Summer Reacts to Phyllis Revealing Herself to be Alive and Diane is Shaken by Michael’s Damning Evidence Against Her

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Summer is summoned to the park by Phyllis who reveals herself, Diane is shocked by all of the evidence against her and suggests Stark and Phyllis set her up, while Sharon and Chance go on a date and Victoria and Nate agree to go away together.

In the previous episode, Adam & Sally learned they’re having a girl while Chance heard that Jeremy Stark’s dead body was found.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 25, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 26. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Adam finds Nate at Society and asks how things are at Newman Media.

Nate says they’re great and Adam believes he has everything it takes to be successful.

He thinks the moves he’s making are an extension of what Sally was doing.

nate likes working at newman media.

Nate agrees and thinks she was doing a good job.

He’s told Victoria but it wasn’t well taken. He didn’t campaign for the job. Adam says it’s fine since he thinks Sally’s better off without being in that situation.

Especially now that she’s pregnant. Nate thinks Nick will do what he can to shield her and his baby from scrutiny.

Adam contradicts him. The baby is his. 

Victoria and Nikki walk into her office to find Victor there.

Victoria jokes about it feeling like they’ve gone back in time. Vic says he may not be there in the office all the time but he’s still a contender.

He tells them he purchased McCall Unlimited.

vicky and nikki at newman.

Victoria laughs, thinking it’s like buying a car. It’s fun for a minute but doesn’t change the world.

Victor says the competition begins. Vicky thinks her brother Adam is doomed to fail which is a win-win for her.

Vic thinks she’ll be kicking herself for not buying but Vicky thinks her father will be the one with regrets. “Don’t be cocky,” he says.

vicki laughs at her father's new purchase.

Adam will have power and be someone to be reckoned with. He says he loves both women and takes off with Victoria thinking her dad’s gone overboard.

She thinks this will fail. Nikki thinks she’s disappointed she didn’t get the company, knowing that with her father as her competitor, she’ll never win. Victoria scrunches up her face.

She hates to have Adam lord it over her until he screws it up. Nikki suggests a vacation to relax while this is happening.

victoria and mother discuss her time off

She does have a trip to L.A. coming up. Nikki sniffs. That’s for business but her daughter says she can add a few extra days to get a massage and see the ocean.

“It’ll probably be from the window but I’ll see it.” Nate appears in the door and she tells her mom to ask Nate to back her up. She knows how to add in a little rest and relaxation in her life. She grins at him.

Nate agrees with Victoria making Nikki roll her eyes at him kissing up.

He laughs and says she’s a great boss with the ability to prioritize. She feels teamed up on and decides to go.

Victoria tells him she’s heading to L.A. for work. The new accusations are under his purview and she asks him to join her.

He doesn’t think it’s a good ide but since it has to do with work, he agrees to it without much convincing.

nikki asks for nate's opinion.

At home, Kyle says goodbye to Harrison who has left for school.

Summer appears and they agree they miss each other.

She knows she’s shut down and shut him out and that she shouldn’t.

He wants to give her space, she needs to let him in. She knows but now, she has to leave.

summer wants to run an errand

He asks where she’s going and she barks that she doesn’t need to tell him. It’s an errand that could bring them all closure.

He asks what. She says, “Answers.” He misses morning espressos in Italy and she asks if that means he wants to run away there.

He says they’ll always belong together. He isn’t going anywhere.

kyle wants to run an errand with summer.

At Crimson Lights, Jack asks Chance how Stark died.

Chance says his body was found in a different jurisdiction.

A fisherman found him. Jack’s shocked. Someone wanted Stark dead and didn’t mind bringing Phyllis along with him.

jack learns stark dead.

He takes off in a hissy and Chance apologizes to Sharon for running her customers off.

She compares caffeinating the masses to police work. It’s why people get so worked up!

He grins. He tells her he needs more than coffee and asks her out on a date. She smiles.

sharon talks dating chance.


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Michael visits Diane in jail. He looks like hell, which she thinks means he’s been up all night working on her case.

He has. She asks how he’s going to get her out of this mess. She thanks him for taking her case, knowing what this will cost him.

michael disheveled

He says financially, it’s a lot but she knows Lauren wants to see her fry. Michael admits she isn’t happy but this isn’t a popularity contest.

They deal in facts. She wants to know the evidence but he first wants to know what happened the night Phyllis died. The good, bad, ugly, and embarrassing.

If she leaves out one detail, he’s done. She was alone for a time. Diane’s shocked that the poison was found inside Phyllis’s mask.

Michaels says of course not. She’s no murderer. He tells her the empty bottle of poison was in the suite at GCAC.

She could have had time to plant it. He shows her a statement that says she purchased the toxin online using her credit card a few days before the party.

She yells, “What? Michael, I didn’t do that!” She only had talk of engagement on her mind at that point. She’s sure Jeremy Stark is behind this.

diane talks about phyllis case

He’ll find the man. Michael brings up Phyllis holding her engagement right and Diane tells him Jeremy stole it out of Jack’s pocket.

Michael tells her they need to discuss the most damaging bit of evidence against her which is provided by him.

He lets her listen to the recording Phyllis left on his voicemail about being afraid of Diane. Diane scoffs. That’s not how she was acting at all that day.

diane calls it a set up.

Michael hands her a letter she sent and Diane reads it, confused. She’s never seen it before and is alarmed that it was found in her bedroom.

She calls it a set up. She accuses Phylis of setting her up since she found her in the mansion before the party. She could have been part of Jeremy’s plan. 

Michael questions her motivation but Diane doesn’t know. What if Phyllis’ death was an accident?

What if they were setting her up for an attempted murder or what if Jeremy turned on Phyllis at the last moment and gave her a lethal dose of poison?

What if it was a revenge plot gone wrong? Diane asks him to get Jeremy in there but Michael says the man’s on the run. “Find him,” she says and he agrees he will do so. He gets a call from Kyle who fills him in on Stark’s death. 

diane has idea about her case

Jack turns up at home and tells Kyle and Summer that Stark is dead. Summer looks like she’s going to be sick.

She thinks she’ll have to go without having her questions answered.

She assumes he had something to do with her mom’s murder and though Kyle wants to go, she tells him she’s going on her errand alone.

She storms out in a huff.

kyle stunned by jack news

Chance is surprised Sharon brought him to GCAC for their date.

Literally to the scene of the crime.

She laughs and hopes it gives him an epiphany. They dine and later, he finds this a perfect distraction.

sharon with chance on a date

He gets a notification on his phone and has to go but wants to see her again.

This time for a proper dinner. She likes that. She’s going to stay for a bit though.

sharon and chance first date

At Society, Adam meets Victor who congratulates him on his new daughter on the way. It makes him happy though Adam’s skeptical.

Victor has news and shares that he bought McCall. “And you will start working there tomorrow morning.”

It’s a legacy for him, his sons and daughter. Adam says that escalated quickly. Adam considers avoiding McCall because of his pressure.

Adam will do it if he gets autonomy from Newman, which makes Victor laugh. Adam decides to think on it.

adam doesn't want to work at mccall

Summer paces Chancellor Park and when Daniel comes, she asks, “Is it you?” He’s confused. He’s just there to clear his head.

She looks at her phone, seeming antsy. She’s not ready to talk about their mom. Daniel nods. Neither is he but he thinks she needs to open up.

summer not ready to talk

She thinks stuffing her emotions down is better. He judges how she’s mourning and she tells him Stark is dead.

Daniel thinks she’s joking but soon realizes it’s true.

She refuses to go to the station with him to get information and asks him to stop worrying.

They tell each other they love one another and he goes. 

summer tells daniel stark dead.

Summer looks around and paces the park and finally, someone comes up behind her.

She glances at the person and draws back in fear and shock.

summer shocked to see phyllis alive.

Phyllis stands before her, smiling.

phyllis finds summer and shows herself as being alive.

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