Nina Agrees to Marry Sonny, Chase Serenades Brook Lynn Before They Reunite, and Dex and Spencer Have a Steamy Fight

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, May 23, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Olivia and Carly disagree about Ned, Chase asks Finn for help, and Trina and Joss talk love.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Drew and Carly targeted Tracy to manipulate Ned, Joss confronted Michael about Dex, and Sonny proposed to Nina.

Dex is working out at the gym. Spencer walks in and Dex tells him he’s glad he survived the ordeal in Greenland. Joss was worried about him.

spencer hot at the gym

Spencer tells him to drop it. He doesn’t trust him. To him, he’ll always be a backstabbing traitor.

Trina arrives and watches them bickering before interrupting and thanking Dex for being there for Joss.

trina comes upon spencer verbally sparring with dex

Dex is polite and leaves. Trina tells Spencer he’s acting like a jerk and tells him to get along with Dex.

He says Dex slid in behind Cam’s back. Besides, Dex and Joss will never last. It’s a non-starter for Joss to date one of Sonny’s employees.

trina tells spencer get along

She tells him you can’t put logic around love. The heart wants what it wants. They kiss.

Joss jogs in and hugs him. She’s not sure if she should say she’s sorry about his uncle. He assures her it’s okay.

joss hugs spencer

They talk about Willow and Joss adds she got in a fight. Spencer takes off.

Trina prods Joss to spill about the fight. Her friend complains that Michael is a “condescending ass” and refuses to believe what she has with Dex is real. Taking her hand, Trina tells her that the only thing that matters is they know they should be together.

Dex goes to the steam room. Joss shows up in a towel. The towels drop as they make out. This is just a fantasy.

joss in dex's fantasy

Spencer walks in and grumpily sits down. He goes on about how he grew up with Joss and how she was happy with Cam before he came along.

Dex says Joss can make her own choices. Spencer says he knows her better than he ever will.

spencer and dex steam room

Unimpressed, Dex says all his examples only prove that he knew her as a kid. The Cassadine tells him to admit he has no future with her.

He’s just muscle for hire and she’s going to be a doctor.

When Dex says she deserves better than a punk like him. They start fighting.

Dex comes out and leaves with Joss. Spencer eventually comes out with a busted lip and admits Dex did it. He admits he started the fight.

She asks why they can’t just get along. Spencer says it’s impossible to be nice to the guy.

spencer talks about fighting dex

At the Metro Court, Chase tells Finn that Tracy accused him of being judgement and superior to Brook Lynn.

finn and chase

He wonders if he has been unfair and should just forgive her. His brother asks if he can really forgive her and put all of this behind him.

Can he accept her as she is and the fact that she could do the same sort of thing again?

finn questions chase

Finn has learned that some people may want to be together but they are too different to make it work. Chase feels like he needs to fix this and he wants his brother’s help.

finn asks chase put it behind him

Carly calls the hospital to check on Willow. Olivia steps out of the bathroom. She worries that her old friend hates her.

olivia listens to carly trash ned

Carly doesn’t hate her but her husband is a different story. Liv had no idea what Ned was planning. It may not help, but she’s furious with him.

Carly hopes she kicked him out. Her friend points out that she’s not exactly innocent. She told Ned what he did is disgusting but she won’t throw her marriage away just because her husband told the truth.

carly says her husband is a different story

It’s not her job to police Ned’s business and she won’t ruin her marriage over it. Olivia goes back to work.


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At the Quartermaine estate, BLQ is writing lyrics while Ned is making calls, trying to get to the bottom of the insider trading thing.

Getting off the phone, he looks at her lyrics and guesses things aren’t going well with Chase. She says he no longer has a reason to see her.

ned tells BLQ he needs to prove his innocence

Tracy shows up and notices “the faces of doom.” She still doesn’t buy Ned not going to the SEC.

BLQ points out that whoever it was might have only wanted to hurt Carly or Drew, not both of them. She has to draw a Venn diagram to explain this.

Ned steps off to take a call and Tracy lets her granddaughter know that she had words with Chase about him looking down his nose at her.

The cop didn’t say much but his father defended him. BLQ says she had no right to confront Chase and wishes she’d stayed out of it like she’d promised.

tracy better off without him

Tracy thinks she’s better off without him.

Ned returns and demands to know what his mother did to Brook Lynn. As they bicker, she hears music from the garden. It’s one of her songs.

She rushes out. Finn holds a radio to play while his brother steps out of the bushes and starts singing.

finn helps chase get blq back

Once the singing stops, Finn runs away.

Chase tells BLQ he’s trying to get back the best thing that’s ever happened to him. She pulls him into a kiss. He misses her bossing him around. His life is so dull without her and he’s been unfair to her.

She says what she did was wrong and she’s sorry. She wants to be better for him. He thinks they are great together.

BLQ says there is nothing to forgive and tells him to kiss her. He does.

chase and brook lynn reunite

Inside, Finn tells Tracy it looks like her plan failed. “Did it though?” she asks. She claims her talk with Chase was designed to provoke him into this. Reverse psychology always works on a man.

At the Crimson office, Nina tells Sonny that family comes first and she has to learn to be on the outside. He asks her to marry him.

nina proposed to by sonny

She’s taken aback so he repeats the question. Nina turns him down and says he’s just trying to make her feel better.

He insists this is love, not a pity proposal. Sonny knows that this isn’t the right setting but he didn’t think she’d need candles to agree to marry him.

She asks if he ever thought of proposing before tonight. Taking out a ring, he says he has.

She gasps. He’s been carrying it around for days. He had it made for her.

Tears run down her cheeks. He asks if she wants to re-think he answer.

Nina can’t marry him. She’s already cost him so much.

“Not as much as you’ve given me,” he says. She doesn’t try to change him. She’s made him perfect and sees things him in him that no one else does.

When he was in his worst time, she was there for him and stood up for him. They’re similar. They make mistakes but ask for forgiveness and that’s brave.

He wants to be allowed to fight alongside her and wants her to be his partner for life. He can’t imagine his life without her.

Sonny drops on his knee and proposes again. She wants to believe him but is afraid he’ll realize she’s more trouble than she’s worth.

sonny proposes one knee

He claims his eyes are wide open. She admits she would have fallen apart without him.

Finally, she says “yes” and throws her arms around him. He has champagne waiting for them.

nina rubbing chin

They hop on the elevator and head down to the Metro Court. They are making out when the doors open and Olivia isn’t happy to see it.

They step off and keep kissing. As they celebrate their engagement, Carly walks by and hears about it.

carly learns nina and sonny are engaged

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