Cameron Kirsten Arrives in Genoa City as Sharon Gets a Scare and Asks Nick and Chance For Help

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sharon gets a cryptic post card she thinks it’s from Cameron as the man returns to Genoa City.

In the previous episode, Chance finds evidence as Phyllis meets with Summer,  Sharon learns Chance didn’t send the champagne, Billy, Chelsea, and Daniel dine with Lily, while Ashley tells Tucker her heart is opening to him.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 25, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 26. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At GCAC, Chloe’s crushed that she’s all dolled up for no reason. Sally gives her a pep talk.

They’re practicing for success. Lily and Devon walk in and Lily’s sad they’re not going to benefit from their designs.

Chloe lies that they’re “insanely busy.” Once the siblings leave, Chloe says she panicked.

Sally worries they’ll think they’re too busy to work for them.

sally and chloe gcac

Sally says they’re not to blame for Jill putting them off. Chloe tells her to get used to her kid’s granddad who sticks his nose in everywhere.

Sally ignores that and says they keep pitching themselves.

Chloe thinks her friend is being ridged in her ways. That they’re charging too much — maybe she should have let Nick help them.

Sally asks her to look at her like a Newman would. They think she’s going to use her baby as a meal ticket.

Chloe argues that Nick wouldn’t tell his family and Sally says, “No, but I would.”

chloe sally talk about nick loving her

She doesn’t want to take advantage of him not only because of the baby but “he has a case of the l word.”

Chloe smiles and Sally giggles. They drink to that and Sally admits he turned her suite into a romantic oasis.

It was an amazing surprise.

Chloe thinks she should do something he’ll love. Like, take the money. Sally snorts.

She wants to let Chloe off the hook. She loves her too much to keep disappointing her.

Chloe refuses to let her. She’s sticking around and says they’ve talent and tenacity. Sally gets an idea.

chloe says they have talent

In the lounge, Devon and Lily lament fighting. She tells him about her family dinner with his ex, his date, their kids and Daniel.

They laugh and Devon asks what’s between her and Daniel.

She says nothing. Besides, the timing is off with his loss.

devon and lily dine together gcac

They can’t believe Phyllis is gone. Lily has something in her car for Dom which makes Devon tell her to stop spoiling him.

They talk about his nanny and how busy it is.

Lily laughs. “It must be nice to be rich,” she says in a Southern accent. He laughs. Sally and Chloe appear.

They propose that they redesign their offices. Not just with a change to color but aromatherapy.

Lily knows they’re busy with other clients. Chloe says they can get rid of them. Lily says, “So, when can you start?” The women are flabbergasted and assure the siblings they won’t regret it.

Sally and Chloe gush at how happy they are to be able to do this. Lily asks when it’ll be complete.

sally and chloe go to lily with idea

Sally says the baby won’t delay them. Lily grins. She doesn’t want to scare her but her life will change. Sally admits she’s not sure how to be a mom.

Lily says people will say it’s magical and intense and it is but she’ll experience a love she can’t imagine. She then says you have to eventually let them go. She sighs, missing her kids.

She urges Sally to ask for help when she needs it and then she leaves.

sally talks to lily about babies

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Linden Ashby back at Y&R

Chance arrives at Crimson Lights for coffee. He’s still working. She assumes he has new evidence and is closer to solving the case.

All he needs is time and the test results and he says he could be on the way to solving this crime. 

On the patio, Nick watches Christine working late. He says it’ll be a long time until they get over losing Phyllis, who was one of a kind.

Christine vows that justice will be served. He goes into the other room and Chance passes him to see Christine. 

Sharon tells him she got rid of the champagne. As he talks about it, Sharon opens a postcard from Colorado. She flips it over.

sharon receives scary post card

“Where Heaven’s a little closer,” it reads.

She looks aghast. 

sharon gets post card from cameron

Nick asks what’s wrong and she shows him the postcard. It’s the same writing as the card from the bottle of champagne.

“Denver Colorado where we first met, the champagne bottle I hit him with? The blood?”

Nick asks what she is saying. She thinks Cameron Kirsten is sending her these things.

He’s toying with her, having his twisted brand of fun before he moves in for the kill. She starts to second guess herself and Nick asks her to bring Chance in on it. 

sharon shocked at post card from cameron

In the other room, Chance tells Cricket he may have found evidence that Phyllis is still alive.

He tells her about going to Stark’s last residence where he was using an alias.

chance tells Christine new evidence

He found nothing, but the shower curtains were the same as the one Stark was wrapped in and he found mascara-tinted tears on a program from Phyllis’ celebration of life in the bin outside.

The hair is meaningless but he wonders how tears could be found after death. Christine says she owes him.

“Going to her memorial? That’s exactly what Phyllis would do.” She thanks Chance for working diligently on this case. She goes and Nick appears and asks him to come inside when he gets a second. 

christine thanks chance

Chance heads in and Sharon tells him there’s a man who did something terrible to her and others and she thinks he’s back in touch. Chance is on it. “Just give me a name.”

Upstairs at the GCAC, Phyllis calls Summer her secret weapon. She’s also a CEO, mom and wife and she’s more fierce than ever.

She says being one step ahead of the police acts as cardio. Phyllis is sorry.

This is all her fault. Summer confides that she and Daniel felt so guilty about all the nasty things they said to her.

phyllis reveals stark manipulations

Phyllis is sorry. She didn’t even get a chance to work it out and move on. “And here I come back with t his whole new mess.” She thinks she should have stayed away.

Summer says no. It’s hard to keep this secret and she worries she’ll get prosecuted. Phyllis knows she turns people’s lives upside down.

Her heart goes out to those she’s infected.

She’ll spend every day trying to make it up to her but she returned because she saw how much pain she was in at the celebration of life. “You did what?”

summer shocked phyllis went to the memorial

Summer says. Phyllis confesses she was there and it put things in perspective. Summer is shocked she was there.

Phyllis thought she won since Summer was all over Diane, but realized she didn’t win anything.

“And I was so vindictive and I was wrong. I’m so sorry.”

They embrace. Phyllis says she was alone and vulnerable and Stark pushed her buttons and manipulated her.

He convinced her to fake her death and frame Diane to show she was dangerous.

“But I brought this hellishness into our family.” Summer can’t let her take all the blame.

phyllis takes the blame for faking death

She doesn’t like how she treated her before the fake death. “You’ve always had my back,” and Summer says she didn’t have hers.

Phyllis doesn’t like that she’s got her daughter aiding and abetting but Summer wants to help.

Phyllis asks her to go home and care for her family and stay uninvolved. Summer thinks it’s a bit late for that.

Phyllis assumes she’s off to prison and doesn’t want her kid there with her. She’ll watch her from afar. Summer refuses to let her. She’ll give her love, and help her with anything.

Summer refuses to walk away from mom

Cameron Kirsten (played by Linden Ashby) walks into a hotel and someone at the desk gives him a key card.

She calls him Mr. Kirsten and he says to call him Cameron.

linden asbby as cameron

Cameron walks into the room and looks around the room, toying with the card. 

cameron kirsten in genoa city

Next week on Y&R!

Nate says to Victor, “Is this meeting about Newman Media or a barbeque?”   

Chance has news for Sharon about Kirsten. “And it’s not great.” 

Cameron Kirsten meets Faith at Chancellor Park. “Are you Faith Newman?”

“I am,” she says. “Do I know you?”

faith meets cameron kirsten

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