GH Recap: BLQ Bites Lucy’s Head Off, and Lucy Asks Scott to Marry Tracy so They Can Take Her for All She’s Worth

Wed Dec 27, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Sasha warns Cody that Felicia suspects him, Alexis warns her daughters they could be facing legal issues, and Gregory collapses during hot yoga.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Carly shut Nina down, Esme’s glove was found after a break-in, and Sonny insisted Ava move in with him.

Molly and Sam arrives at Alexis’ filled with coffee and ask what was so important that she needed to see them before work.

molly and kristina listen to their mother

Alexis assures them they aren’t in any trouble yet. The girls are expecting bad news but their mom points out their arrangements present what could be big legal problems.

Molly says she can draw up a contract but Alexis says there is no binding agreement they can sign that would make the baby Molly’s.

alexis talking to daughters

They start debating the problems with genetic surrogacy in New York. They speculate on loopholes.

Kristina starts to worry that her mom is trying to protect Molly from her.

Molly has to control herself as Alexis starts going over legal issues. They remind their mom she’s not a lawyer anymore.

Alexis backs down and agrees to respect their plans.

molly kristina argue law with alexis

Molly says the bond with her sister is stronger than all the legal protections in the world. Kristina echoes this.

Their mom is impressed by their devotion and assures them that she believes in them and is proud of how they have stuck up for each other.

The three of them hug and the sisters exit.

At home, BLQ is getting ready to leave. Chase has already brewed her coffee. He’ll be looking at wedding venues that can accommodate mobility issues all day. He wants his dad to have the time of his life at their wedding.

Chase and BLQ talk quick wedding on GH

She flashes back to Gregory telling her that he hopes they don’t wait to long for the wedding.

BLQ says they will have to make this happen sooner than they were planning.

He thought they were having a summer wedding and adds that Lois used to say she planned her wedding in her school books.

He’s had a quickie wedding and that didn’t go well. He wants this to be special.

She explains that his dad’s Christmas wish was to see them get married.

blq tells chase they need to do it quick

She promises that they will do what’s best for everyone and then takes off.

At Deception, Tracy complains about how loud Lucy is as Maxie (temporarily played by Nicole Paggi) tries to keep the calm between them.

Nicole Paggi as Maxie Jones comings and goings

Lucy and Tracy argue about workloads and Coe complains about her sharing their air.

Maxie reminds them that this is a critical time for the company and they need to make things work for their employees.

Lucy, Tracy and Maxie at deception.

The ladies keep insulting each other until Maxie orders them to have five minutes of silence.

Lucy accuses Tracy of just being bored and looking for a distraction. She tells her she clearly has nothing to live for since Luke died.

lucy sniping at tracy

Tracy tells her not to say Luke’s name again. Lucy says Luke had many women and Tracy wasn’t even in the top ten.

She says that Holly and Laura were the loves of his life. Tracy asks if she does her research on Wikipedia and points to Lucy’s romantic failures.

Tracy argues with Lucy.

Getting hoarse, Lucy demands to know why she stole Deception. Is it because she has no one and no future?

“You’re going to die unloved and unlovable!” she says. BLQ arrives to hear this and barks at Lucy for talking to her grandmother that way.

BLQ tells Lucy that she’s just a bitter gold-digging loser while Tracy is beloved by his family.

BLQ tells Lucy she's out on her ass like she belongs.

Lucy has just traded on her one percent for years and is now on the street where she belongs. She’s thrown away every man who ever loved her while Tracy understands her better than she ever will.

Lucy declares they can hold this meeting without her and storms out.

BLQ reads Lucy for filth.

Tracy thanks her granddaughter but asks why she was late. BLQ explains something happened to Gregory.

Her grandmother tells her she needs to start taking the company seriously if she’s going to give it to her.

At GH, Finn checks on his dad, who has been getting fluids because he was overheated. Finn worries there’s more.

finn asks dad for update

Gregory insists it was just too much hot yoga. Dr Matt comes in to check over his patient and Finn has to exit.

When he steps into the corridor, the yoga instructor pops up to check in Gregory. He’s the first person who has collapsed in her class.

Finn calls his brother to say their dad collapsed.

Finn tells Chase on a call that their dad fell. GH recaps

Chase rushes over and his brother fills him in. They debate the value on positive thinking.

Back in the exam room, the doctor says he looks good but he wants to admit him for observation.

gregory in hospital bed

His collapse could be a matter of fluid loss or it could be a new symptom of his disease.

doctor checks gregory over

Gregory will give him 24 hours but he has plans for New Year’s Eve and nothing will stop that.

The doctor calls the sons in.

Gregory explains that they are going to admit him for 24 hours. The doctor adds it’s just a precaution and leaves to deal with the paperwork.

Chase declares that they have agreed on a wedding date for the Spring. His dad is so happy.

Chase makes his dad happy, saying he'll marry BLQ now.

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Scott walks into Kelly’s and goes to the bar, telling the staff he needs to eat his feelings so he orders half the menu.

scott orders food

Robert joins Felicia to eat at Kelly’s. She teases him about Diane and then explains there is a mystery in the family she needs solved.

robert and felicia talk

Her instincts are telling her that Cody lied about the DNA tests. Robert doesn’t see the value in saddling Mac with the jerk.

He complains that Cody is a conman but she can see that the stable hand really cares about the family.

robert and felicia argue about cody

They rehash all that happened with Taub’s necklace and wonder if Cody contested any of his other assets.

He suggests she discuss that with a lawyer. They look over at Scott.

felicia looks at scott

She joins the lawyer and they talk about Liesl throwing his heart on the floor.

felicia joins scott

Felicia is sorry to hear that and thinks it was brave of him to put it on the line.

When she brings up Cody, he complains that his client cost him a big payday.

Scotty reveals to Felicia what happened with Cody.

He fills her in about the plan to sue the WSB over the necklace but Cody backed out.

It would have been a huge windfall for him.

She returns to Robert and says she’s more convinced than ever that Mac is Cody’s father.

felicia sips tea and tells robert that she knows Mac is cody's father.

She’s adamant that Mac has a right to know.

He thinks she should move on because it will be hell to prove. “Not for me,” says says.

Lucy bustles in and sits with Scott. She tells him she has a plan to make them big winners in 2024 and Tracy will be a loser.

Lucy has a plan for scotty.

She needs him to marry Tracy so they can take her for all she’s got.

lucy thinks her and scotty will win big.

Sasha stope by the stables to see Cody. He’s been fixing horse shoes. She warns that he’s in trouble.

sasha warns cody

She tells him Felicia is still invested in the idea that he’s part of the family.

He knows she’s a PI married to a cop and conditioned to be skeptical.

Sasha points out several people already know he lied about the results. He doesn’t think Mac deserves to be lumbered with a son like him.

cody gets warning

She’s sure that Felicia will dig up the truth and he can’t imagine what the outcome would be.

She recalls pretending to be Nina’s daughter and how much pain should could have avoided if she’d come clean.

He wonders if he should leave the country because if Felicia finds out he’s Mac’s son, he’s going to Pentonville.


Cody explains he could do time for perjury. He can’t risk putting Mac through a scandal.

She wonders what Mac would want, sure that he would forgive him. He says that Robert isn’t a fan of his.

Sasha reminds him of how he’s changed and how much he has come through for her and what a good friend he’s been to so many people.

sasha asks Cody what Mac would think of him.

The only way to prove he’s changed is to come clean today.

He’s not going to do that. She says the truth will come out but it won’t be from her.

He thanks her for being a good friend.

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