Y&R Recap: Ashley’s Stunned When Tucker Makes a Reveal, Phyllis Fakes a Date With Tucker, and Lauren and Michael Renew Their Vows

Thurs Dec 28: Today on Young and Restless, it’s New Year’s Eve and Tucker gaslights Ashley, Heather, Lucy and Daniel watch Die Hard, and the vow renewal is filled with love.

Wednesday’s recap: Audra Accuses Kyle of Gaslighting, Danny Makes out With Phyllis, Then Christine, and Devon Kicks Tucker Out of His Life

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Dec 28. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

It’s New Year’s Eve at Society, and Kevin, Chloe and Gloria put together a lovely scene for Michael and Lauren to renew their vows. 

kevin on new years eve.

Michael tells Lauren she’s more beautiful than she was moments ago as he pushes her seat in at the Athletic Club.

Lauren’s inspired to marry him again tonight and Micahel can’t think of a more perfect way to spend the new year. They kiss.

They drink to how she dazzles him. 

lauren and michael romance

Danny and Christine make out on Daniel’s sofa at the condo.

They’re happy to spend New Year’s Eve together.

She apologizes for asking if he was still into Phyllis.

danny kisses christine

He’d like to move on but she thanks him for her being in such a good place.

When the year started, she only saw sadness from her marital breakdown.

He gave her peace. Danny tells her they’ve come a long way.

The beautiful girl he fell in love with his in front of him.

christine apologizes to danny

He can’t wait to see where it goes. They make out until Daniel arrives home. “Wow!”

They wish each other a Happy New Year and Daniel suggests they put a necktie on the doorknob.

They invite him to dinner but he has a video chat with Lily and then he’s going to eat junk food and watch rom-coms. He invites them.

lucy and heather with junk food

Lucy and Heather arrive with beer and junk food. Christine and Danny leave and the others watch a movie.

They want to watch another but they know Daniel will only fall asleep.

He says he won’t if they watch his favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard.

lucy says die hard is a christmas movie

Heather argues that it’s not a Christmas movie.

Lucy disagrees and they talk about old times how Lucy would get into bed between them and not move the entire night.

They watch the movie and toss popcorn at each other.

Lucy asks how Lily and Mattie are. Daniel says Mattie’s been traumatized and withdrawing from school for the rest of the quarter.

Lily will stay until she gets professional help. Heather doesn’t blame her.

die hard is daniel's fave christmas movie

That’s what good mothers do. Daniel calls Lily the best mom, other than Heather. He wants to spend next weekend with them. Heather seems uncomfortable.

Later, the movie is over and Heather tells Lucy and Daniel they were right. “It is a Christmas movie.”

She notices both daughter and father are asleep and rests her head on Daniel’s chest and closes her eyes. Lucy wakes up and takes a photo, smiling before she goes to her room.

daniel and heather sleep together

Daniel wakes up and apologizes for waking Heather.

lucy takes a photo of parents snuggling

She says she didn’t realize she fell asleep. She kisses him and he kisses her back.

daniel kissing heather

Ashley walks into Neil’s jazz lounge as Tucker feels sorry for himself and says he’s thinking of leaving.

She mocks him and asks Phyllis to give them a moment.

Phyllis says Happy New Year and runs off.

ashley gets phyllis to leave

Ashley claims she doesn’t care where he goes but Devon and Dom might.

He scoffs. She tells him to take the blame for his own issues.

ashley with tucker new years

She badgers him about Devon and Dom and he snipes that she doesn’t know when to stop.

He asks how he can believe anything she has to say.

tucker says mind your business Y&R recaps

Again, she brings up his son and grandson, telling him to fight for those he loves.

He’s angry and she asks if he’s going to toss a chair like in Paris or smash a wine glass.

Confused, he asks what that means. She claims she’ll never be frightened of him again.

tucker is confused.

He’s puzzled. He’d never be violent with her. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

He yelled and made a scene but says he tipped over a wine glass accidentally and pushed aside the chair as he left.

“Are you kidding me?” She asks.

No wonder he’s making nothing of what happened.

ashley confused

He denies it and is sorry for the yelling and the scene.

He asks if this is a game of hers. She tells him what she said is true and he can’t put a spin on it.

He finishes his drink and says they’re done.

He takes off, refusing to admit he was that violent in Paris.

ashley gets gaslit



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Phyllis goes to the bar, where Michael sneers, upon seeing her.

Lauren tells him she’s their friend, so Michael invites her over, albeit reluctantly. 

Phyllis orders a dirty martini with two olives. “Two! Two! Two!” She says with glee as she sits.

michael woos his wife

They asks what she’s doing tonight and she wants to go to bed and forget about 2023.

She talks about the awful year she had and says sometimes you try and the universe kicks you in the teeth.

They think it’s about Danny.

Phyllis’ drink arrives and she sips it and goes, “Ahhhh.”

michael and lauren with phyllis nw years eve

She asks what Daniel told them.

Michael says he was worried.

Phyllis calls Christine not right for Danny and wonders why he can’t see how pathetic she is.

michael not happy to see phyllis

Lauren thinks she just wants the man for herself but Phyllis denies it.

Michael thinks her competition with Christine is in full swing but Phyllis denies it, vehemently.

Michael asks why it’s ridiculous that they could reunite.

phyllis gets her back up

Phylis doesn’t like that he’s siding with Christine. 

She says she and Daniel have a good friendship and are co-parenting.

He’s the one who has been there for her this year when nobody else will talk to her.

They see Danny and Christine walk in.

danny and christine date

Danny suggests they go elsewhere but she refuses Phyllis lifts a glass to them. It’s uncomfortable.

They head to the table and when Lauren asks, Christine tells Lauren the beautiful bracelet she has on was from Danny.

Lauren tells the group they’re renewing their vows at midnight.

phyllis lifts a glass to danny

Phyllis wants to join but has a date. Michael says she told them she wasn’t doing anything.

She didn’t say that. She has a non-new year date.

She points out Tucker. “Him!” Lauren is stunned.

“Tucker?” Michael does a spittake and Phyllis grins.

She calls the man over and asks if they’re still on for later.

“Yes,” he says and asks if he should pick her up.

danny shocked phyllis date with tucker

They get it settled and he tells her she looks great. he leans in for a kiss, surprising Phyllis.

She kisses him back and he says he’ll see her later.

tucker kisses phyllis

Christine and Danny leave and Lauren and Michael think Phyllis just orchestrated that.

Phyllis lies. They were going to discuss a business proposal.

Michael says to turn him down.

She should come to their vow renewal. She’ll try.

phyllis will try to go to the vow renewal


Michael and Lauren run into Society, happy at how pretty the place looks. Kevin and Chloe greet them. Gloria takes credit.

Chloe’s thrilled for them. Michael hugs Kevin.

michael hugs lauren

Gloria jokes, who would have thought they’d last this whole time?

She thinks Michael is lucky to have Lauren. He agrees. They kiss.

Gloria breaks out the bubbly. It’s from Scotty.

scotty sent champagne for lauren

Fen and Drake can’t be there either, but send their love, Lauren says.

lauren nervous

Lauren tells Michael she’s nervous. The vow renewal begins and the minister begins.

Lauren says when they stood there last time, she told him she loved him today, tomorrow and forever.

vow renewal

They had each other and then, he was something of a bad boy.

Everyone grins. She knew under the edge was a magnificent heart that beats for everyone.

He tears up and she talks up his strength and how he never gave up on her.

Michaël tears up

She’s glad he didn’t.


She talks about how he made trust a reality.

She recalls telling him she was pregnant with Fen and he worried he’d be a bad father.

michael remarries lauren

He’s the best. The love of her life. She loves him today, tomorrow and forever.

Michael’s verklempt.

That’s a hard act to follow. Tears are in his eyes and he says he’d follow her anywhere.

He doesn’t have as much goodness as her.

He’s never doubted their love for one another.

Ashley returns home and calls for Jack and Traci.

Nobody’s there so she gets a drink.

Jack texts her to come to the jazz club to ring in the new year.

jack texts ashley

She flashes back to Tucker smashing the glass and throwing the chair and yelling at her to go to hell and looks to be in shock.

ashley was gaslit

In his room, Tucker drinks and recalls what happened the night he was in Paris with Ashley.

He recalls dropping the glass and shoving the chair and quietly telling Ashley he’s done before he quietly left the restaurant.

tucker memory differs from ashley

At the bar, Phyllis sends a text to Tucker, thanking him for playing along.

No obligation attached, she says. He voice texts back that they can still have a drink if she wants.

She debates it in her head.

phyllis debates to have a drink

Phyllis walks in as Michael’s saying his vows. She grins as Michael talks about them testing their love which made them stronger. Made him love her more.

michael's loving vows

He’s in awe of her honesty and courage and ability to see hope on the horizon. She took a chance at a man who was too much at war with the world. She gave him a family and safe space. The joy of her and them lights up his days.

phyllis made the vow renewal

Kevin presents the rings. The minister has them put them on and they kiss.

Kevin starts counting. They go from 10 to 1 and everyone screams, “Yeah!”

vow renwal new years

Next week on Y&R!

At Crimson Lights, Sharon stares at Summer.

sharon asked if she loves chance Y&R spoilers

Summer says to Sharon, “I’m wondering, um are you in love with Chance?”

summer asks sharon if she loves chance

At the condo, Danny says to Daniel, “You’ve got your daughter playing matchmaker and the way that you and Heather were looking at each other…”

danny tells daniel he's playing with fire

Daniel smiles.

daniel thinks of heather

Victor holds Nikki on the sofa at the ranch. “I didn’t walk out on you then and I will not, now. You’re the love of my life.”

victor won't walk out on nikki

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