Ashley Tears Into Jack Who’s Outraged by Her Spitefulness, While Billy Gives Kyle Marital Advice and Then Beds Chelsea

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Tucker isn’t ready to sign over his company yet, Jack’s outraged by how Ashley’s treating Diane’s jail term and Billy gives Kyle some advice on how to ensure his marriage survives.

In the previous episode, Jack has a meltdown after he learns that Diane doesn’t want to fight the charges, and Tessa and Mariah have a baby shower.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 21, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 24. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Billy’s on a call telling the press ‘no comment’ as he texts Chelsea to thank her for lunch.

Kyle appears and says he was hoping work would be a distraction but that’s not happening.

Billy pours some booze for them and knows his nephew is burning the candle at both ends.

billy on a call

Kyle’s trying to do all he can to ensure his dad is free to help his mother.

Kyle admits his mom doesn’t want to see any of them. Billy’s sorry. Kyle hopes she’ll change her mind.

Billy asks him to take it from the king of failed relationships, he has to fix his issue with Summer.

kyle opens up to billy

He can’t lose her. Kyle reveals his wife moved to a guest room. They’re not even fighting.

She says it’s because she doesn’t want to wake up with her tossing and turning but Kyle believes it’s because she can’t stand to look at him because she thinks his mother killed Phyllis.

Billy says not to let her take too much space.

The distance will become a chasm. It’s hard to get back to where they were.

He asks Kyle to get her to listen to him and to ensure she knows how much he loves her.

Billy asks him to reassure her that she’s not going anywhere. 

billy gives kyle advice

At home, Jack’s on a call. He asks if the person has had luck finding Stark.

He asks them to leave no stone unturned. Ashley arrives and Jack calls what’s happening to Diane a travesty of justice.

He says Michael put him in touch with a financial forensics analyst. Ashley can see her brother is “once again making sure Diane doesn’t take responsibility for her own actions.”

jack upset by ashley talking about diane

Jack asks her to sympathize with her plight. “Why would I?”

Jack thinks his sister should know what it’s like to be wrongly accused. Ashley does. Because of Diane!

ashley bellows that diane's at fault

Jack bellows that she’s now refusing to see him. Ashley thinks that’s wise and wants her brother to move on.

He says he’s outraged at the level of spite in this conversation.

They argue over whether or not Jack chose Diane over Phyllis.

ashley looking smart in black

Jack claims he’s not but Phylis says though she was never a Phyllis fan, he took every opportunity to turn his back on her.

Jack maintains that Diane didn’t steal anything in her life. Ash calls Diane a martyr.

Jack denies it but he thinks she can change. She has. Ashley groans.

ashley calls brother a fool

She calls her brother a fool. He’s going to drag this whole family down with him and that’s where her problem lies.

She won’t allow him to marry Diane. A murderer. Jack didn’t even want her dating Tucker.

ashley yells at jack that he can't marry diane

What’ll happen with the fallout when people learn he’s marrying a murderer? Jabot will take a hit and their family.

Ash reminds her brother that Diane faked her death and let innocent people take the fall.

Kyle arrives and they stop yelling. He doesn’t want to get into this. He needs to talk to Summer.

Jack tells Ash they have had enough heartache and misery in the house. If she can’t hold back her rage for Diane, he suggests she move out.

jack tells ash to move out

At the GCAC in his suite, Daniel wakes up with a start. Lily comforts him after his bad dream about seeing his mom in the street.

Lily recalls her dreams about her dad when he died. He admits he saw a woman at the memorial that looked like his mother.

It wasn’t her but for a moment, it gave him hope. “That kinda crushed me.” Lily’s sorry.

They talk around in circles and decide that though they seem to have had sex, they won’t make a big thing about it.  

lily dan bed

Tucker meets with Victor at the GCAC and Victor calls it cavalier that he thinks it’s fine meeting there even though that’s where Phyllis collapses.

Tucker likes his contract and signed.

He asks Tucker to sign it and his company will become his. Tucker says Vic’s enjoying this.

“I don’t give a damn how I feel. When it comes to business, I’m cold,” he says.

victor says sign the documents already

He asks if Tucker has reservations but he doesn’t. He’s done with this town.

Victor’s unsympathetic but says his company will continue to thrive. He may change the name.

Tucker doesn’t give a darn but wants to look over the paperwork once more.

tucker doesn't want ot sign yet

Victor giggles and looks forward to his signature.

Later, when Vicotr’s gone, Audra finds Tucker drinking alone.

She approaches and is sorry she gave him a hard time about Ashley, knowing it didn’t work out.

He isn’t sure how he got here. He never felt lonely when he was young and in the music business.

Tuck tells Audra they had their moments and asks her to go up to his room with him.

tucker wants to bone audra


Billy runs into Daniel and Lily at Society. He tells them about Leanna Love’s article causing issues for them and Jabot. 

Lily offers to get HR to handle it and the company lawyers so Daniel doesn’t have to worry about being harassed. Daniel says not to and she insists.

Billy practically rolls his eyes. He says Daniel’s in good hands before he leaves with takeout.

lily uncomfortable with billy

She says it was uncomfortable with Billy but she’s not one to wallow.

Even with Cane, she didn’t and it hurt a lot when they ended it.

She doesn’t like looking back and thinks it’s because she’s a cancer survivor.

They agree they’re different that way. He likes to analyze everything to death and she doesn’t.

They agree it’s why they get along so well. He asks her to wallow for him and she chuckles.

daniel and lily dine and talk about billy

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In Tucker’s room, Audra looks over Tucker’s contract and thinks it’s a good deal.

Tucker shows her Victor’s pen. He grins slyly. “I stole it from him.”

He mopes as he takes off his shoes.

She calls this one chapter coming to an end and he says whatever comes next is not going to be in Genoa City.

She gets it. He’s more of a big-city guy.

audra looks at contract

He can start over anywhere and asks her to “blow this town” with him. “Wanna be my right hand again?”

She reminds him of her job and that she’s learning from Victoria. “Always an agenda,” he says.

Audra tells him he taught her well. He mopes even more that both her and Ashley are pushing him away for so-called greener pastures.

She thinks he wants to be the center of people’s lives and turns bitter when he doesn’t get it.

Ashley was right. He hasn’t changed. He’s sorry he asked her up there and she leaves, first telling him not to wallow for too long.

Later, he takes Victor’s pen and signs the contract, thus selling McCall to the Mustache. 

audra won't go away with tucker

Billy brings Chelsea dinner at Crimson Lights. He’s happy. She’s glad but asks why.

He tells her he ran into Lily and Daniel who seems okay.

He thinks her instincts about giving him space is right and says he picked up something romantic between them.

chelsea happy person now

When Chelsea asks how he feels, he says he hopes she finds what she’s looking for. She’s glad he has a good outlook on this.

It allows him to move on, too. He kisses Chelsea and she tells him Connor’s spending the night at the ranch.

She can’t believe she said that aloud but she says in a round about way that she wants sex. It’s been a while though.

He grins and whispers. “It’s like riding a bike.”

billy kisses chelsea at crimson lights

In Chelsea’s bedroom, Billy and Chelsea make out. He asks again if she’s sure she’s okay.

She kisses him and says yeah. She’s never been so sure.

They fall to the bed and kiss some more, fully clothed and on their way to consensual sex. 

billy and chelsea sex

Back at the Abbott manse, Kyle knocks on Summer’s door and tells her he wants to make this easier on her.

He’s not going anywhere and will keep trying until something works.

His latest idea is to not talk but he’d like to hold her. He begs. 

kyle at summer door

Back downstairs, Ashley’s so sick of her trying to kick her out of her own home.

It’s evidence of how she’s infecting him. Jack says the minute Diane’s back, she’s returning there.

Ashley calls this her home and her birthright, just like it’s his.

He calls it untenable. She says then he better move out and find a house near the prison.

She thinks if he keeps things going the way they are the board will remove him, and that Diane will cost him everything that meant anything to him.

jack tears into ashley

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