GH Recap: Anna Puts Sonny on Notice, Jason Faces Jake, and Natalia Places Restrictions on Blaze’s Contract

Mon April 1, 2024: Jake lashes out at Jason, Alexis tells Diane her doubts about the appeal, and Anna explains why she wants Dex on the PCPD.

Friday’s GH recap: Sonny kissed Ava after calling Jason and Carly traitors, Dante cleared Jason, and Valentin is messing with Sonny’s meds.

At General Hospital, Sonny is happy to see Dante up and walking. It’s like getting a taste of seeing him take his first steps. He’d like to be there to help him if he falls.

dante on his feet

They go to Dante’s room and go through the details of his shooting. Jason didn’t pull the trigger.

sonny and dante talk shooting

He’s never seen the shooter before but Jason tried to get him help. His father explains that Jason is an FBI informant.

Dante asks why. Sonny doesn’t know or how to swallow this. He can’t imagine him doing anything worse.

Dante asks what he’s thinking. His father isn’t sure that Jason is the Jason that he knew.

sonny and dante talk jason at GH

He tells his son to get better.

At Liz’s, she yells at Jake to get out of the shower. Jason comes o the door and Aidan awkwardly lets him in.

jason and liz catch up

He thanks Liz for coming to his arraignment and says he would have come by earlier.

She’s not sure what his reception would have been. As she tidies up, they talk about losing Bobbie, Britt and Epiphany.

jason should have come earlier

He’s happy she made head nurse and is sure Epiphany would be proud of her. She looks good and happy.

She says he looks different. He is.

liz awkward with jason

Jake comes down and notices his father. Shaking his head, he asks why he’s there.

jake not happy to see jason

When he starts lashing out about him not getting in touch, Jason knows it’s a lot to ask but wishes he would believe him.

He can’t explain what’s happened but can see he’s hurt him. Jake wishes she would go and Liz walks him out.

In the doorway, Liz tells Jason she can understand where her son is coming from and has the same questions.

liz says jake angry

Despite all that, it’s good to see him. His death never felt real.

He’s glad his son isn’t afraid to say he’s angry. She says he’s mostly afraid of losing his father.

Later, Liz sits with Jake and tells him she knows how hard this is but it’s not good for him to be so angry.

liz urges jake open up

He doesn’t think it’s good for her to be okay with this. He asks if she knew he was alive.

She promises she didn’t and urges him to talk to her about his feelings.

Jake feels guilty because he used to lay in bed wishing he could talk to his dead father rather thank one who is alive and only shows up to commit crimes.

jake angry about jason return

She doesn’t know where his father has been. He doesn’t say much but all he says is the truth.

Jake doubts he will show up again but she tells him not to count on that.

liz and jake talk feeling guilty

Jason goes to General Hospital to see Dante. That startles the cop, who thanks him for calling 911.

jason visits dante at GH

He can’t figure out why he turned around instead of running. Jason was going to let him arrest him.

Dante asks what happened to the guy who pulled the trigger.

Jason says he’s gone and he doesn’t know where the body is.

jason and dante talk fbi

Dante asks if he was also an FBI informant. He assumes there is something going on her. He’s sure he’s been made plenty of offers over the years.

Jason didn’t inform on Sonny. They had something big on him and he had no choice but to go along with it.

Sonny has nothing to do with this and is safe.

jason tells dante sonny not involved

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At The Invader, Alexis argues with Adrian about the layout until Diane interrupts.

alexis arguing with adrian

Once she chases him out, Alexis tells Diane her timing is perfect and starts venting about Nina.

Diane explains she has done some digging and is getting closer to getting her back to practicing law.

diane and alexis talk byrne

Diane explains that one of the original attorneys on her disbarment community was a relative of Neil’s and had to recuse himself. His partner replaced him and that makes the whole thing seem illegitimate.

Alexis doesn’t want to get her hopes up but she’s impressed with all the progress she’s made. All the same, she’s not sure they should go ahead with this.

alexis worries what this could mean

She’s sleeping better now than when she was a lawyer. Her friend asks what this is really about.

Alexis admits that Molly is worried she could fall off the wagon again. She’s worried too.

Diane tells her they can’t know the future but she knows how strong she is and there’s no reason to think she will start drinking again.

diane pitches appeal to alexis

Alexis still doubts the appeal will be accepted and her friend tells her to stop fearing success.

Adrian returns to pitch the idea of having a daily column.

adrian interrupts

This infuriates Alexis, who snaps and orders him out.

She begs Diane to go ahead with the appeal.

alexis annoyed

In her office, Anna meets with an instructor from the police academy to talk about bringing Dex in.

anna tells instructor about dex

She has a good feeling about him and thinks his experience working for Sonny could be very useful for them.

He asks if the department is actively recruiting mobsters.

She justifies this and says it will cause conflict with Sonny. Anna admits she goes back a long way with Sonny but they are not cutting him any slack.

anna thinks dex could be useful

He asks what prompted this change of heart. She says it’s time to limit Sonny’s influence and Dex will be invaluable.

anna talks to police academy instructor

Later, Sonny shows up and tells her he just visited his son. He’s walking now and positive Jason wasn’t the sniper.

anna visited by sonny at office

He asks what she will charge Jason with.

sonny asks anna about charges for jason

She curses him for pressuring her to arrest him and says he won’t be charged. This is for the Feds now.

She brings up his assault on Cyrus and threatens to have him arrested.

anna refuses to tell sonny anything

He thought they were getting closer and wonders where this is coming from.

She admits she was biased in his favor because of Robin and Stone. But the days of him being able to skate, are over.

She orders him out of her office.

anna orders sonny out

In the Deception office, Blaze goes through her contract and is happy they came back to hiring her as the new face of the company.

blaze looking at contract

BLQ is sure this is a really smart step for her career.

Maxie says this is a win-win. Before she can sign, Natalia arrives and grabs it.

natalia shows up at deception

Natalia asks why Sasha is out and Lucy blubbers through an excuse, saying that Sasha wasn’t edgy enough.

She won’t let her daughter be marketed as “edgy” and Blaze backs this up. As Natalia goes through the contract, she asks what it means for Blaze to be a spokesmodel.

lucy natalia blaze talk contrat

Lucy explains she will represent them and make PR appearances. Natalia refuses. Blaze shouldn’t be personally hawking products.

natalia questions contract GH

Natalia goes through and crosses out all the live participation sections. Lucy asks Blaze to consider how prestigious this could be. Is she willing to pass it up?

Blaze says she’s not a spokesmodel and will do ads while they get someone else to do the appearances.

blaze asks if there can be a second face

Lucy gets an idea and thinks two faces for Deception could be great.

Once the contracts are signed, they all hug and Natalia asks for their word to keep Blaze’s private life private. No puff pieces or anything.

contract signed at deception

Blaze agrees with this. Maxie looks suspicious.

natalia blaze ask for mystery

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