Lauren Accuses Phyllis of Meddling, Tessa and Mariah Squeal Over an Ultrasound Photo of the Baby & Kyle and Victor Conspire

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Elena reveals her issues with Audra to Tessa and Mariah, while they show her ultrasound photos and Kyle tells Victor he has the dirt on Adam they needed.

In the previous episode, Audra has sex with Tucker, and Billy and Chelsesa agreed to a night on the town.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for January 27, 2023 episode airs in the USA January 30. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Newman Media, Nikki worries the lovely equilibrium in the company will go to hell if Victor forces Adam’s hand to return. Victor appreciates her thoughts.

She thinks he’s shutting her down but he’s not. He has the situation in hand.

Nikki doesn’t want him to make enemies of Jack and Tucker.

victor learns kyle found dirt on adam Y&R early recaps

Victor is confident it’ll work out as planned. His wife hopes so. Victor needs to discuss the break-in to their home in Chicago.

He knows Diane and Jack set Stark up. She nods. He asks when she was going to tell him.

She was incensed and didn’t think there was anything to be done about it.

They were careful not to implicate themselves and she’ll get her necklace back.

She’s happy Stark’s off the streets but wishes Phyllis hadn’t called the man. She’s looking the other way.

Victor’s angry at Jack for taking such a huge risk.

nikki tells victor about jack Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

At Jabot, Kyle makes a business call about the status reports Adam’s been overseeing.

Summer appears and he jumps while reading the file.

She questions him and he claims he’s looking at something boring. She is suspicious but Daniel appears so they take off together.

At Society, Nick and Victoria talk about watching Tucker squirm.

Nearby, Lauren and Michael are seated while Victoria tries to get her brother to spill what’s on his mind.

nick and victoria talk tucker's company Y&R spoiler recaps soapsspoilers

Nick brushes her off. He claims it’s Dad. Nick’s tired of their dad dismissing his relationship with Sally.

Victoria doesn’t see a future with Sally, either. Nick’s too good for her. Nick explodes.

He doesn’t need this from her. Sally calls and he learns Jill cancelled her presentation.

Nick disconnects and tells his sister what happened. Nick wonders what’s going on.

nick upset Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

At their own table, Lauren and Michael are still on cloud nine over last night.

They loved meeting Treyy and call his happiness with their son infectious.

Phyllis appears and they force her to sit with them though she doesn’t want to impose.

She says she’s terrible and can’t catch a break with her kids.

lauren and michael dinner society Y&R early recaps

Lauren asks if things are strained with them. Red reveals they are with both kids.

She’s just trying to help them both. Michael thinks there’s more to this.

She admits she had an “exploratory” conversation with Newman Media about her son’s platform.

Michael calls it meddling. She calls it being proactive.

phyllis with Michael Y&R early recaps

Phyllis doesn’t get it. Michael says Diane’s creating friction between her and her kids.

Phyllis says Diane has nothing to do with it. Red doesn’t want to be lectured. “Too bad,” Lauren says.

Phyllis says she was just shopping the platform around. It has nothing to do with Diane.

lauren sad about daniel Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

Michael thinks any previous conflict would have intensified their conflict. 

Phyllis tells her friends about Daniel’s art career not going well and how he took his frustrations out on his marriage.

He and Heather broke up.

He’s finally pulling himself out of the mud. She cries a little and realizes she knows how to solve this problem.

Michael and Lauren cringe, knowing this can’t be good. Phyllis is going to see Heather and ask her to give her kid another chance.

Lauren says she didn’t honor his boundaries. She disrespected him and over-functioned.

Michael laughs, calling that a fancy word for meddling. He accuses her of wanting to meddle in Daniel’s personal life. Phylis doesn’t see it that way.

She’s telling Heather how good he’s doing.

Lauren says she has a beautiful heart. He gets it.

Michael doesn’t. It’ll backfire spectacularly. Red says she’s going to see Heather in Portugal. Michael grimaces. 


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At Newman Media, Audra reveals she met with Tucker, earlier.

Nate’s not happy to hear that and wonders if she’s working Tucker, or her or both of them.

Audra reassures him that she wants him to succeed. She was curious as to what Tucker’s move was so she could keep him informed. “And?” He asks.

audra reveals not colluding Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

She says his master plan was to get control of Jabot and put Ashley at the help and put Devon in charge at Chancellor-Winters so he could work side by side with those he claims he loves the most.

“Ambitious,” Nate comments.

Audra says she thought he was looking for collusion but he’s not.

He just wants Romalotti’s project.

Nate finds this intriguing. He can see why Victor and Victoria find the power of being the boss intoxicating. Audra says it looks good on him.

nate and audra talk about daniel Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Elena wanders into Crimson Lights and Mariah and Tessa show her Delphine’s ultrasound photo.

Everyone coos over how cute it is and the women notice Elena’s not that happy.

She admits she doesn’t trust Nate’s new CEO.

mariah and tessa ultrasound Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

They know it’s Audra Charles and Mariah thinks Elena has a right to be cautious.

Noah’s her ex and their relationship was messy. Elena isn’t sure if that’s damning since they’ve all been through difficult relationships.

Elena thinks she’s stoking Nate’s ambitions. He wouldn’t cheat with her.

tessa and elena Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

He has a lust for power and has done things he’s not proud of.

Mariah realizes she’s worried Audra will help bring out Nate’s dark side. She urges her friend to talk to Nate about it.

Elena doubts his drive for power ever went away. It’ll probably get worse.

elena worried about nate Y&R recaps

At the park, Summer admits to Daniel she has a feeling that Kyle’s hiding something from her.

She hopes she’s wrong. They discuss her firing their mother and how worried Summer is that Phyllis is so rattled because of Diane’s return. Daniel hopes she reins it in but he’s not holding his breath.

summer bitches about kyle to daniel Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

Kyle finds Victor in Victoria’s office.

He found something to get Adam out of the company. He smirks, self-satisfied.

Adam’s treading water, not doing a great job. Victor’s glad to hear and wonders how they can take advantage. 

kyle smirks found dirt on adam Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

Victoria meets Nate in his office at Newman Media.

He fills her in on Omegasphere and how everyone’s falling all over themselves to grab it up.

She appreciated his instinct but is Nate sure he wants to provoke his family?

He calls it business, quoting her. She gets it. She trusts his instincts.

If the opportunity to acquire it comes, she supports it. Nate says there’s a wrinkle.

Tucker’s snooping around Omegasphere too. But Nate has a strategy. Victoria will take care of Tucker.

victoria in red Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

Nick strolls on into Newman and tells his dad he doesn’t like him intervening with Sally. “Stuff happens, Son.” The Mustache says.

Nick asks if he convinced Jill to stop the meeting with Sally.

nick asks dad if he had anything to do with meeting cancellation Y&R recaps today

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