Y&R Spoilers Dec 18 -22: Christine and Phyllis Snipe at Each Other While Lauren and Michael Share Romance

Monday, Dec 18 to Friday, Dec 22.

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“I have reason to believe Nikki might be drinking again,” Nate tells Victor.

nate tells victor nikki drinking

Nikki overhears them and runs.

“Champagne for everyone!” Tucker declares to Audra after he laughs at a text.

tucker laughs at call Y&R spoilers soapsspoilers

“We found your DNA at the lake house,” Cole says. “And we tested it against ours,” Victoria adds.

cole talks dna

“Tell me who I am,” Claire begs.

claire asks who she is


Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, December 18:

In Monday’s Y&R episode recap, Billy tells his brother he’s leaving Jabot.

Victor keeps his guard up.

Billy informs Jack he’s leaving Jabot.

 billy getting away from temptation Y&R spoilers soapsspoilers

CBSVictoria and Cole learn the truth about Claire.

claire gawps Y&R

Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, December 19:

In Monday’s Y&R episode recap, Victoria holds her daughter for the first time, and Cole tries to get Victoria to understand her feelings. 

Victor and Nikki receive an unexpected guest.

Nikki hides her bag from Victor who gets suspicious. 

Tucker presents Phyllis with an unexpected offer. A job that she refuses. 

Jordan skulks around in her room and dons glasses and a lab coat and grey scrubs. 

tucker explains plan

Jack puts the brakes on Kyle’s plan.

jack and diane make pitch to jill

Young and Restless Spoilers Wednesday, December 20:

In Wednesday’s Young and Restless recap, the Abbotts decorate their Christmas tree.

Traci helps The Abbotts get into the Christmas spirit.

Ashley makes a boo boo with Harrison.

traci cut hair at wedding

Billy stands his ground to defend Jill.

Nate warns Mamie not to stir trouble for Jill.

Abby helps Devon with a holiday dilemma.

Tucker tries to manipulate Deveon into a Christmas invitation.

devon won't let tucker over for dinner


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Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, December 21:

In Thursday’s Young and Restless recap, Jordan kidnaps Claire and then taunts Nikki about it. 

Victor gives Nate a warning.

Nate tells Victor that Nikki’s been drinking. 

victor at society with michael. Y&R spoilers soapsspoilers

Ashley and Jack celebrate Tucker’s demise.

Jordan pushes Nikki too far. 

jordan loves her new disguise on Y&R

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, December 22:

In Friday’s Y&R recap, Something Happens.

Michael thinks outside the box to surprise Lauren.

micahel and lauren

Daniel is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Phyllis puts coal in Christine’s stocking.

phyllis vs christine at christmas.


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