Lily’s Offended By Abby, Devon Lashes Out at Lily, and Tucker Tips Daniel Off About Phyllis Flying to Portugal

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Lily urges Abby to speak to Devon, Tucker pitches his company to Daniel again, and Adam tells Jack Kyle is conspiring with Victor. In the previous episode, Sally worried about what Adam will think when her pregnancy starts showing, and Diane hoped Phyllis won’t attempt to ruin her relationship with Jack.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for January 31, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 1. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Abby walks into Society and spots Lily waiting for take-out.

She assumes she’s heading back to the office because she’s working overtime and asks how she’s feeling about the Devon situation.

abby with lily Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Lily asks what she thinks about it. She thought she’d found a win-win. Abby says Devon clearly didn’t think so. Lily asks if she agrees with that.

Abby knows how much business can damage family relationships. But she understands Devon’s position.

Lily points out how ugly this can get. Abby thinks she should just accept Devon’s decision and give up the fight.

“It says more about your priorities than anything else,” she says. Lily gets offended.

abby sides with Devon Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Lily says her family has always been her priority and she resents her suggesting otherwise. That’s not what Abby was suggesting.

Lily says that dropping the IPO isn’t on. She doesn’t think her brother understands how much damage he could do to the company he claims to care about.

She urges Abby to suggest he reconsider.

At the bar, Nick tells Adam that it seems like their father is trying to bring him back into the fold with his latest plot.

sally looks worried Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sally strides over and asks what the brothers are discussing. They explain.

She’s relieved they aren’t battling each other right now.

Nick says they are just keeping their father from causing trouble.

Adam notices Sally isn’t acting like herself.

She claims it just works and Nick walks her out.

nick notices sally tense Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Nick and Sally head to her suite.

She tells him about her latest medical tests.

Her blood pressure is high and they want to keep an eye on it.

sally high blood pressure Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

She’s realized what a massive responsibility is coming her way and how much her life will change in ways she can’t predict.

He knows how overwhelming parenthood can be and wants to be there for her.

She doesn’t want to rush him into anything. Nick says they only have to look as far ahead as her next doctor’s appointment.

Devon bumps into Victoria at Crimson Lights and she asks him how things are going with the IPO.

He doesn’t want to discuss that with someone who tried to steal his company.

victoria and devon talk about audra Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

After he complains about Nate, she tells him she knows how tricky working with family can be and asks how things are going with Tucker.

She’s sure they are tense and painful. Devon doesn’t trust his father.

Victoria claims she’s just asking these questions as a friend. He doesn’t think they are friends and asks what she really wants.

She reminds him they are connected by family and hopes they can separate the business and the personal.

If he can’t learn to do that, his circle will get very small.

devon talks to victoria Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

When Devon gets home, Abby is there and just put Dom down for his nap.

He tells her that he thinks Tucker and Victoria are in cahoots.

Abby explains that she bumped into Lily, who said some things that surprised her. She painted a very different picture from the one he has.

Lily just wanted them to work together.

He doesn’t think she wants that because she’s siding with Jill. Abby says she could hear the pain in Lily’s voice. She wants to hang onto him, not the company.

Lily takes her take-out to work. Esther brings her tea and asks after Devon.

esther gives lily tea Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Lily isn’t sure where he is.

Once Esther is gone, Lily morosely eats her box of food.

Devon shows up in the office and Esther happily hugs and tells him how much she adores him.

She loves working for Mrs. C’s family and prays he can work things out with his sister.

esther happy to see devon Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

He tells her they will and he’s glad she’s the Esther he’s always known and loved.

He goes in to see his sister and tells her that Abby told him about their conversation and her desire for them to keep working as a family.

This doesn’t make sense to him and he accuses her of using Abby. Lily wasn’t using her. She’s just sad and scared about how ugly this can get.

He blames her and Jill for everything and accuses her of caring about profits more than him. He mopes out.

Devon visits lily at work chancellor winters Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

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Tucker meets with Daniel in the lobby of The Phoenix.

McCall admires his patience and loyalty to Chancellor-Winters when they are in flux.

tucker says trust the universe Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

He reminds Daniel of how big this could be and what its legacy might be.

These are all uncharted waters for Daniel. That’s why he needs to work with someone he can trust.

He admits that he thinks they share some common ground and he even spoke to Phyllis about it.

His mother wasn’t crazy about it, but she’ll have to live with his decision.

Daniel laughs with tucker Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Daniel doesn’t want to turn his back on Lily without cause and asks Tucker to back off.

Tucker pitches his company again and tells him how hard it is for him to let go.

When he mentions “trusting the universe,” Daniel is startled. That’s what Heather always used to say.

Daniel is trying to live with the faith that he’s on the path to reuniting with his family.

Tucker asks him about Phyllis going to Portugal to smooth things over with Heather.

That trip is news to Daniel, who is not a fan of his mom’s surprises.

McCall needs to get going but looks forward to them continuing this.

Once he takes off, Daniel calls his mom and leaves a message ordering her to stop whatever it is she thinks she’s doing.

Tucker drops by the penthouse and is surprised to find Abby there. He has a gift for Dom.

abby and tucker Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

She tells him that won’t win him any favors and the kid is asleep.

She’s not about to fake civility.

He can understand why she feels the way but she doesn’t know the whole story.

Tucker wants to explain.

Tucker visits devon sees abby Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Reluctantly, she lets him in to hear how he twists things to fit his agenda.

Tucker claims he came back to bond with his son but handled it wrong. She brings up her mom so he admits he wronged her too.

He insists he genuinely wants to make things right with his son. She tells him he should.

All he does is bring pain and turmoil into people’s lives and tells him to go.

“This is not the end of this,” he says. Abby warns him not to cross her or them and shuts the door.

At Jabot, Diane tells Jack that she wants to talk to their son about their relationship. She thinks she needs to do that alone and not in the office.

diane and jack jabot office Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

She calls Kyle and asks him to meet at the house.

Once she’s gone, Adam shows up and tells Jack that things are going to get more tumultuous around the office.

He explains his father is trying to make him fail there so he can bring him back to the family. Jack says they can handle his father’s plans.

Adam adds that he suspects Kyle is involved. Jack finds that hard to accept.

jack talks to adam Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Adam doesn’t want to cause any trouble but he’s seen Victor and Kyle together.

adam tells jack victor sabotaging his job Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Kyle meets his mom at the Abbott estate.

She knows Summer has reservations about her being involved with Jack again.

diane talks to kyle about his concerns Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Diane doesn’t want to hear about his feelings from his wife or father. She wants him to be honest with her.

Pouring some water, he explains he’s still processing and conflicted.

His mom wants to understand why.

He’s worried things won’t work out. She promises not to break his father’s heart again.

Kyle knows people make promises. But if she breaks Jack’s heart, she breaks the whole family.

Kyle talks abandonment Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Diane says that she and Jack are taking a leap of faith and it feels right in a way that it never has before. There are no guarantees.

She senses that he’s protecting more than Jack’s heart.

He admits that letting her back into his own heart was a lot for him.

He had to reconcile his memories from his childhood with the woman who faked her death.

Kyle has desperately wanted to believe she could fill in the hole she put in his heart.

She’s not sure she can ever heal the wound, but he and Harrison are the reason she came back and stayed.

He points out that secrets and dangers from her past keep coming back. Jack even became a jewel thief for her. That gives him some reservations about where their relationship could lead.

She claims she has no more secrets and she won’t hurt Jack.

Part of him sincerely hopes this works out but relationships implode all the time. If that’s the case, what will she do?

His mom can’t guarantee what the future holds with Jack, but she will never abandon her son again.

Kyle admits he’s still scared another shoe will drop. She promises again there are no more secrets from her past.

diane tries to talk to kyle about staying in Genoa City Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

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