Jordan Tells Curtis She Won’t Wait for Him, Carly Refuses to Use Michael’s Evidence Against Sonny, and Trina and Spencer Get Proof Against Esme

General Hospital recap for Friday, June 2, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Dex turns down Joss’ request but says he loves her, Sonny confronts Ned, and Mason returns to taunt Ava and Austin.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Valentin offered to go to Chechnya with Laura, Joss asked Dex for the evidence against Sonny, and Anna was forced to resign after being exposed.

Dante and Sam relax by the Metro Court pool. She asks for a spritzer.

dante and sam lay on chaise loungers by the pool

At the bar, Dante bumps into his father, who is looking for Nina. Sonny announces they are engaged and the cop congratulates him.

Sonny’s eyes narrow when he spots Ned and immediately heads over. He lays into her over Carly and starts threatening him.

sonny confronts ned

Ned insists he didn’t go anything. Dante and Olivia get between them. They suggest they have this conversation somewhere in private.

Ned can understand the mob boss is angry, but it wasn’t him who tipped off the SEC.

ned against sonny

He may have threatened Drew when he was angry, but it ended at that and he would never hurt Carly. Sonny isn’t won over. Olivia insists her husband isn’t guilty.

olivia defends ned to sonny

The mob boss backs down for Olivia’s sake. His son takes him aside and asks what that was. He shouldn’t do things like this in public because he might have to arrest him.

Sam joins them and Sonny says anyone could be using Carly to get to him.

Meanwhile, Olivia apologizes to Ned for doubting him. They kiss.

Jordan arrives at Curtis’ door. As she thinks of knocking, she recalls their kiss. He opens the door as she’s about to knock.

jordan goes to see curtis

Once she enters, she wonders when he was going to tell her he moved home. She’s hurt, angry, and confused that he reconciled with his wife behind her back.

He says they haven’t reconciled and he’s staying in the guest room. She feels like he was using her to sort out his feelings towards his life.

curtis confronted by jordan

Curtis says that’s not the case. What happened between them was organic. She suspects she misread the kiss.

He admits he has feelings for her and Portia. He’s trying to learn from his mistakes and has to sort out his feelings.

Curtis needs to put in the hard work and have difficult conversations with Portia. She wonders where that leaves her and what he’s told Portia about them.

jordan is hurt that curtis cares for both her and portia

Jordan congratulates him on learning he’s Trina’s father. She wonders if she’s complicating his already complicated life.

He assures her she’s much more than that and asks for more time to work things out.

She chose not to move on from him but he doesn’t want to keep her waiting. Jordan hopes he finds what he’s searching for but she’s finished with waiting and walks out.

At the bank, the clerk hands Spencer the safety deposit box that Victor left him. Spencer tells Trina no good will come from this box but she reminds him it could have something to protect his family.

trina and spencer with bank manager

When they open it, he wonders what fresh hell this is. It’s a tablet but it needs to be charged. She hands him a charger.

spencer and trina find something in a lock box

There’s also an envelope that contains a receipt for a prescription filled by Esme. It’s the same drug that killed Oz and framed Trina.

He admits that he knew about her drugging and is sorry he didn’t tell her sooner. It all got buried. She says it’s okay.

He wanted to save her but had no proof. “Until now,” she says.

spencer and trina shocked evidence to put esme away

The envelope also contains a letter from Esme to Maggie that contains a confession. She thinks this is all the proof they need against her.

They check the tablet. It contains a video of Esme buying a burner phone.

They thought Esme could cover up so well but Victor outpaced her. Leaping up and pacing, Trina wonders if they ever would have got this evidence. They need to take it to the PCPD so he can get custody of his brother.

Ava races into General Hospital to see Austin. They go into his office and she tells him that Laura is going to Chechnya to look for Nikolas.

ava talks about mason to austin

He doesn’t see the problem. It’s not like she’ll find him there. The doctor tells her she can’t stop her from going because it will only raise suspicions.

Ava doesn’t want any more blood on her hands. He offers to help her stop Laura but doesn’t see the point in rushing it.

Chuckling, the doctor was worried that she showed up because of Mason. He shows up.

mason wants results

He starts taunting them about how much Ava doesn’t seem to miss her husband. Austin wonders if he’s just there to torment them.

austin confronted by mason

Mason wants them to do something that will require some charisma. “We” need her to work her family connections.


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Michael arrives at Carly’s as she’s baking brownies. They start arguing about her options in court.

carly and Michael talk about sacrificing sonny

She’s not sure whether she will take her chance in court or turn on Drew or Sonny. Whatever choice she makes will be what’s best for the family.

They argue about what that is. He says that there is some evidence that Sonny can’t defend himself against. She refuses to sacrifice Sonny.

“What if I do it instead?” he asks.

michael explains what could free carly

Pulling out a flashdrive, he tells her it has evidence that Sonny violated national security by dealing arms. He admits he commissioned getting the evidence and will turn it in if she gives the word.

Carly doesn’t know what he was thinking. He points out this is the one thing that could keep her out of prison.

carly listens to michael's idea

She tells him this footage can never see the light of day and demands to know who else knows about it.

Joss meets with Dex at his place and asks him to email her the video of Sonny making the Pikeman deal. He doesn’t have it. Michael has the only copy.

joss wants the tape to ruin sonny and keep her mom from prison

She can’t believe he didn’t keep a copy for insurance. That’s not his job. The footage belongs to her brother. Even if he had it, he couldn’t give it to her.

He tells her she can check his laptop if she doubts him. She knows none of this is his fault. It’s her family’s mess.

Dex tells her that her mom has her and they will always need each other. She can help her by trusting her.

dex tells joss he won't do it again

They rehash their situation and the possibility of leaving town. The fact that was willing to do that terrified him.

She knows they started out casually but things have become intense. He knows they haven’t put a label on what they have but no one would go to the lengths for him that she has.

Dex tells her she’s once in a lifetime special and he’s in love with her. Is that too much for her?

They kiss.

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