Furious Jill Arrives as Mamie Reveals She’s the Secret Investor and Wants Nate to Return, and Tearful Sally Tells Nick She’s Falling For Him

Tues Oct 3, Y&R day ahead recap: Nick vents to Sharon about the kiss, Jack and Mamie discuss her plans, and Adam apologizes to Nick.

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Nick blew his stack when Sally confessed, Jack considered using Phyllis, and Tucker gave Adam a warning.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Oct 3, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Oct 4. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nick and Sharon are at Crimson Lights talking about business and his dimples. He grabs a muffin and she wonders what’s wrong with him.

sharon reminds nick they are friends

He tells her not to worry. That makes her worried. She can see he wants to punch a hole in the wall.

Nick doesn’t want to get bogged down with personal stuff. She reminds him they were married and are friends whether they have a business or not.

nick doesn't want to talk about this

After a gulp of coffee, he fills her in on Adam kissing Sally. He’s sure his brother wants back what he’s lost and is sick of it.

He can’t confront him now because he’ll rip off his arms.

She won’t condone what Adam did but you can’t just turn love off. Nick refuses to accept his brother loves Sally.

Sharon agrees that there’s nothing healthy about Adam’s behavior. But the kiss only matter if it emotionally affected Sally.

sharon gets nick to open up

Nick thanks her for talking him down when he needs it.

nick thanks sharon for talking him down

Adam chases Sally into the GCAC, demanding to know what happened in the park. Why did his brother nearly rip his head off?

adam chases sally into gcac

She thought that was normal for them and tells him to give his brother some space to cool off.

Adam asks if she told Nick that he kissed her.

They sit at the bar. She drinks and avoids answering.

sally with martini and adam

He insists that he’s not trying to cause chaos. When he claims he’s trying to rectify things with his family, she tells him they both know that’s a lie.

In spite of all he’s said, he can’t change or fix things.

sally tells adam he can't change

Adam knows what his brother thinks of him but he thought they were in a better place.

Sally knows she was in a rage at him after losing their child. But they are only better as friends. He’s ruined that by kissing her.

sally is a mess

He knows it was a mistake but he doesn’t regret it. His impulsive moment has her whole life teetering again.

“You’re not talking about Nick’s reaction, you’re talking about yours,” he notices.

adam tells sally he won't cause chaos

She accuses him of trying to tie things into knots. “There is no us!” she insists, warning him to stay away from his brother.

Adam is sure that more than the kiss is upsetting his brother. It must have triggered a response in her.

Losing it, Sally tells him to stay out of her life and out of her head before running off.

sally fed up with adam in head

Sally goes to her suite to pace and flashback to her argument with Nick about her jumbled emotions.

sally thinking

She calls Nick, who answers after Sharon tells him to.

sally calling nick

Sally senses he’s not okay and asks him to talk this out. He’s working.

She knows she steered things south earlier and is sorry. He agrees they need to talk.

nick on phone to sally

When Nick arrives at the GCAC, he spots his brother drinking at the bar and flashes back to Sally telling him how the kiss made her feel.

nick spots adam at bar

He walks over and immediately tells him to leave Sally alone.

His patience has a limit.

Adam says he’s right and apologizes profusely for crossing the line.

adam apologizing to nick

Nick goes to Sally’s suite and tells her he warned his brother to leave her alone.

Adam apologized.

sally lets nick in

If it came from anyone other than his brother, that would be a relief, but this is a mind game.

She says they will deal with whatever he does but the only thing she cares about is the reason she wanted to see him: she wants to know if they’re okay.

He’s not sure. Nick needs the truth about what’s in her heart.

nick needs to know how sally feels

Crying, Sally says the truth is that she’s falling in love with him.

sally tells nick she loves him

Adam wanders into Crimson Lights to see Sharon.

sharon thinks adam causing trouble

She asks him why he feels he needs to mess things up for people.

He’s sure his brother has been spinning things but admits he’s crossed the line.

He claims he feels bad for his brother… Nick is clearly fooling himself and Sally is still in love with him.

adam says sally loves him

At the Chancellor estate, Abby admires how good Devon looks in a suit. He asks her to join him at the drinks event that Mamie is holding at the jazz lounge. She runs off to change.

devon asks abby to lounge

At the penthouse, Daniel is surprised when Lily asks him to come to Mamie’s event.

He’s surprised she wants him tagging along.

lily asks daniel to family event

She wants to show her aunt how happy he makes her.

He reminds her he has to meet with his creative team.

Daniel tells her to go without him.

They can get together with Mamie another night.

daniel has to take a raincheck

Nate strides into the Newman office and tells Victoria he’s taking her to his family get-together at the lounge.

nate tries to whisk victoria off

She wonders if he’s going to war with his cousins again.

Victoria reminds him his cousins aren’t her biggest friends and bringing her could cause a scene.

He’s sure that won’t happy and wants a chance to mend things with his cousins. It’s time she become part of his family too.

nate asks victoria to be part of his family

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Jack joins Mamie at the jazz lounge and admires how great and energized she looks.

They joke and smile and she explains tonight is about building things in her family.

jack and mamie smiling

All her mysteriousness is driving Jack crazy.

She doesn’t like to see him pout so explains she bought a chunk of Chancellor-Winters.

mamie and jack joking around

He’s impressed. She’s always had a plan to take care of the Abbotts and then start her own life as an entrepreneur.

jack is happy for mamie

Mamie was willing to move heaven and earth to make going into business with her family happen.

They worry about Jill and laugh about how this will blow Jill over the top.

jack and mamie think about jill

Jack asks what else she has up her sleeve.

She spots her guests arriving.

Jack has to run off and see his wife anyway.

Mamie is happy that he finally found the love he needs and is looking forward to celebrating it.

mamie and jack talk diane

Victoria and Nate arrive and Mamie says she’s as lovely as she thought she would be growing up.

mamie greets victoria and nate

Nate groans as Mamie shows Victoria pictures of him as a child.

Sitting at the bar, Lily flashes back to arguing with Nate about why he’s dating Victoria.

She spots Devon and Abby arriving.

abby and devon arrive

Mamie thanks everyone for coming.

It’s a dream come true. She chokes up about how much she’s missed them.

mamie wants to whop them into shape

She’s been keeping tabs on them and knows about all that’s been going on.

It breaks her heart and Olivia’s.

She’s sure it breaks Neil and Dru’s hearts too.

abby devon and lily in lounge

She’s come back to Genoa City to whip them into shape and make the family back into the powerhouse they once were.

Mamie is planning to unify them from the inside.

She’s purchased a substantial part of Chancellor-Winters from Victor.

She’ll be part of the future they are building.

mamie and family at lounge

They toast to Katherine and Neil.

Mamie turns to Nate and tells him it would give her great pleasure to lure him away from Newman to rejoin them at Chancellor-Winters.

victoria staring at nate chatting with mamie

Lily can’t handle that.

Mamie knows he left in less than ideal circumstances.

She wants them to put all that behind them.

lily devon and abby shocked by mamie idea

Lily reminds her she only bought and interest in the company and asks what her intentions for Chancellor-Winters are.

“I’m curious about that myself,” Jill announces as she walks in.

jill arrives

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