Sharon Gets Hysterical When Faith Goes Missing, Victoria Wants Nick to Take a Leave of Absence, and Victor’s On to Nate and Audra’s Scheme

Faith doesn’t make it to the airport, Summer wants to buy the EMT, and Victor sees Audra and Nate are conspiring.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 9, 2023 episode airs in the USA June 12. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Daniel tells Summer a fake witness could make matters worse so she suggests they find the EMT.

Daniel calls him a fugitive who would lie under oath.

Carson would continue to extort her over the years and could invent details that could contradict Mom’s story. Summer still wants to find the man, knowing he can be bought.

summer vs daniel about the emt

Daniel refuses but Summer says this is what their mom would do.

Daniel says yeah, and look how that works out for her. Summer doesn’t need his help. He goes and Phyllis does a video call.

phyllis calls summer via video

Summer tells her mom her plan and Phyllis refuses to let her do that.

She’ll find the EMT if anything but assumes he’s far from Genoa City. She’ll take care of all of this on her own now and asks for Summer’s trust.

She wants her kid to work on fixing her marriage but Summer’s not sure it’s possible.

summer listens to her mother

Nikki walks in on Victor bellowing on a phone call to someone at Newman.

He bitches to Nikki that he needs to get Nick out of jail. She suggests they distract themselves with business.

He asks how Nate’s been doing overall. She insists he makes good decisions for Newman.

nikki finds victor angry on call

At the GCAC bar, Nate and Victoria talk about their productive days. She was filled with energy and thought it was because of the sex. He felt invigorated about it too.

They smile and she gets a text about Nick’s incarceration and her jaw drops. “Oh boy,” Nate says, thinking it’s Adam.

He’s shocked when she says it’s Nicholas and gets the bill.

nate learns nick arrest

At Sharon’s house at the ranch, Faith complains about being forced to leave Genoa City.

When Chance arrives, she lashes out at him for arresting her dad.

faith leaves GC

Chance explains he had no choice but he’s there to protect her mom and insists Nick will be let out.

Sharon tells her kid to “scoot.” Officer Swift will escort Faith to the airport and Sharon says to text from her seat at the airport. They embrace.

chance at ranch

Michael arrives at the jail to see Nick who demands his lawyer get him out of there. “Now!”

Kirsten set him up he says, slamming the chair against the floor.

Michael says that won’t happen until tomorrow and thinks it’s good to give him time to chill. Nick rants and Michael tells him he understands.

nick growls in jail

He knows that Cameron is a disgusting pig but he has Nick all figured out. He set him up because Cameron anticipated that he’d come for him.

They’ll wait for his arraignment and says Chance is looking out for Sharon and Faith.

Nick’s grateful for everyone watching over them but he’s worried.

michael visits nick jail

Back at Sharon’s, once Faith is once she’s gone, Chance and Sharon chit-chat and hear a noise. It’s just Michael at the door. Sharon thought this nightmare was behind them.

He says going to the authorities was smart. Last time she thinks she lost her mind. She was too terrified to call the cops. She can’t have this violence again. While they talk, Chance looks outside.

Michael tells Chance that Cameron has to be up to something. Chance agrees. So far it’s quiet. Sharon’s glad Faith will be far away. Michael will get a restraining order right now.

phyllis was terrified

He gets a call from Summer to meet and says he can do it before Nick’s arraignment. Summer’s puzzled.

He’ll fill her in when he’s there. He goes and Chance tells Sharon a funny cop story and then she says Faith should have texted by now.

sharon sobs faith missing

She calls and it goes to voicemail and Chance calls the airline and as Sharon sobs, he says the flight took off and Faith wasn’t on board.

sharon and chance learn faith missing

Sharon bends over and wails, “No! NO!”

sharon sobs into hands


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Nate and Victoria arrive at Newman and Victor says Nick’s being arranged and Micahel will call when he knows more.

They think he’ll be released on bail.

Vicky worries about how it’ll look for the company. She knows how her brother can be aggressive.

nikki and vicky and victor with nate talk nick leave of absence

Victor reminds her that his aggression helped her a great deal.

Nate assures the family that Michael’s the best.

Vicky says they’ll ask Nick to take a leave of absence until the conflict is cleared. Nate gives them the room and Nikki says she can cover for him but is worried about how it’ll look. Victor calls it a personal leave.

Either way, Vicky says she wants him to focus on family. Once alone, Nikki wonders if her relationship with Nate is influencing how she sees Nick.

Vicky thinks she’s nuts but Nikki asks if she’d promote Nate if Nick walked away.

Vicky doesn’t respond right away but says she loves working with Nicholas. If he wanted out, yeah, she’d bring Nate to replace him as COO. Nikki seems nervous.

vicky hears nick arrested

Daniel arrives at GCAC when Phyllis video chats to tell him to protect Summer before she goes too far.

If she finds and confronts Carson, who knows what the guy will do? “We don’t want to mess with this guy.” She begs him to keep trying and she looks around. “I gotta go.”

She refuses to tell either of them where she is, vowing to keep them safe.

daniel gets a video chat

At Society, Michael meets Summer and tells her he’s almost out of jail.

She has a meltdown and doesn’t get what’s happening with her life.

He assures that her dad is fine. It’s a misunderstanding.

michael visits summer society

She tells him she saw her mom and doesn’t know where she is. He thinks that’s good.

She tells him her plan to find Carson and pay him off to lie that he saw her mom kill Stark and to corroborate her story.

Michael refuses. He lists off what charges would come up such as fraud, obstruction…Summer whines.

He isn’t breaking the law for anyone. He’ll do what he can but doesn’t have the resources to help. They need Victor.

hysteria doesn't work with michael

Over at the bar, Nate and Audra meet and he tells her Nick may take a leave due to the issue with Cameron Kirsten.

Audra says that’ll mean he’ll get a promotion, thus giving her one too.

nate and audra happy with their scheme

Victor eavesdrops as they clink glasses and drink to their scheme.

He watches them leave and then sees Michael and Summer.

victor sees nate with audra

He hugs Summer and Micheal assures Victor he’s almost heading to the arraignment but they need his resources to help them track the EMT Carson down. Victor isn’t happy.

Michael left his employ to help Diane. Michael says shes was innocent but he wonders why he should help a woman who has caused hell and stress on his granddaughter.

Summer and Michael attempt to convince him to help them and it works. He agrees to help them find Carson.

michael tries to get victor's help for phyllis

Daniel goes to Kyle at the Abbott mansion to tell him that Summer has a crazy plan and he needs Kyle’s help to talk her down.

Will he forgive her enough to do that? Kyle’s upset and loves her but to step in, he thinks Daniel’s expecting too much. His wife doesn’t give a damn about what he says or does anymore. 

kyle scowling


In the previous episode, Chance arrested Nick, Chance lashed out at Summer for letting Phyllis escape, Abby and Devon weren’t happy to hear their parents are marrying.

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