Diane & Jack React to Ashley’s Engagement News, and Nate Talks About Ousting Nick and Victoria From Newman as Phyllis Contacts Summer

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, during a fight with Jack, Ashley tells him and Diane that she and Tucker are engaged, Diane thinks it’s a joke, Nate and Audra discuss teaming up and Victoria wants her mother’s blessing.

In the previous episode, Sharon threw out the champagne, Devon and Nate hurled insults at each other after Devon learned Nate cheated on Elena, and Audra taunted Tucker.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 23, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 24. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Newman, Nikki and Victoria discuss business contracts and the possibility of not renewing.

They talk about renewing a deal in Dubai and Nikki purses her lips and asks what’s giving her daughter “that glow.”

Vicky says it’s from an oxygen facial but Nikki thinks it’s from Nate.

nikki learns victoria going public

Her daughter doesn’t want to talk about Nate and Nikki admits she heard Elena Dawson stormed out of there.

Victoria says she wasn’t playing the victim and broke her contract which Victoria’s happy to do.

She’s not proud of how she got together with Nate but is glad they can go public.

victoria wants her mom's help

She confesses her glow is because of Nate and her family needs to accept it. Nikki sniffs down her nose at the thought.

Victoria asks her mom to give this a chance, to be that one person who sides with her.

She asks her mom not to mention JT or Ashland. Nick has done so. Nikki says her happiness is most important. Vicky asks if she has her blessing.

Nikki thinks she can trust her instincts. Vicky will keep things as they are for now. They embrace.

nikki supports vicky

Audra answers the door to Nate from her room at the Athletic Club.

She wanted to do this at the office but he tells her there are too many ears there.

He relays what happened when Elena came to confront him and Victoria.

audra drinks with nate

He’s feeling guilty but she tells him not to. Nate says Devon made him feel bad too. Audra asks what he expected when he screwed them over.

She tells him to let go of the pity party and he tells her that Nick thinks he’s using his relationship with Victoria for gunning for his job.

Audra thinks he was smart to see his endgame though she knows he has feelings for Vicky.

This makes him vulnerable. She vows to watch his back. Nate says it could work for them.

Victoria has no problem with him wanting to work his way up in the company. They agree to be a team and Nate says Newman Media may be heading for a showdown with Adam.

Audra asks what’s next. She wants to fast-track this but Nate says no. It’ll take time to oust Nick and Nikki from the company.

audra talks about nick's suspicions

Downstairs, Kyle talks about sending Harrison to soccer camp but Summer likes the idea of a day camp.

They go for a half day but Kyle seems miffed. She apologizes for the tension between them which she hates and takes full responsibility for.

summer and kyle dine

He worries he’s losing more of her, daily. She shut him out and is sorry.

He’s hurt but knows she was hurting more. Summer worries the cops will find her mom and then worries they won’t.

They hold hands and Kyle’s supportive of her. She appreciates it and he recalls she was supportive of him when his mom returned.

kyle was hurt says to summer

He goes to take a work call and Daniel appears to talk. Summer doesn’t want to.

Lucy and Kyle pop up and she tells Summer she heard what happened. She apologizes to Nick for what her grandma did to his mom.

She misses Phyllis but doesn’t get why she and Stark would do that. Lucy toddles off to the spa with Kyle leading the way as Summer crosses her arms and pouts that her brother outted Phyllis.

They discuss whether or not it’s fair that Diane is facing life in prison.

Summer is worried that she’s been scared away by him but Daniel argues he did it so she could get the help she needs.

lucy with kyle

Kyle returns and Daniel takes off to work. Summer needs to rush out and Kyle asks how he can get her to believe he’s on her side.

She gets a call and needs to take it. Kyle stops her wondering what could be more important than this.

She answers the call and they’ve disconnected. Summer exclaims and Kyle shakes his head.

He takes off and an unknown texter texts to meet. She hopes it’s from her mom.

summer gets texts from mom

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At the Abbott’s mansion, Jack finds Tucker’s audacity a bit much. He has nothing to do with his issues with his sister and wants to know where she is.

Tucker guarantees he’ll make Jack’s life a living hell if he continues this path with Ashley. The blonde arrives home as Jack threatens to kick Tucker out.

Tucker shrugs. It’s his home too. Ashley tells Jackie Boy to back off.

Tucker suggests they go get a drink. He puts on his shoes and Jack tells his sister he knows she’s staging a coup.

ashley versus jack

She’s on notice she says and will fail if she does this. “Your reputation will be trashed.”

Tucker’s surprised, though Jack thinks he knew. Ashley says he’s not the enemy, it’s Diane and Ash is only trying to protect their family.

Diane comes rushing in with some tea and tells the dueling siblings, “No more! This has to stop.” Tucker smirks.

Ashley says she has a solution…Diane interrupts. Allie moved in with Noah and Traci escaped to New York.

She asks the siblings to have some respect. Ashley doesn’t take orders from her.

jack tells Ashely to rethink living arrangements

She tells the brunette to move into the pool house. Jack barks that his sister’s been using this house as a pied-à-terre while she lived overseas and he has been there the whole time, which makes him feel this is more Diane’s place than Tucker’s.

Ashley blurts that this place is as much Tucker’s home as Diane’s since they’re engaged and Jack and Diane’s mouths fall open collectively.

They think it’s a joke and Diane points out that Tucker looks surprised.

Tucker says it’s because they didn’t want to rush things and go public. Ashley tells her brother that she’s seen changes in Tucker who is vulnerable, loyal, and honest who surprises her daily by doing the right thing.

“He is conning you,” Jack says. Diane sighs. Ashley calls Jack’s “obsession with Diane pure selfishness.” She loves Tucker.

She asks Diane to hold on to the bridal magazines. “I’m going to need them.”

She and Tucker take off. Diane tries to talk Jack down while reminding him he and Ashley are siblings.

ashley and tucker engagement

Victoria finds Adam at Society dining alone. He says it’s how he gets work done.

She wonders if he’s thinking about Newman Media being a threat to his new company.

“Do you deny it?” She says no. They are a threat to him. She walks to the bar and he follows.

adam eats alone

They talk about the imminent threat of MCall though Victoria denies there is one.

She thinks it’s sad Dad bought him a company that he’ll run right into the ground.

Adam thinks she’s worried but Victoria calls that company sad and failed. Adam admires her confidence and looks forward in proving her wrong.

She calls him a bump in the road. He’s too emotional. He runs too hot. He knows but reminds her he knows Newman Media better than anyone which makes him prepared.

victoria taunts adam about mccall being a crap company

At the park, Ashley bellows about Jack being sanctimonious.

She thanks Tucker for defending her to Jack and Tucker says it’s fine.

The best part for him was that she told them they were engaged.

Ashley gives a half smile while Tucker asks, “We are engaged, aren’t we?” He asks if she’s stringing him along.

She asks why she’d move in him. He doesn’t know. She sees the good in him. She cares about him.

“You said you love me,” he reminds her. Was that for dramatic effect?

ashley and tucker chancellor park

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