Curtis Tells Portia He’s Moving Home, Nina Plots to Use Drew Against Carly, and Molly Tells Her Family About Her Condition

General Hospital recap for Thursday, May 25, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Sonny urges Carly to turn him in, TJ tells Stella his problems, and Curtis clarifies things with Portia.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Carly realized she may have to take the fall, Molly snapped at TJ, and Jordan told Portia she was wrong about her.

Sonny arrives at Carly’s and Donna asks him to watch cartoons. He suggests she make the bed first.

sonny greets his kid donna as carly looks on.

After the kid skips off, Sonny tells his ex he has news. She already knows he’s getting married. “Your life,” she says, anxiously folding towels.

carly says truth is simplest solution

He wonders what has her so distracted. They talk about the SEC case against her. Even Diane will have a hard time defending her.

Sonny says they may have been pointed at her to get to him. There’s already been an attempt on his life so he suspects someone is threatening her to flip on him.

She understands that idea but is sure Ned turned her in. She adds that Diane has already suggested she could cut a deal with the Feds if she turns him in.

carly and sonny talk solutions

He tells her to do it but she refuses. Sonny can’t let the mother of his children go to prison. She says it will just be minimum security for a couple of year at worse. The other option is to turn on Drew.

She won’t consider that either. She reminds him she’s guilty. He points out that’s never mattered before.

Carly refuses to let someone else pay for her mistakes this time.

Donna returns, eager to make pancakes. Carly tells her they need to talk about some changes that are coming.

At the penthouse, Nina tells Ava it’s time for the gloves to come off. She can’t let Carly come between her and her family. She has to make sure she goes away for a long time.

nina tells ava it will be worth it

Without Carly around, she has a clear path to happiness. Why does Carly get a storybook ending and leave everyone else with nothing?

It’s not like Carly isn’t guilty. Ava has no problem with Carly going to prison, but she worries that she’s blowing up her life.

ava has doubts about nina's choice

Nina insists this isn’t about revenge but about maintaining her relationships. If the end result is her daughter turning to her rather than Carly, any ramifications are worth it.

She plans to exploit Drew and Carly having different legal teams to turn him against her. This seems like a longshot to Ava.

Nina says the only thing that matters is that Drew believes Carly would turn on him. She can think of someone who could plant that idea in his head.

nina talks to ava

At home, TJ calls Molly to leave another message apologizing and asking her to come home.

Stella drops by. She’s exactly who he needs to see. He explains that he and Molly have been trying to have a baby but it may not be possible.

aunt stella goes to see TJ

She can see that’s breaking his heart. Sitting down, he explains they’ve been blind-sided. He feels like he keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

She tells him that Molly is likely in agony and it will take her a while to see he’s in this too. There’s nothing he can do but pray.

stella gives tj advice

He feels like Molly is blaming herself. She’s sure she is. She’s mourning a dream and it’s hard for a woman to deal with this. He needs to be there and remind her he loves her.

They change the topic to Curtis. She still feels badly about everything that happened around the wedding. She’s sorry she ran off at the worst time.

tj opens up to stella

He explains things may be thawing between Trina and Portia but the same can’t be said for Curtis. He still hasn’t moved back home.

It sounds to her like Curtis is on better terms with his ex wife than his current one.

He’s happy she’s back. She hopes his uncle feels the same way.

Molly (temporarily played by Holiday Mia Kriegel) arrives at Alexis’ in tears. She tells her mom and Sam that everything is falling apart.

molly lansing being played by holiday Mia Kriegel

Kristina joins them and her sister explains her endometriosis. They’re all sorry for her but she says there’s nothing to be done.

The pain is manageable but she may never be able to have a baby. Kristina is sure there are other options like surrogacy.

molly tells her family she has endometriosis

Alexis says this isn’t the time to discuss that. Kristina thinks her sister is a problem solver. Molly storms out, leaving her sister baffled.

Alexis goes after Molly and Kristina challenges Sam to tell her what she did wrong. Sam apologizes for raining on her parade earlier.

Sam tells her how hard fertility issues are to deal with. Molly shouldn’t be blaming herself but her body is betraying her and her reason is going out the window.

Kristina hates that she’s made Molly feel worse. She admires how resilient Sam is.

They agree to have Molly’s back like they always do.

On the porch, Alexis tells her daughter that her sister meant well. Molly is feeling overwhelmed in an unfamiliar way and hates it. She feels like a failure.

Molly knows this isn’t her fault but she doesn’t feel it. She’s screwed things up with TJ too by being too defensive.

alexis talks to molly about her health issue

Her mom knows this is raw and assures her they can figure this out. Molly says this is strange. A few months ago this wasn’t even something she knew she wanted.

Alexis can’t take her pain away but she can comfort her. Molly cries on her shoulder.

When they go back inside, Kristina apologizes. They tell her they will be there for whatever she needs.

They join hands and Molly tells them she’s grateful for the family she already has.


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At General Hospital, Jordan tells Portia she’s not the person she thinks she is. She doesn’t deserve her praise considering what she’s done.

Curtis steps off the elevator. Portia thanks them for their team work bringing Trina home.

jordan cornered

The doctor has to step away to deal with a patient. Curtis wonders what he walked in on.

She admits she nearly told his wife about their kiss. Anna interrupts and he abruptly takes off.

He corners Portia. She asks if he needs her. “That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out,” he says.

The doctor is confused that everyone is playing with words today and needs an explanation. He wants to talk about them.

His experience in Greenland made it clear to him that he doesn’t want to leave anything unsaid.

They step into her office and she asks if he’s officially ending things. She wants to fight for what they built together.

portia asks curtis if it's ove

He can’t guarantee there is a way forward but they’ll never know unless they try. He’s going to move home.

curtis looks away

That’s what she’s been hoping and praying for. He’s staying in the guest room. She just wants him home and can be patient.

Meanwhile, Anna tells Jordan she’s feeling like a million bucks since her phlebotomy but asks how things are with Curtis.

anna listens to jordan secret

They sit down and Anna probes. Her friend admits that there’s a new secret weighing on her conscience.

She explains she kissed Curtis and things could have gone further. Neither of them know what this means.

Anna is sure this situation is confusing for everyone and Curtis is trying to avoid hurting anyone. Jordan thinks someone will be hurt no matter what.

jordan tells anna she has another secret

She’s not sure she has the right to go after what she wants if it means ruining the life of another woman.

jordan talks to anna about wanting curtis

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