Stark Threatens Phyllis’ Life, Mariah & Tessa Introduce Baby Aria, Nick Catches Victoria and Nate as Jack Learns Evidence Against Diane is Solid

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Mariah and Tessa return home with the baby, Nick finds Vicky and Nate having sex as Jack realizes Diane’s in deep trouble. In the previous episode, Danny sang at Phyllis’ memorial until Diane was arrested, and Summer and Phyllis gloated. 

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 13, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 14. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Newman Enterprises

Victoria and Nate go at it on her office desk at Newman.

Outside, Audra eavesdrops.

vate sex on vicky desk


Crimson Lights

Sharon squeals as Mariah returns to Genoa City and the coffee shop. They embrace and Sharon can’t wait to meet her granddaughter in person.

Sharon asks where Tessa and the baby are. Mariah says they’re at the Tack House.

Sharon thinks she’s teasing. Mariah laughs and texts Tessa to come in.

She wanted to make sure the place was warm enough, there were no strong scents, and that nobody was hacking up a lung before she brought her baby inside.

mariah home

Sharon finds her concerns sweet. Tessa appears with the baby that they named Aria Porter Copeland.

They all look at how perfect she is. Sally appears in the doorway and watches with a smile.

sharon tessa mariah and aria

Adam pokes his head in and talks about how magical that is and says it won’t be long until Sally gets to experience it.

They go in to meet Aria. They congratulate the mamas.

“This kid is going to get the best lullabies ever,” Adam says, causing Tessa to smile brightly.

tessa and mariah talk about baby

Sally asks how it feels to be a mother. Tessa calls it a wonderful miracle and Mariah says their greatest dream came true.

They go and Elena drops by and meets the baby. She says her mommies are glowing. The baby coos and Tessa stares at her, finding it unreal that she’s theirs. Mariah kisses her hand.

Tessa thanks Elena and credits her with helping her be prepared. In the other room, Adam and Sally think Aria’s adorable and they can’t wait to see their new baby.

aria with elena and her moms


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Y&R comings and goings

Abbott mansion

At the Abbott’s, Nick offers food to Summer who declines.

Having her dad with her is nice. She’s not sure when she’ll hear from Kyle.

They assume she’s at the police station with Diane, who Summer calls his top priority.

supergirl and nick

Kyle walks in and denies that. His place is there with her and Harrison. She asks how things went at GCPD. Kyle says Diane’s shell-shocked.

He and Jack weren’t allowed to stay. Nick leaves the couple alone, reminding his daughter he’s a phone call away.

Summer’s exhausted but says it was worth it. The service was lovely.

He agrees. He knows her mom would have loved it.

kyle at home

She chokes up, knowing she’ll wake up daily wishing she was still there. Summer thanks him for being a loving partner.

He must have been blindsided by his mom’s arrest. He hates to think she was locked up for something she didn’t do.

Summer seems surprised that she still thinks his mom is innocent. Summer thinks Stark is next and she doesn’t buy that he acted alone.

summer and nick

They have a strong case against her. Kyle doesn’t believe it. It’s a frame-up. Summer thinks he’s too close to this. She reminds him that his mother buried the pool house down and tried to blame it on Phyllis.

Kyle knows but that was a long time ago.

Summer thinks his mom was pushed past her limit and snapped. She’s not making excuses for her mother’s obsessive behavior but knows Diane wanted to strangle her mother to death.

Kyle argues it wasn’t literal. Summer says her mom’s last words were that she needed to protect herself against Diane.

Kyle rolls his eyes. She tells him it’s so clear to her and wants him to open his eyes.

Kyle wants her to keep an open mind and not discuss it with Harrison in the house. She asks what they’ll tell Kyle.

summer yells at kyle about his mom



Jack meets Christine at Society. She asks how he’s doing but he just wants to get Diane out of jail.

He calls it a gross miscarriage of justice. Christine can’t discuss the open investigation. Jack asks her to look at Jeremy Stark.

She’s following up. He asks what the evidence is against Diane.

Christine says the judge wouldn’t have signed off on an arrest warrant if the evidence wasn’t solid.

christine talks about diane case

She again can’t tell him what that is when he asks. He knows but is just scared and outraged.

He thinks she was set up but Christine calls it real evidence. The case isn’t over.

Jack says all Diane wants is to be with her son and grandson. Christine understands but again, the evidence is everything.

She may not get bail. Jack thinks Stark will eventually be caught.

jack with Christine talks bail


At the no-tell-motel, Phyllis says, “Ah. I’m sorry. Oh my God. What have I done?”

Stark shows up and demands to know why she’s still in Genoa City.

He yells at her. She shouldn’t have gone.

phyllis regrets this decision

She says she had to see how her kids felt about her.

They start yelling at each other. She tells him he didn’t hear the pain and regret in their voices.

He assumes she wants to turn up alive. She knows they’ll forgive her. Diane did it.

How can she leave people she loves when they’re in pain?

stark and phyllis argue

Stark won’t let her blow up his plan over “some stupid sentiment.”

He tells her to get those thoughts out of “that pretty little head of yours before something happens to that pretty little head.”

He gets in her face and she yells, “You think you scare me?”

stark yells at phyllis

He has no idea who he’s dealing with. She’s not the one who spent time behind bars. He refuses to get back to prison.

She’ll do what she’s supposed to do.

He reminds her she’s dead and if she tries to come clean, “so help me God I’ll kill you myself.”

stark threatens phyllis

Newman Enterprises

Back at Newman, Nick drops by Vicky’s office, and Audra’s there.

She tells him his sister’s inside. He has something to do and returns later to find the door locked to his sister’s office.

He notices her state of dress and messy hair and snaps that she’s making a mistake. He has a girlfriend. Victoria calls him out on being a hypocrite.

Nick worries he’s looking for personal gain. Victoria reminds him he told her to stay out of it when he had a relationship with Sally when he was CEO.

vicky dresses

Nick says she’s right. He has things to do and helps her get her things back on her desk, dropping them with a bang.

He tells her to brush her hair and takes off.

Vicky and Nate are making out half-clothed on the desk.

Nick knocks and they get dressed fast and let him in.

It’s awkward and Nate gives his condolences about Phyllis’ death. He goes and Nick confronts his sister.

nick drinks before confronting sister


At Society, Nick confronts Nate for making out with his sister on her desk. Nate tries to explain but his credibility is shot.

Nate says fine. Message received but his personal time is his own business. Nick says sure until it’s his business.

Elena drops by and asks what they’re talking about. Nick calls her beautiful and Nate a lucky guy before he goes, causing Elena to be curious about their discussion.

nate vs nick

Abbott mansion

Jack returns home and Kyle complains that he has to convince his wife that his mother didn’t commit murder.

If he can’t, how will his marriage survive? Jack knows they’ll clear Diane’s name but Kyle says Summer doubts she’ll be free.

Jack admits Christien said the same thing.

kyle upset over wife

Coming up next week!

Tucker and Ashley have a big fight and he vows to sell his company and leave Genoa City.

Adam admits that he’s still in love with Sally and that she’s having his baby.

Michael tells Nikki that he got a call late last night with a request to defend Diane. Nikki tells him he can’t do that.

nikki with michael

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