Bold & Beautiful Spoilers May 22 – 26: Liam Demands Answers From Hope Who Lies

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, May 22 to Friday, May 26.

Sneak peek at B&B the week of May 22!

What’s happening this week on B&B?

Steffy and Thomas have another discussion about his feelings for Hope and he becomes defensive, not understanding that everyone is picking up something going on with Hope’s feelings for him.

Thomas has an awkward conversation with Brooke about the situation before he finally gets clued in that Hope might have feelings for him.

Monday, May 22

Monday’s B&B recap: Liam wonders about Hope’s guilt

Wyatt convinces Liam to make the next romantic move with Hope.

Liam starts to think he may be wrong about Thomas.

Hope apologizes repeatedly to Thomas for what he overheard.

Thomas thinks it’s okay and Hope explains that he didn’t hear half the conversation.

Hope must decide whether to seize the opportunity presented to her and admit to Thomas how she feels.

Brooke and Taylor talk about how Thomas has changed and Brooke’s not happy with him right now.

Thomas drops a bomb on Taylor.
wyatt drinks some water

Tuesday, May 23

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Bill has advice for Liam

Bill urges Liam not to take his relationship with Hope for granted.

Bill is grateful for what Liam did for Spencer Publications while he was away.

Thomas discloses the truth about Hope and Brooke to Taylor.

Taylor’s not happy with Brooke.

Brooke thinks Thomas is manipulating Hope though Hope does not believe that.

taylor finds thomas sketching

Wednesday, May 24

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Taylor confronts Brooke

Kelly and Liam visit with Steffy.

Steffy drops a reality bomb on Liam.

Taylor’s upset when she learns Brooke said some terrible things that hurt Thomas.

Taylor confronts Brooke for holding back on her true feelings about Thomas.

Brooke explains she’s sorry for Thomas overhearing the conversation and being hurt.

Thomas isn’t happy with his latest design. “It’s stale. It’s boring.”

kelly with liam and steffy at the cliff house

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Thursday, May 25

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Liam reacts to Steffy telling him Hope wants Thomas

Thomas reflects on the possibility that Hope might be into him.

Brooke struggles to keep her newfound relationship with Taylor intact.

Brooke doesn’t want to do permanent damage to her friendship with Taylor.

Hope talks to Thomas about her marriage and Liam’s mistrust.

Liam drinks.

Hope reads Liam the riot act about mistrust.

Hope doesn’t like that Liam can hang out with Steffy but she can’t work with Thomas. Liam says it’s not the same.

Liam confronts Hope about her feelings for Thomas.

brooke explains that hope was lying to thomas

Friday, May 26

Friday’s B&B recap: Hope lies to Liam

Hope is blindsided by the accusation that Steffy has leveled against her.

Hope lies to Liam about her feelings for Thomas.

Finn and Steffy talk about Thomas and Hope again.

RJ and Thomas talk about Hope and work.

Liam wants honesty from hope

Sneak peek the week of May 29!

Forrester Creations prepares for an international event.

Liam’s at a crossroads regarding Hope and Thomas.

Taylor and Brooke’s friendship enters a new phase.

taylor hopes brooke will believe in thomas soon

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