Young and Restless Spoilers April 24 – 28: Phyllis Reveals How She Killed Stark and Michael Disappoints Lauren

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This week on Y&R!

Victoria asks Nate to join her on a business trip.

vicky nate business trip

Tucker tells Ashley that there’s nothing there for him.

Ashley thinks there’s something there for him.

She asks him, “Move in with me.”

ashley wants tucker move in with her

Summer sees Phyllis and through tears asks, “Is this for real? Mom are you real?”

Phyllis cries. “This is for real.”

phyllis and summer reunite

Nick and Victor will continue to clash. 

Victor summons Nick to Society to talk, making Nick on edge as he waits for what’s going to happen now, especially after their last argument about Sally and Adam.

nick doesn't think adam needs coddling

Victor tells Nick he bought McCall Unlimited and he wants him to run it with Adam.

Phyllis decides to contact Summer. First, an anonymous caller gives Summer instructions to go to Chancellor Park and from there, Phyllis reveals herself.

Summer lies by omission to Daniel and Kyle about seeing her mother.


Monday, April 24

Monday’s day ahead Y&R recap: Kyle gets relationship advice

Victor forces Tucker’s hand.

Tucker asks Audra to bed but she says no.

Tucker wants Audra to work for him and leave Genoa City, but she isn’t interested.

Billy and Chelsea take a big step in their relationship.

Billy has consensual sex with Chelsea.

Ashley stands her ground with Jack.

Jack and Ash both want each other to move out.

Kyle tries to get Summer’s attention.

Lily and Daniel had sex and decide to keep things low key.

tucker wants to bone audra

Tuesday, April 25

Tuesday’s day ahead Y&R recap- Stark’s body is found

Victor cuts ties with an ally.

Tucker packs his bags.

Lauren sobs over missing Phyllis and seeing Michael work on defending Diane.

Ashley wants Tucker to move in with him.

Chance gets news that Starks’ body had been found and tells Jack.

Jack crosses the line to help Diane.

Victor wants Nick to work with Adam at McCall.

Adam and Sally are having a girl.

sharon asks jack to back off chance

Wednesday, April 26

Wednesday’s day ahead recap – Phyllis and Summer reunite

Diane can’t believe all the evidence against her and suggests Starks and Phyllis set her up.

Victoria is unhappy that her father bought McCall.

Victor strikes a deal with Adam. Victor wants Adam to run McCall but Adam only agrees to consider his offer.

Nate receives a tempting invitation.

Nate agrees to go to LA on business with Victoria. 

Chance and Sharon go on a date.

Nate learns that Adam’s Sally’s baby daddy.

Michael learns Stark is dead.

phyllis finds summer and shows herself as being alive.

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Thursday, April 27

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Phyllis reveals all to Summer

Victoria questions Nick’s loyalty.

Nick tells his sister he’s not leaving Newman for McCall.

Nick calls Victoria out on taking Nick on a romantic getaway.

Elena learns Nate’s going away on business.

Nate covers his tracks.

Phyllis pleads her case.

Phyllis asks Summer to keep her secrets to herself.

Jack asks Diane to marry him now.

summer shocked and happy to see phyllis.

Friday, April 28

Jack makes an impulsive decision.

Summer and Daniel share a difference of opinion.

Michael disappoints Lauren. 

michael smiles

Sneak peeks for the week of May 1!

Victor isn’t finished with Sally yet. He gives Sally the third degree.

Ashley starts to conspire against Diane.

Nate goes on a guilt trip after his cheating ways.

Elena strikes back.  

elena asks audra about nick and nate

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