Liz Confesses Everything to Esme, Who Tells Spencer He Will Never See Her Son, and Mason Confronts Austin About What He and Ava Did

General Hospital recap for Monday, March 6, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Liz tells Esme what she and Nikolas did to her, Obrecht tells Willow why she wants to help her, and Sonny needles Ava about Nikolas disappearing.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Anna and Felicia blackmailed Ashby, Molly may be pregnant, and Diane said the baby couldn’t be released.

At The Invader, Alexis asks Gregory why he’s been lying to her. She called PCU and found out he doesn’t work there anymore.

alexis asks what Gregory is hiding General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

She admits that she called the Dean to talk him into letting him work at the paper. Why has he been lying?

He starts breathing deeply as she speculates. When she offers to help, he says that no one can help him.

Gregory asks her to let this go and forget it. She can’t do that. If he can’t tell her about this, she’ll have to “re-evaluate” their friendship.


He assumes she means end it. She backs down and hopes he has someone to talk to.

Gregory tells her his kids don’t know and it’s going to stay that way. If she’s the friend she says she is, she will stay out of this.

She’s sorry for upsetting him but not for being concerned. He walks out.

At the Metro Court, Nina tells Sonny how busy she is. He knows she’s also worried about Obrecht being tested to be a donor for Willow.

He suggests she could use a distraction. She spots Ava drinking alone and wanders over.

ava nina and sonny General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Ava is thinking about Nikolas’ body disappearing. “You’re not waiting for Nikolas to show up again?” Sonny asks.

They fill her in on Liesl being a match for Willow. Ava is rooting for her to have a chance at a relationship with her daughter.

Sonny is sure that Ava must be thrilled to have Ryan and Nikolas out of her life.

Nina takes off to deal with hotel issues. Sonny asks Ava if she’s enjoying being single and senses she’s fearful that Nikolas might return.

Sipping her martini, she says he’s wrong. She’s learned her lesson with the prince.

ava sonny talk nikolas General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

He thinks it’s strange that she hasn’t heard from Nikolas since all that happened with Ryan. “What’s stopping him?” he asks.

Austin bumps into Mason, who starts making vague statements about Ava.

Eventually, he explains that he followed them to Spoon Island and saw everything.

Sitting down, the doctor claims they haven’t done anything wrong. Mason jokes that any judge would go easy on him if they claimed that.

The doctor tells him he knows where he comes from and no one is making him go back. Mason is sure he will do the right thing.

Austin says he’s sure Ava knows when it’s “time to negotiate.”

mason the weird cousin General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

After striding off, Austin bumps into Nina, who asks why he’s not with Ava. She’s glad her friend has another friend. He offers to do the best he can.

She warns that Ava may act tough but she’s vulnerable.

After Nina wanders off, Austin stares over at Ava as she talks to Sonny. Mason pops up again.

Ava repeats to Sonny that she doesn’t want Nikolas back. He asks if the prince threatened her. She admits he threatened to take Avery away.

Sonny says he will find him if he threatens their daughter. She asks him to let this go.

“If he’s got anything over you, I can help,” Sonny says.

ava talks empty threats General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

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At General Hospital, Willow is surprised that Obrecht is waiting for her.

She’ll be forever grateful if she can save her.

Liesl says that she’s one of them now.

liesl with willow hospital General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

She asks if they are worried a price tag is attached to her help.

Terry interrupts before this is sorted out and they head down to her office.

They go over all the tests that still have to be run. After Terry takes off, Michael asks Liesl what’s in it for her to do this.

She explains that she’s lost two children. That’s shaped her perspective and it’s why she was so pleased to help a new family member.

She wants to give her the kind of life Britt couldn’t have. Michael still feels like there is another reason.

Obrecht explains that she’d like Willow to open her heart to the possibility that Nina is not her enemy.

obrecht talks to willow about nina General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Willow appreciates how much Liesl loves Nina, but she can’t put aside all she’s done.

She doesn’t think Nina loves her personally, just the idea of having a daughter.

Liesl admits that she was like that with Britt too until the last few years of her life. In those last years, they became friends. She wishes the same for Nina and Willow.

Terry calls Obrecht away for the tests.

As they head down the hall, Willow tells Michael that if she gets a second chance, she needs to think about whether Nina will have a role in her life.

Nina steps off the elevator.

nina sees willow General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Diane approaches Spencer, Laura and Victor as they are about to take the baby home.

The lawyer announces they can’t do that.

spencer with ace the baby General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Spencer is sure that Esme is destined for prison. Janet from Child Services shows up.

Laura is sure they can reach the right decision for the child.

Janet explains that Esme has filed a motion to maintain custody of the child in Spring Ridge.

spencer worries when social worker arrives for ace General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Everyone weighs in. Laura reminds Spencer that whether they like it or not, they can’t take Esme out of the equation.

Janet says the baby will remain in the nursery until he’s transferred to Spring Ridge.

Victor, Laura, and Diane tells Spencer to comply with court orders until this can be argued out.

spencer doesn't want to give Ace up General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Reluctantly, Spencer hands the child off. He says that this shouldn’t be happening to his little brother.

Diane later returns to Laura and tells her that the law is on Esme’s side. Spencer does have a shot but he would be better off if Esme would co-operate with him.

Liz visits Esme’s room. She asks the nurse to bring her baby in and walk her through the mommy manual.

esme learns liz and her struggled over her phone General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Sitting down, Liz tells her she needs to know how she ended up in there. She tells her about their fight on the pier and her role in helping Nikolas keep her prisoner.

Esme is shocked, especially when she hears that she jumped off a turret.

Liz can understand why she’s angry but she couldn’t be more wrong if she thinks she’s owed an apology for any of what happened.

She insists she was just protecting the people she loves. The police already know and she made a deal.

Before the nurse can leave, Esme asks if she wanted her baby. Liz doesn’t know what was in her heart.

Esme assumes she wasn’t thinking about the baby if she jumped off a tower.

liz tells esme she has a fresh start General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Liz says she’s been given a blank slate since she lost her memory. It’s up to her what she does with it.

“I could not have said that better myself,” Spencer says as he barges in.

She accuses him of being there to play her to get at her baby. Liz escapes, hoping they can put aside their needs for the baby’s sake.

Spencer tells her she will be making a huge mistake if she takes the baby to prison.

She reminds him it is her baby and what his father did to her. He says that if she cares about her son, she won’t want him raised in a prison.

Esme doesn’t need lessons in love from him and won’t let him near her son.

Down the hall, Victor corners Liz and confronts her about keeping Esme captive. He offers to send the evidence to the authorities if she doesn’t tell him where Nikolas is.

victor upset General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

She explains his evidence is worthless now.

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