RJ’s Family Are Thrilled to Welcome Him Back, But Taylor and Thomas Both Wonder How His Return Will Affect Them

In the Monday, April 24, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas assures his mom he’s okay, and RJ catches up with the parents on all the family drama.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Ridge and Brooke were amazed by RJ’s unexpected return, and Sheila told Deacon not to wait for her.

RJ takes a selfie with his parents at Forrester Creations.

They still can’t believe he’s there. He thinks their looks of surprise have been priceless.

j selfie with parents

His mom is just thrilled he’s home.

He uploads the selfie and it instantly gets 300 likes. Ridge is amazed.

RJ hands Brooke chocolates from Switzerland.

He’s happy to see his parents happy and asks about his siblings.

brooke and ridge impressed by instagram

Brooke says they are all doing great. RJ think Hope’s new line is “fire.”

Ridge fills his son in on Steffy and the Sheila nightmare.

He notes that RJ didn’t ask about his brother.

Awkward, RJ admits they haven’t spoken in a while.

He doesn’t want to be torn up by the whole family rivalry, especially since he is a Logan and Forrester.

rj tjinks about thomas

They are proud of how much he’s grown up. He admits he stayed away for so long to avoid the family drama. They can understand.

RJ thinks Sheila messed up and they proved how good they are when they are unified.

If even Ridge and Bill could work together, anything is possible.

His mom thinks things will be even better now that he’s back.

brooke and ridge catch up with son

RJ looks at his father’s sketches and tells his parents how much he’s missed being home. His father suggests he work in the office.

His son has his own thing going on with all his influencing.

rj reluctant to go into fashion

Ridge reminds him of how good his sketches used to be and says they can make room for him.

It could be a way for him to grow his brand more.

Brooke reminds him their son just got there. She hugs him again.


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In his office, Thomas finishes a sketch while Taylor fusses around.

They chat about how inspiration used to hit his father when they were about to sit down to dinner.

taylor asks thomas about desires

She asks if he’s having any urges or desires regarding Hope.

He thinks this is a strange conversation to have with his mom but insists he’s only focused on being a designer and proving he’s trustworthy.

thomas has no desires for hope

Taylor says he doesn’t have to prove himself to her. She’s very proud of him and gives him a hug.

He appreciates her support. She’s sure it must be hard for him to work with Hope since he loved her for so long.

Thomas still loves her as a friend but that’s all. She keeps repeating how proud she is of him. He likes to hear that.

thomas explains his feelings to mom

They giggle and hug until Hope interrupts.

hope interrupts taylor and thomas

Taylor beams as her son talks about leather and lace with Hope. The shrink is amazed to see them so creatively synchronized and thinks it’s cool. She wishes Liam could understand it.

Thomas repeats that he has changed and will win Liam over. Hope stares and plays with her necklace.

They talk about how everything has changed; even Brooke and Taylor have become BFFs.

Ridge just wants the whole, weird complicated family to be together.

thomas hope taylor talk leather and lace

They go back to discussing the line. Taylor loves it all and thinks they collaborate very well. She’s sure the bond is strengthened by parenting Douglas together.

Hope smiles at Thomas until Charlie interrupts and tells them the tale of two Ridges.

Turns out, they were both Ridges.

charlie can't tell a story to save his soul

Eventually, they figure out he’s talking about RJ and he’s back.

Charlie says he’s in the office of the “Grand Fromage” and is now a “handsome Jack.”

After he goes back to securing the building, Hope says she’s thrilled and rushes off to see her brother.

Taylor quizzes Thomas about why he isn’t rushing off. He admits they were at odds over Brooke.

taylor and thomas talk rj return

She encourages him to go and be with his brother and demands to know how he feels about his brother being back.

He asks how she feels about Ridge and Brooke’s only child being back. Taylor tries looking confused.

thomas talks rj

Hope runs down the hall to hug her brother. He didn’t tell her he was coming back when they talked yesterday.

hope hugs rj

They talk about how great their careers are going. He missed everyone and was ready to come home.

He’ll be hanging around for a while and his plans are open.

hope happy to see rj

His sister remembers their good times and says it’s time to have some more. They have a group hug.

forrester logan group hug

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