An Outraged Victor Tears Into Nick and Tells Him He’s Nuts, and Lily Tells Daniel He’s Not Alone Before Kissing Him

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Lily and Devon settle back into work together, Lucy encourages Daniel to find someone, and Adam talks to Sally and Sharon about babies. In the previous episode, Tucker sold his company to Victor after a Fight with Ashley, Nate told Victoria they’re done, and Audra hired a PI to find JT.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 19, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 20. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Sally paces in Nick’s suite. He’s barely slept. She knows this hasn’t been a good week. She wonders if he’s also upset she asked Adam to the ultrasound.

nick stares as sally looks at phone

He insists he’s fine with his brother attending and reminds her he promised to follow her lead. Nick knows he’ll be sharing the baby but he won’t be sharing her.

nick is fine

Sally assures him she’s all hers.

They flirt but he can’t be tempted because he has to get to work. They kiss.

nick gives sally a peck

Esther is happy to welcome Devon back to the offices of Chancellor-Winters. She’s sure Mrs. C would be so happy.

devon returns to office

Lily joins to chime in that this is exactly where her brother belongs. They hug.

The sibling enter their office and talk about maintaining boundaries for their own divisions. They assure each other that they have their backs.

lily and devon chat in office

Lily promises to be honest with him about her opinions. She’s happy he’s back. It’s been a rough few months.

He’s sorry he wasn’t there to support her over the past few months. He’s grateful that Daniel stepped up for her.

They talk about how he is struggling with his mom passing. That’s something they can understand.

lily and devon set some rules

Victor wanders into Nikki’s office at Newman as she is finishing off an email.

victor arrives as nikki finishes work

She gives him a hug and he purrs. He fills her in on sally being pregnant with Adam’s child while having an affair with their other son. Did she know about this?

Nikki admits Summer told her in confidence and she didn’t think he’d handle it well.

He’s appalled by the whole thing.

victor asks nikki if she knew about sally

His wife didn’t want to complicate things further in the first trimester. She reminds him that child will be a Newman.

He rants about how the Spectra woman can’t be trusted.

His wife warns that if they interfere, it could blow up in their faces.

She’s sure Nick will figure out Sally is wrong with him and it will end.

victor vents about sally to nikki

Nick arrives as Victor complains about the “charade.” He flatly asks his son what’s wrong with him. Is he just trying to stick it to his brother?

Victor complains that the carny is making a fool out of both his sons and making the family look bad.

nick listens to victor complaining

He accuses Nick of being callous to his brother, just like Victoria is.

Nick claims that no one is preventing Adam from raising the child.

nick doesn't think adam needs coddling

“I don’t approve of any of this damn nonsense,” Victor complains.

Nick reminds him Adam is not a child and has blown up his own family multiple times.

His father asks if he’s going to raise the child as his family. He thinks that’s nuts.

victor tells nick this is nuts

He’s appalled by the lack of respect his sons have been giving him. He accuses him of trying to thwart Adam’s integration into the family.

Nick pulls a face and declares he’s out of there, ordering them to leave Sally alone.

Victor shakes his head.

Nikki tells him that the three of them are a powder keg. He can’t make him their common enemy because they could cut him out of the child’s life.

nikki tells victor not to make himself an enemy

Giving him a hug, she tells him she knows how much that would hurt him.


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Adam wanders into Crimson Lights and starts joking with Sharon about the gift she’s wrapping. She explains it’s for the baby shower.

adam and sharon with a gift

He points out this is her first grandchild. She’s a lucky little girl.

Adam has baby news of his own. Today is the day they will find out the sex of the baby.

She asks how things are with Nick in the mix. He admits it’s not ideal but even Nick is doing the best he can.

sharon and adam talk babies

Adam just thinks children are something to be grateful for and they deserve unconditional love.

Sharon thinks he’s making all the right decisions. He doesn’t feel like he’s had much choice.

Adam admits he still loves Sally and wishes they could be a family. But he’s keeping that separate.

adam and sharon laugh about babies

They talk about the experience of raising a child and how much love he has to give.

Sally walks in and Sharon walks off to take a call.

Spectra is concerned that Nick isn’t there. Adam tells her to think positive thoughts. He probably just got held up at work.

They have tea and joke about names. He thinks they should name the child together.

adam and sally talk names

She asks if he actually has a preference for the sex of their child. He claims not to. They’ll be welcomed with love regardless.

Sally admits she had a lot of sleepless nights at first, but now she knows that the child is destined to be loved, no matter who the father is.

sally adam talk baby love

Sally gets tired of waiting. They almost leave without Nick but he arrives just in time, abruptly walking Sally out.

Daniel is with his daughter on the patio. He’s glad she made the trip from Portugal.

lucy tells daniel he needs more

She loved Phyllis and knew she needed him.

He thanks her for attending the memorial. She notices he’s fidgeting with the bracelet she gave him.

She assumes that he’s uncomfortable and wonders if she needs to stay longer to make sure he’s okay.

He tells her she can’t stay but admits he’s having a hard time. He doesn’t have her mom to call any more.

lucy feels bad for daniel

It’s weird. He thought he had decades left with mom but now it’s gone.

Lucy admits she hasn’t given much thought to losing her parents and asks how he’s handling it.

He promises he will take care of himself and not spiral like he did before. He has the bracelet to remind him of her.

She reminds him he needs more than her in his life.

Daniel assures her she doesn’t need to worry. Lucy tells him he needs friends… like Lily. They are great together.

Wiping his eyes, he says they used to be more but now they are just friends. Sometimes it’s not worth jeopardizing.

daniel admits to lucy he's not doing well

She thinks that’s “very Ross and Rachel” and she gets it but hates the thought of him being alone.

He claims he has other friends and acquaintances. Lucy urges him not to push people away. He needs to appreciate what’s in front of him.
Getting up, he reminds her they need to get to the airport.

daniel and lucy get up to go

She’s happy to hold his hand and walk out.

Daniel returns to his suite. He’s frustrated and paces.

daniel upset alone

Lily shows up. He thought she had work.

She took a break to come and see him. Seeing he’s not okay, she gives him a hug.

lily shows up

He admits that he hated seeing his daughter go. He’s never felt so alone but promised Lucy he would take care of himself.

Lily admits she sent her a text before she took off.

daniel tells lily he feels alone

He’s embarrassed that his kid is looking out for him. She says his daughter just wanted him to know he’s loved.

“You’re not alone,” she says, kissing him. He kisses her back. They make out.

lily kisses daniel

Back at Chancellor-Winters, Esther and Devon talk about lunch before she turns the topic back to Mrs. C.

esther and devon talk mrs c

She reminds him of how hard she had to work to get into his life. She even learned sign language to talk to him.

She’s so happy that he and Lily have set aside their differences.

“Welcome home, Devon,” she says. They hug.

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