Trina Damages the Haunted Star’s Engine and is Captured by Victor, and Michael Asks Sonny to the Wedding — Alone

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, April 19, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Amy warns Austin off Ava, Spencer fills Trina in on Victor’s plan, and Carly and Ava fight about Nina.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Holly and Felicia were shocked when Tracy appeared to buy Ethan, Chase was reinstated in the PCPD, and Gregory has ALS.

At Wyndemere, Ava and Avery are doing a puzzle. The kid gets tired but doesn’t want to go to bed because she’s afraid Ava would be lonely.

ava avery do puzzle

Carly starts banging on the door. Ava reluctantly answers and the kid runs to her.

Before she can drag her to see the puzzle, Ava asks for a moment alone with Carly.

She’s informed that the wedding is being moved up. Carly explains Willow wants Avery to be part of the wedding party.

avery and ava welcome carly

They go to the little girl and Carly pulls out a basket and asks her to be a flower girl.

After Carly takes Avery to bed and tucker her in, she returns to Ava.

When they discuss the wedding, Ava wonders if Nina and Sonny will be attending.

ava asks carly about the wedding

That instantly makes things tense. Ava thought the whole family would be coming together given the crisis they are in. She’s concerned about what all this is doing to Nina.

Carly can’t understand how they are friends. The only thing they have in common is that they hate her.

carly doesn't see what ava could have in common with someone

Ava says she doesn’t hate her. Carly reminds her of what Nina did to her. Honestly, Ava tries not to think about what a disturbed woman Nina used to be.

Becoming friends feels better than resentment. Carly sarcastically thanks her for the inspiring talk.

Ava reminds her of all the power she has to broker peace. Carly wonders what the Jerome is regretting and reminds her that every time she sees her, she’s reminded of losing Morgan because of her.

They both hold back some tears. Ava reminds her this may be the last chance for Nina and Willow. Can she rise above their problems?


Carly says it’s not for her to fix and accuses her of try to fix things because of Trina.

Ava is confused so Carly fills her in on Trina likely being abducted. Immediately, Ava runs.

Curtis stops by General Hospital and bumps into Laura. He’s determined to track down the Haunted Star but she warns that won’t do anyone any good.

laura stops curtis

She explains the crime is happening in international waters and that puts it beyond the PCPD. Things are chaotic enough without him getting in the middle of it.

They run over what they could do to help.

Liz gets Esme to fill out some forms. Esme asks to speak to Austin on a matter of life and death.

esme says its a matter of life and death

She sits and waits until Liz brings the doctor to him. Esme panics about her baby.

He gets her to sit down and tells her that he had a friend whose baby was abducted but everything worked out. He assures her that colic won’t cause her baby any lasting harm.

austin tries to reassure esme

Esme worries about her baby eating properly. Liz reminds her the baby is likely with Spencer, who is sure to protect him.

He and Liz try reassuring her some more and urge her to be hopeful Ace will be returned safely.

She tells them they’ve been a great comfort and walks off.

Liz and Austin tell each other they handled that well. She tells him what a terror it is when something happens to your child. The nurse never thought she’d feel for Esme like she does now.

liz looks up at austin

He notices that Amy is looking at him and asks Liz why she’s been staring at him all day. They approach her and Amy tells him he should stop seeing Ava if he knows what’s good for him.

austin has a question for liz

Liz thinks she’s being inappropriate. Amy says that everyone saw Austin with Ava at the Ball and her marriage just ended under mysterious circumstances.

amy warns austin about ava

Liz orders her away. She apologizes to the doctor for the gossip mongering. She just hopes Ava is over Nikolas.

He says things aren’t always what they seem as Ava walks past them.

Esme interrupts Laura and Curtis and announces she can go. She doesn’t know Curtis.

After she walks off to get a drink, Curtis tells Laura he doesn’t know how she can have Esme under her roof. She reminds him she’s family.

laura has a warning for curtis

They mull over whether Esme could remember anything from her past life.

When she mentions Drew, he gets an idea. He thinks Drew could be key to helping them.

Esme returns and tells Curtis she hopes he finds Trina soon. “Same to your baby,” he says, walking off.

Esme tells Laura that she’s reluctant to go home because Ace won’t be there.

Sonny takes Nina into the chapel and informs her that Michael and Willow have moved up the wedding.

nina tells sonny why this is bad news

He assumes this is something to celebrate but she’s sure it’s the beginning of the end.

He’s confused. She says saying “I do” could be the last thing Willow does.

Sonny gets a call from Michael. He needs to see him and they arrange to meet.

michael calls sonny

Nina tells him how much his son loves her daughter. They will celebrate even if they can’t be there with them.

Michael arrives. Nina is polite and steps out.

Michael asks his father if he’d like to attend the wedding and tells him the guest list is small. The invitation is for him alone.

michael asks sonny to wedding

Nina stars sobbing in the corner. Sonny offers not to go but she insists he should.

Nina asks after Willow and is happy that she has so much help. She’s sure she will be a breathtaking bride.

nina tears up asking michael about willow

Crying, she walks out.

Sonny asks his son if he really wants him to be there or if it’s just an invite from Willow.

Pacing, Michael says he wants what’s best for his family. He knows this could cause trouble with Nina so he won’t hold it against him if he won’t attend.

Sonny agrees to be there.

Nina heads to Wyndemere and is shocked to bump into Carly there.


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Trina sneaks back into Spencer’s room on the Haunted Star. She tells him she got into the communications room and swiped a walkie-talkie.

spencer tells trina what victor has planned

She tells him that she called her mom and the cops. He explains that he’s learned that his uncle is more dangerous than he ever imagined.

His plan could cost billions of lives.

Spencer wonders if his father found out about this. She says his uncle is insane.

They hear where the goons are going over the walkie-talkie. Spencer begs her not to take any unnecessary risks.

They kiss and she tells him this is about more than them now.

spencer and trina worry

Once she’s gone, he wonders if it’s time to start praying.

In the main room, one of the goons tells Victor a walkie-talkie is gone. Victor starts lecturing them and reminds them they should be watching Spencer’s door.

victor threatens to have someone treated as cargo

Since the baby is being fussy, Victor brings him to see Spencer.

victor hands ace to spencer

They talk about babies. Victor has never interacted with them. Spencer asks if this is all about losing Valentin.

Victor explains that Valentin is still alive and betrayed him. He’ll soon wish he was dead.

victor tells spencer valentin alive

Trina sneaks into the engine room.

trina in engine room

Victor’s goon goes to him and tell him something is wrong with the engine. He orders it fixed immediately or he’ll scuttle the ship.

victor gives orders

Thinking it over, Victor guesses what’s been happening.

He has his nephew brought to the main room to eat. Trina is dragged in by one of the goons.

trina captured

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