While Ned Remains Unconscious, Chase Clears Drew of Tracy’s Accusation but Discovers a Clue

General Hospital recap for Friday, June 9, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Liz gets used to being head nurse, Joss is not happy about Michael’s job offer, and Austin tells Ava how dangerous Mason is.

In Carly’s kitchen, Joss tells Dex that she doesn’t like him working for Sonny but will live with it. They joke about the dangers.

joss and dex at carly's kitchen

Michael and Carly arrive. Joss is still angry about what they chose to do and accuses him of hanging her boyfriend out to dry.

Michael has another job for him. Joss is offended but Dex wants to listen.

Michael explains that he wants him to keep an eye on Sonny and protect him. He just has to do what he normally does and report back to him.

Joss thinks this is insane. Carly says this was her idea and Michael says this about keeping them safe and moving on.

carly wants results

Dex asks to speak to Joss about this privately. Once her mom and brother exit, she asks Dex not to tell her he’s considering this.

joss asks dex if he's considering it

He tells her that the threats that Sonny is facing are new and he need someone who will have his back. He’s not doing this for the money, he’s doing it for her.

They debate and he insists this is the best option. She thinks he makes bad choices. He’s happy with where they’ve brought him and they kiss.

Calling back Michael and Carly, Dex announces he agrees.

Liz gets a call at General Hospital as head nurse. She has to inform someone that Epiphany is no longer with them.

liz talks on phone

Finn shows up. They both miss Epiphany.

As they walk, she explains that she keeps not trying to compare herself to her old friend. She wishes she could go to her for advice.

He tells her there are always things to learn is medicine. She admires how upbeat that is.

liz tells finn his secret is safe

Austin finds Ava drinking at the Metro Court. She thought they should have some privacy to discuss betraying the most dangerous man she knows.

austin and ava feeling cozy

He says there are a lot more dangerous people than Sonny. Mason could kill them and her daughter.

She wonders if he’s acting on his own rather than for his boss. Austin doesn’t think so and warns her again about how powerful these people are.

Ava thinks going against Sonny is suicide. He points out that if she doesn’t do what his cousin wants, she’ll get them both killed.

ava worries about sonny danger

She points out how little Sonny trusts her. He certainly doesn’t confide in her. Austin suggests she’ll have to get creative.

The Jerome points out the Feds have been after him for decades and failed. The doctor keeps urging her to do this. When Mason talks about taking Sonny down, he’s not talking about sending him to prison.

Wouldn’t her life be better if Sonny were gone for good? She refuses to take part in killing Sonny.

austin and ava talk mason danger

This outrages her. Austin reminds her of how dangerous this is. He’s trying to protect her.

When she asks why, he says it’s not because she’s boring and when she says mean things, it makes him want to hear her say more mean things.

She smiles at that. He tells her they can do this together and reminds her that she owes him for his help with Nikolas.


This may be quid, pro, quo, he admits, but she does get to help herself out.

At the roof pool, Tracy declares that Drew attacked Ned and knocked him into the pool. Drew is in disbelief and declares he saved him.

tracy blames drew for ned's fall

Tracy tells BLQ and Chase that this is not the first time that Drew has attacked Ned and orders the cop to arrest him.

She and Olivia leave with the ambulance. Drew asks Chase if he’s seriously going to arrest him.

Moments later, Zeke arrives, surprised that Drew is wet beside a pool. The lawyer asks what happened and his client tells him what happened with Ned.

Now it’s his word against Tracy’s.

Chase asks them to come down to the station to make an official statement. Zeke wants to talk to his client first.

Drew says they need to make this go away fast. The last thing they need is Tracy complicating things with the SEC.


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At the PCPD, Drew gives Chase his statement about Ned falling in the pool. He explains he pulled him out and performed CPR, telling Tracy to call 911.

drew explains what happened to ned

The cop asks if he was alone with Tracy and what they were discussing. Chase thinks it was odd place to discuss business.

Drew claims they needed privacy. He insists that Ned was nowhere near him when he fell.

The cop asks why Tracy would accuse him and Drew admits they were at odds. Chase gets called away by a cop to look at the security footage.

chase question drew at pcpd

Meanwhile, Drew explains to his lawyer that Tracy wants him neutralized. Zeke points out he’s going to have a hard time making a plea deal if he’s charged with murder.

At Sonny’s office, he gives Nina a hug and reassures her that they are moving on from all the things they regret. She flashes back to Ned confronting her about calling the SEC.

nina tells sonny what she did

Nina pulls on Sonny’s jacket and tells him she’ll always regret the pain she caused him. He wonders why she’s dredging this up.

She’s just in a mood and wants to tempt him away to their bed so they can pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

He’s waiting on a call from Brick. After that, she can have him for the rest of their lives.

nina and sonny talk about what she did

Brick calls but he doesn’t know anything. Now Sonny is ready to be distracted. He gets another call. It’s BLQ explaining what’s happened.

Sonny tells her that Ned is unconscious and he needs to get to the hospital.

Tracy, Olivia, and BLQ worry about General Hospital while TJ treats Ned. They spot Finn and start quizzing him.

olivia asks if ned is okay

Tracy is not happy that an intern is looking after her son and orders the doctor to do it.

Finn takes off and soon returns to say it’s too soon to know anything but Ned is getting the best possible care. Tracy explains that Drew attacked Ned.

finn shocked drew had anything to do with ned's fall

Sonny and Nina arrive and they get filled in. Ned is still unconscious and Olivia panics that he wasn’t breathing.

Tracy declares that Drew tried to kill Ned. Sonny rejects that but Tracy points out he always denies crimes that have been committed.

ned's family wait for news

TJ comes out and explains there was a brain injury but they don’t know how much damage there has been yet. The longer he remains unconscious, the longer they won’t know.

There’s a chance he may never wake up. He allows one visitor in at a time. Olivia goes first.

ned comatose

Tracy squints at BLQ who runs off to hug Sonny while Nina looks worried.

Chase shows up and asks Tracy if she wants to amends her statement. She doubles-down. He tells her the security camera caught the whole incident.

sonny joins family to wait for news on ned

With a little prodding, she admits her son might have slipped and fallen. Tracy walks off to see her son.

BLQ thanks Chase for cutting her grandma some slack. He stares over at Nina and then gets a text.

chase and blq relieved

In his room, Olivia holds his hand and tells him they are all there for him. Crying, she begs him to wake up.

ned and olivia hospital

Back at the PCPD, Drew is informed that he’s free to go and they got confirmation it was all an accident. Drew wonders what made Tracy change her mind.

cop tells drew he can go

This episode was dedicated to the memory of Jacklyn Zeman.

jacklyn zeman dedication


We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Ned was about to expose Nina to Drew, but tripped, bumped his head, and nearly drowned before Tracy ordered Chase to arrest Drew for assault.

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