spoiler recaps soaps spoilers

Daniel wants to find a solution but she says there isn’t one.

She goes and Nate approaches. It sounds like they want the same thing.

nate eavesdropped Y&R recaps

Nick arrives at the Abbott mansion as Kyle’s leaving. Summer thinks her father’s there to scold her. He’s not. He just wants this out in the open.

Sally knows she’ll never get Summer’s support but Nick demands it.

Her history with Sally is ancient history.

Summer’s concerned for him. “She’s using you.” Nick says that’s heartless and baseless.

Summer asks if she told him she was pregnant right away. Nick says she didn’t.

nick visits summer to yell at her Y&R day ahead spoiler recaps soaps spoilers

Summer thinks that she did it on purpose so he’d stand by her and protect her from Adam. Nick says that’s just not true.

She felt scared and alone when she learned she was pregnant. But she’s not because what they have is real.

Not being the father of her baby doesn’t change anything.

“Supergirl, I love you,” he says but it doesn’t mean she gets to run his life. He needs her to respect that.

nick tells summer off Y&R recaps

Back at Crimson Lights, Sharon asks Adam to stop projecting and leave Chelsea to her own life.

He should focus on his. She asks about his job at Jabot.

Kyle arrives and Adam gets his hackles up. He calls Kyle his ex-colleague. Sharon’s surprised.

Adam asks how things are at Jabot. Kyle says they’re fine since he left. His half-assed contributions didn’t do much.

Adam asks what his father gave Kyle for his treachery.

shharon and adam therapy Y&R day ahead spoiler recaps soaps spoilers

A yacht, a bag of money, magical beans? Kyle rolls his eyes and tells Sharon he’ll get his coffee elsewhere.

Adam says he’s bluffing.

There’s nowhere else to get coffee in this town.
Sharon thinks Kyle is right.

Adam likes to ruminate over the past instead of finding the next passionate thing.

Adam admits he had an offer.

Sharon encourages him to focus on that so he heads to the other room and calls his father to meet.

adaam calls victor newman Y&R recaps

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