Drew and Curtis Bring Laura a Clue, Spencer and Trina’s First Time is Interrupted, and Cody Urges Sasha Not to Trust Gladys

General Hospital recap for Friday, April 21, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Kristina tells Dex about Sonny’s new charity, Molly needs a biopsy, and Alexis asks TJ about ALS.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Obrecht managed to save Spencer and Trina from Victor, and after being pushed too far, Nina decided to take Carly down.

Sam chases Dante down by Sonny’s penthouse and asks if she should pick up his suit from the cleaners. He thanks her and they kiss. She wishes him luck with his dad.

He enters and finds his father talking with Dex. Sonny gives him something to deliver and sends him off.

dex and sonny talk pikeman group delivery

Dante asks his father to lunch. He tells him not to go to Michael’s wedding. He’s startled when his father explains that Michael invited him.

dante asks sonny what it will do to his relationship

The cop thinks that’s great. His father adds Nina’s not invited. That hurts her. Sonny is sure that inviting him was Willow’s idea.

They talk about how hard this situation is for everyone. Dante wonders what it will do to his relationship with Nina if he’s allowed into the grandchild’s life and she isn’t.

sonny and dante discuss nina

Sonny says they will be fine. Forgiveness doesn’t happen overnight. When this is over, they will all be a family.

At Charlie’s, Gladys tells Sasha that she’s “a sweet summer child” so she can’t see what a grifter Cody is. She urges her not to believe anything he says.

gladys hates cody and explains why

Gladys suggests they take a vacation. Sasha wonders why she really wants to leave town and reminds her she was shot two years ago. She tells her she should be proud of how far she’s come since then.

Sasha suggests she take a vacation on her own and she will cover any upgrades.

sasha grills gladys

Sam arrives and spots them, flashing back to Cody warning her about Gladys. Kristina approaches and Sam wishes she could know a secret with just a glance.

molly with sam at the bar

They start bickering about all the clothes Kristina has stolen from her. Dex wanders in and delivers an envelope for Kristina from her father.

Opening it, she can’t believe her dad did it. She tells Dex that they are listings for properties that could be used as transitional housing for homeless youth. Dex is impressed her dad is opening a charity in her name.

kristina tells dex about sonny

It doesn’t surprise her. Her dad can see what’s in her heart. She wishes everyone knew him like she does.

krisitina and dex talk up sonny

She doesn’t know what she’d do without her dad. He’s her biggest champion.

Sam spots Sasha exiting and Gladys getting on the phone to a travel agent. Gladys takes a dig at her for siding with Cody.

gladys has to come up with an answer

Sam is not sure he’s guilty and wonders why Gladys is taking this so personally. Gladys tells her trusting Cody is a mistake.

“For me, or you?” Sam asks. Gladys stomps out.

Dex walks out and calls Michael to fill him in on the Pikeman deal.

BLQ lets Cody in the backdoor of the Quartermaine estate. She assumes he’s looking to learn if he will be fired.

blq listens to cody worry

He admits he’s been worried about what the family has been thinking of him since his arrest. She admits her dad wanted to fire him but she talked him out of it.

BLQ thinks Gladys is a walking disaster, but she wonders how the bracelet ended up in his pocket. He has no idea. He was framed.

She asks for some proof. He doesn’t have any.

cody doesn't want to hurt sasha

Sasha wanders in with something for BLQ, who abruptly takes it and leaves them alone.

Cody tells Sasha that he didn’t steal anything; he wouldn’t do that to her. She wonders if he’s been using her.

cody tells sasha he's innocent

He says he’s grown a lot since what happened with Britt. Cody claims that Gladys has set him up.

Sasha asks why she would do that. He can’t tell her but begs him to believe her.

She says Gladys has been there for her during the worst times of her life. Cody says that she can’t trust Gladys.

Sasha thinks the person she can’t trust is him and walks out.

At General Hospital, TJ and Molly giggle as they think about how they might have a baby by this time next year.

tj and molly thrilled going to be parents probably

Molly goes to her appointment with Dr. Navarro. The doctor wants to get to the bottom of what’s causing pain and irregularity in her cycle.

molly gets doctor exam

Navarro says that she could have endometriosis but they need to run a biopsy. Molly is eager to know what’s happening.

The doctor thinks it’s likely she has it and surgery might be necessary. They need to take it one step at a time.

molly has endometriosis

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Drew takes Curtis to the storage unit with his old stuff that Kim kept for him. He mentions losing his soon so soon after finding out he was his father.

curtis and drew try to figure out where trina is

Curtis can’t lose Trina now that she might be his daughter. They sort through boxes and find a book of Greek myths. There’s a map inside.

drew and curtis find map

It has Drew’s handwriting on it but he doesn’t recall it. There’s a Virgo sign on it. That ties to the goddess Demeter.

This must be the link to Victor’s plan.

drew tells curtis his idea

They search the other boxes but find nothing else useful. Drew wonders if they should go to the WSB but Curtis has another idea.

At General Hospital, Laura startles Alexis in the waiting area. She tells her Anna is recuperating. They have some information on Spencer and the others.

laura with alexis whose head is in a fog

The mayor wonders if she knows more than she realizes about what her uncle had planned. Alexis says she’s never been privy to the inner workings of the family.

laura says you may know more than you realize

Neither of them have heard from Nikolas. They can’t understand how he’s gone while his children are missing.

Tearing up, Laura says she’s still determined to bring her grandsons home. TJ shows up and chimes in that his mom is working hard on the case.

The mayor knows and takes off. TJ notices Alexis is reading about ALS. He admits its devastating. She asks if there is any hope.

alexis asks tj if there is any hope

He can’t say but suggests she speak to a specialist. A nurse tells TJ Dr. Navarro is done with Molly.

“Isn’t she an OB?” Alexis asks.

Drew and Curtis rush in and find Laura. They tell her about the clues they found. He shows her the map with the symbols and circles on it.

drew curtis show laura map

The map may tell them where the ship is headed.

On the Haunted Star, Trina and Spencer are dumped into one room. She’s scared of what’s next.

trina snuggles into spencer on haunted star

He assures her he won’t let his uncle hurt her. She knows he’ll try but Victor could hurt them both. They can’t count on his uncle having a shred of humanity left.

Cuddling, he tells her there is nothing they can’t face together. She’s afraid for their lives but glad she’s with him. Any doubts she had about him are gone.

They joke around about his reputation and she tells him he’s so much more than the guy she’s crushing on.

trina and spencer canoodle

She tells him what an adventure he is. She wants to experience everything she never has with him. Everything.

This isn’t how he pictured her losing her virginity. He thinks it should be special. She says that what makes it special is that it’s them.

This could be their only chance.

They kiss. As they make out, the ship suddenly docks. They’ve reached land.

sprina kissing ready to have sex

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