Y&R Recap: Billy Supports Daniel and Heather’s Lawsuit Against Lily — & Cole and Victoria Almost Kiss

Tues April 2, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Claire gets a history lesson from Victoria and Cole, as Daniel and Heather struggle with what’s now their new normal. 

Monday’s recap: Disguised as a Man, Jordan Stalks Claire, Tucker Prevents Audra From Pummeling Ashley & Adam Apologizes to Victoria

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on April 2. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

 At Society, Victoria tells Cole that Claire went out by herself and didn’t tell anyone where she was going.

She was worried. Cole doesn’t think Claire can hide forever but Victoria laments Jordan’s diabolical.

“Sometimes I wonder if she’s even human.” Cole reminds her that Clare came home.

cole lectures victoria

They can’t keep her in a bubble. As they talk, Mariah and Tessa cheer and laugh in the background and hug one another happily.

Victoria wonders to Cole what that’s about and the two approach to asks what’s up.

Tessa shows them photos of their new house. “We close today,” Tessa says.

Mariah talks about going to one open house after another and this one has a yard and a playroom for Aria.

There’s a loft which will be a music room for Tessa.

vicky wonders why mariah is happy with tessa

They’re living the dream. Tessa whispers into Mariah’s ear and Mariah apologizes, realizing Victoria lost her house.

Tessa thinks they were insensitive but Victoria says though it was devastating they’ve a lot of memories.

Cole and Victoria congratulate the happy couple. Tessa says they’ll always remember the Tack House as their first home.

Cole tells them he and Victoria used to live there. “Does the upstairs shower handle still stick?” Victoria thinks it’s been remodeled by now.

Mariah invites them over to see it. They agree to take a trip down memory lane.

teriah found a house Y&R recaps

Phyllis bumps into Billy at Neil’s Lounge and he offers to buy her a drink.

She thinks another time maybe. He offers a hangover concoction to be sent to her room in the morning but she tells him to read the room.

He knows she doesn’t want him there.

They discuss Billy being against the Winters family and not having success and now people see him as just being difficult.

Billy’s confounded and then says, “Ah I get it. We’re not talking about me anymore, are we?” They discuss Daniel and Heather reuniting.

billy talks to phyllis at neils' lounge

She takes credit for making it happen. He’s not surprised at all and tells her that there’s fallout “to this grand love story.”

He tells her about Lily being hurt by this and gives her a heads up that Lily might fire them.

Phyllis find that outrageous. Omegasphere is Daniel’s baby.

She rants and asks, “Is Lily that petty?”

phyllis scoffs

She thinks it’s insanely immature and when she glances at Billy, she sees that he’s looking at her knowingly.

She scoffs. “Oh shut up!” She thinks Devon and Lily are drunk on power and that Chancellor-Winters is sinking like a rock. 

Billy denies that that’s happening.

Still, Phyllis thinks what Lily is doing is “obscene.” 

billy thinks phyllis is nutso Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Heather and Daniel reel over being fired by Lily.

Heather knew it would be possible and thinks they should focus on their family being reunited.

They worry about how little money they have since she recently bought a new car and he had Sally redecorate his condo.

They try to come up with ideas on what to do for work.

She’ll call Michael and Christine and Daniel will find something he’s passionate about like Omegasphere.

“That train has left the station,” he says.

Heather doubts they’ll find someone to run the division quite like him.

daniel and heather reel over being fired Y&R recaps

Daniel says the game was his salvation and he can’t replace it if he tried. He wonders how he let this happen.

Heather denies he did anything wrong.

“We didn’t do anything wrong. Our crime was that we fell back in love and Lily is going to make us pay for it by taking away the one thing she knows will hurt us the most.”

She wonders if there’s a loophole in the contract.

He doubts it but Heather wants to fight for Princess Louisa for Lucy’s sake at least.

heather and daniel are jobless young and restless

Heather knows personally that Lily has a right to be angry but she has no right to go after his business.

Maybe there’s a case for unlawful termination.

Daniel’s not sure about this. It’s personal and humiliating.

She thinks it’s the same as them cheating him out of what’s his.

He deserves to keep his dream. Daniel gets a text from Phyllis to meet and tells Heather about it.

He assumes that Phyllis heard they were fired but he doens’t want to hear a lecture.

Heather thinks she wants to congratulate them on reuniting and show support on them losing their jobs. They take off to meet. 

phyllis contacts daniel

Victoria and Cole head to the ranch where they find Claire in the living room.

They ask how she’d like a walk down memory lane with them.

They want to give her a history lesson, to show her where “it all began” for them.

Claire is intrigued

Mariah and Tessa let Victoria, Cole and Claire into the Tack House.

Champagne is on ice, Marriah says before she apologizes for the mess of packing boxes in the room. 

Mariah and Tessa are introduced to Claire.

tessa and mariah tack house

They’ve heard all about her which worries Claire.

She wonders if she should apologize to them.

Mariah laughs and says there is no need.

She and Tessa have done a lot of things they’re not proud of.

claire at tack house

Tessa invites her out some time to get to know each other and later, Claire watches her parents reminisce.

Cole lets their kid know they fell in love at the Tack House.

Everyone sits down and drinks champagne while Aria cries.

The wives head upstairs to take care of their baby while Cole gazes off.

claire watches parents

Victoria questions him.

He says he’s thinking of when they used to live there. She thinks it sounds like a lifetime ago.

They had good times and some that weren’t so good.

They remember one night when he stormed off after a fight and into a blizzard.

They were kids then. Claire thinks they sound like they were in love. They were.

Mariah and Tessa return with the baby.

mariah and tessa stunned by claire

Claire holds her and coos at her and everyone watches as if they’ve never seen anything quite like it. 

claire and aria young and the restless

Victoria, Cole and Claire head back to the ranch and talk about the Tack House. Victoria’s quiet.

Cole interprets it. He thinks she has a big idea. She does.

She asks Claire if she wants to live in the Tack House.

Claire thinks her mom wants her out of the way but Victoria wants to move in with her.

victoria has an idea Y&R

Johnny and Katie can join them later. Claire’s relieved. Cole loves the idea.

She’s still got security access and Victoria will be glad to have the kids come back on break to a home.

In fact, Victoria says the kids are anxious to meet their big sister.

She knows Claire will be great with them. Victoria invites Cole to visit as often as he likes.

Claire’s excited and asks when they can move. Mother and daughter embrace. 

victoria wants to move to tack house

Outside, Victoria and Cole sit on a bench. “Spring’s a comin'” Cole says to his ex.

He reminisces more about the night of the blizzard, their fight and how they made up.

He puts an arm around her.

They agree asking Claire to move in is the right thing to do.

cole says spring is coming

They can watch their daughter grow up together.

Cole calls Victoria incredible. An amazing mother and woman.

“You take my breath away about a dozen times a day.”

He moves in for a kiss but instead of kissing her, they gaze into each other’s eyes and he tells her he had a great time tonight but needs to go.

cole amost kisses victoria

Having her in his life has changed everything and he never wants to go back to the way things were. He leaves her with her jaw on the ground.

Victoria goes back inside and asks if Claire is really okay with this move.

claire thinking

She’s excited about it but feels guilty that she put off her life for her.

Victoria says this is her life and nothing matters more to her than Claire.

Claire wonders if she should consider going back to work.

Victoria’s not ready. Claire’s a miracle to them.

Claire notices the bonding between Victoria and Cole and comments about them remembering being happy and in love. Victoria smiles. 

vicky calls claire a miracle

Back at Neil’s Lounge, Phyllis feels bad for Daniel who will be crushed at losing Omegasphere.

Phyllis thinks she too will get pink slipped and calls the company a mess. Billy again tells her he wouldn’t go that far.

She thinks it’s a dumpster fire and suggests he needs allies.

She thinks he’s next.

Heather and Daniel appear and Phyllis congratulates them.

Daniel tells her about their firing and Billy lets them know he had nothing to do with it.

The four of them agree that Daniel should fight to take back Princess Louisa. 

daniel and phyllis talk about princess louisa Y&R recaps

Back at the Tack House, Tessa and Mariah pack up while they talk about how shy and nice Claire was and how she bonded with Victoria.

Tessa finds Tad the elephant, Aria’s stuffed animal.

Tessa uses her puppy dog eyes as she talks Mariah into keeping Tad even though there’s not much room at the new place.

Mariah kisses her wife, thinking about this being a new beginning for them.

teriah kiss tack house

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