Cameron Takes Down a Security Guard at Newman While Kyle Chews Phyllis Out After Finding Her With Summer

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Victor and Nikki learn Cameron’s out of prison and station a guard at Sharon’s house while Cameron sneaks around, up to no good.

In the previous episode, Summer is caught with Phyllis by Kyle Nikki was shocked to hear Phyllis is alive and killed Stark, and Cameron found Sharon alone at Crimson Lights with the door unlocked and accosted her.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 2, 2023 episode airs in the USA June 5. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nick and Sharon arrive at her house on the ranch. He goes around the house, checking the locks.

There’s a bolt loose on the patio doors she needs fixing and he tells her to close the curtains.

nick checks the locks sharons house

She keeps calling his name and she says she needs to check on Faith but won’t alarm her.

They can’t freak out about Cameron. She needs them to remain calm and rational so she doesn’t make the same mistakes.

“I’m not going to let you do that, either.”

sharon wont' be victimized

Later, she says Faith is snuggling with Borgnine the cat. She thinks it’s time they talked to Victor and Nikki. They talk about the police not being able to find Cameron.

She worries Nick will take matters into his own hands and calls it miraculous that they’re here after what happened.

They should have worked with Victor the last time instead of waiting until she was framed for Frank’s murder.

sharon and nick tell victor and nikki about cameron

They need to get all the support they can get. Nick nods.

Victor and Nikki drop by and they fill Nick’s parents in on Cameron getting out of prison.

They’re shocked and hear about how the man moved to LA with a girlfriend who looked like her.

victor vows to help sharon

He beat her.

Nikki wants them to move into the ranch for the time being and Victor vows to do everything he can to keep them safe. Later, a guard appears and Victor stations him outside the door.

Nikki returns from talking to Faith who won’t sleep up at the main house. 

nikki worries about cameron returning

At GCAC in his room, Cameron gets on his hat and a backpack and takes off.

cameron gets to work

At Society, Tucker and Ashley drink and he tries to tell her to stop talking about Diane.

If she keeps things up she’ll be fitted with her own ankle monitor, he jokes.  

Ashley needs to save her family and the Abbott legacy which was Jack’s reason for existence until Diane hacked his brain.

Tucker asks if she really thinks the woman married him as a ticket to everything.

She believes it and spoke to the board. Tucker thinks she’s weaponizing them. She doesn’t like the word but it’s the only way. Tucker will help her but they agree it requires finessing.

ashley details her plans

Ashley doesn’t think she can fail but believes Diane will lose interest in Jack who will be sadder but wiser.

And Diane will move on to the next Stark. “Diane will get a long overdue kick in the karma ass.”

Tucker agrees to go full throttle with her but suggests they marry immediately. He needs validation.

Affirmation to tell the ladies he’s spoken for. She reminds him that the ring didn’t stop him last time.

He knows. He admits once they’re married he can take over Jabot and throw Diane and Jack off their game.

tucker wants marriagae

In the GCAC lounge, Diane and Jack finish dancing and he wants to take her home.

They go back to their table and she thanks her fiance for making her freedom possible and for taking her back when everyone was telling him to run the other way.

jack diane dancing athletic club

She gets emotional and wants to be worthy of his trust.

He’ll never love her more, he says, holding her hand. He kisses her hand and says he’s excited for their future.

They talk about marriage. “When can we be pronounced husband and wife?” He asks.

She wants Harrison to be the ring boy and assumes he wants Kyle as his best man so she suggests they walk down the aisle together.

He loves that idea and wants Summer as her matron of honor. His family means everything to her, she says as he questions her.

She tells him about her fantasy wedding that she had at the cabin with Summer’s involvement. He tells her to follow her heart. 

jack and diane talking about his trust of her

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Back upstairs, Kyle is shocked and angry to walk in on Phyllis alive with Daniel and Summer.

He confronts them and Summer says she’s still getting used to the idea that she’s alive, too.

Kyle starts hollering that she put everyone, including his wife through so much pain and sorry.

kyle shocked to see phyllis

Phyllis is sorry. Her head is swimming as she tells him she wants to make things right. She says no police.

She’ll accept punishment but not until she clears her name. He thinks she’s all about saving her own ass.

“Kyle please,” Summer interjects. Daniel goes outside to ensure nobody else comes in.

Phyllis is sorry but she’s back to do the right thing, just like his mom did. She says she resented his mom who had everything she wanted.

kyle yells at phyllis for her lies

A family and a son who loved her and her kids wanted nothing to do with her. “I was completely alone.” She says Jeremy started whispering in her ear and she sent him away but he kept coming back. She gave in because she wanted Diane hurt.

She thinks she’s a victim like Diane was. He took advantage of them both when they were weak and vulnerable.

The only way she could save herself was by hurting Stark. It was self-defense. Kyle isn’t sure but she says it’s why she needs time to clear her name. She cries.

phyllis begs kyle to give her time

He asks how the heck she can do it and reminds her she’s in a place where she can be seen.

Phyllis says she likes being close to the kids. Daniel’s nearby.

She reminds him how angry he was with Diane and it took time but he forgave her. She calls his relationship with Diane beautiful and he says the situation is different. He asks how.

kyle can't forgive phyllis now

She reminds him she’s been gone a little while and Diane was gone for “years and years.”

Kyle watched Summer cry herself to sleep and he wasn’t sure she’d come back from it.

It’s on Phyllis and she’s magically appeared with tears and her victimhood and wants Summer to risk it all for her.

He feels guilty for being in that room but all she thinks of is herself.

kyle talks framing his mom

“That’s not true,” she says. Kyle will never forgive her for framing his mom.

Phyllis vows to make it right. Summer begs. He says no cops for now and goes.

Daniel returns as Summer goes after her husband. Daniel can see this isn’t what Phyllis planned. She agrees.

kyle agrees to keep cops out of this

Daniel tells his mom he attacked Stark when he told him they were married after she “died.” He says she let all that happen.

“I did.” She says. She apologizes and knows she’s lucky he’s talking to her. He loves her and isn’t sure he can forgive her.

She admits she’s not sure why she does some of the things she does herself. She’ll make it up to him but she can’t go to prison.

daniel isn't sure he can forgive phyllis

At the Abbott house, Kyle demands to know how long Summer has known her mother is alive.

kyle wants answers

She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Diane and Jack interrupt and Diane says she’s sorry they’re celebrating while her mother is out there.

She’s sure it’ll all work out.

jack and diane kiss home

Ashley and Tucker arrive and want to toast that Ashley has decided to marry him.

Tucker pops a bottle of champagne and Ashley drinks from the bottle as they laugh.

ashley drinks champagne from bottle

Cameron returns to his room and removes the clothing he had on and puts them into a black plastic bag. 

cameron puts clothes into bag

Back at the ranch, Nick gets a text from his father.

One of his guards at Newman was found tied up and left in a closet with his uniform missing.

They hold hands and look around, worriedly.

nick comforts sharon after bad news

Back at GCAC, Cameron takes out the security uniform from a black plastic bag.

cameron takes out uniform

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