Young and Restless Spoilers April 17 – 21: Tessa & Mariah Get a Surprise, Michael Pleads his Case to Christine and Billy and Kyle Go At It

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This week on Y&R!

Tucker and Ashley have a big fight.

Tucker says, “I’m going to sell this company and leave town.” 

tucker threatens to leave genoa city

Ashley says, “Okay, so now you’re threatening me.”

Adam admits to his dad, “Looks like you’ve been left out of the loop, Dad. Sally’s having my baby and I’m still in love with her.” 

ashley and tucker argue and he vows to leave town

Michael tells Nikki that he got a call late last night from Jack with a request to defend Diane.

Michael says jack asked him to defend diane

Nikki tells him he can’t defend the woman who killed one of his best friends.

nikki with michael


Monday, April 17

Monday’s day ahead Y&R recap: Phyllis kills Jeremy Stark

Adam comes clean to Victor.

Victor is angered that Adam is in this predicament with Sally.

Sally comforts Nick.

Jack’s more determined than ever to get Diane out of jail.

Jack calls in a favor with Christine. She again reminds him she can’t help.

Jack asks if Michael will defend  Diane.

After Stark threatens Phyllis, she tries to leave.

Stark comes after Phyllis with scissors and she turns the tables on him and kills him.

phyllis bloodied after killing stark

Tuesday, April 18

Y&R day ahead recap: Victor threatens Michael

Nikki encounters someone from her past in Milton (played by Mo Rocca)

Chance’s investigation takes a turn.

Chance doesn’t get his case at all and talks to Sharon about it.

Sharon admits she and Rey never discussed his cases.

Jack visits Diane in jail and she asks him not to visit her and to move on with his life. 

Summer rants at anyone who will listen that Diane killed her mama.

Diane is thrilled when Michael appears in jail.

Michael faces a moral dilemma when Jack wants him to defend Diane. Nikki tells him he can’t do that.

Victor threatens Michael.

chance gets call about stark

Wednesday, April 19

Wednesday’s day ahead Y&R recap: Tucker has a meltdown on Ashley

Tucker and Ashley have champagne.

Tucker and Ashley have a big fight and she takes off.

Tucker makes Victor an offer he can’t refuse. He wants to sell him McCall International.

Abby’s curious when she learns her mother’s been talking to Tucker.

Sharon enlists Abby’s help to throw a baby shower for Tessa and Mariah.

Elena loses patience with Nate.

Nate decides he’s made another mistake.

Nate asks Victoria to forget this thing ever happened between them.

nate has regrets

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Thursday, April 20

Thursday’s Y&R recap – Victor lays into Nick

Victor grills Nick about Sally, after learning she’s pregnant with Adam’s child.

Adam and Sally wait for a while for Nick to show up at the ultrasound appointment.

Devon stands firm.

Lily and Devon get back to work.

Lucy thinks Daniel should find a new partner.

Sparks fly between Daniel and Lily.

Lily kisses Daniel.

victor stunned vicky doesn't want tucker company

Friday, April 21

Friday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Jack spirals

Tessa and Mariah and baby Aria are celebrated with a surprise baby shower.

Michael pleads his case to Christine.

Jack wants Diane to keep faith.

Diane tells Jack to stop coming to visit.

jack throws chair

Jack blows up and tosses a chair!

Billy engages in a power struggle with Kyle.

Jack begs Michael to get his wife out on bail.

Chelsea and Billy dine together.

chelsea has dumplings

Sneak peeks for the week of April 24!

Tucker makes a shocking move.

Nick gives Nate a warning.

Jack receives unexpected news.

Victor makes a tough decision.

nick speech about phyllis

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