Stella Realizes Curtis is Trina’s Father, Ava Gifts Spencer Blackmail Material on Nikolas and Willow Flatlines After Giving Birth

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, January 31, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Ava gives the video of Nikolas to Spencer, Stella comes to a huge realization and Carolyn can’t harm Esme.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Valentin was reunited with Charlotte, Willow was prepped for her C-section, and Marshall told Curtis he had the genetic testing done.

Spencer looks at Britt’s photo at the memorial service when Ava comes into the church.

She asks if he spoke with Trina about getting custody of Esme and Nikolas’ kid. He did.

Ava asks if she convinced him to abandon the scheme.

ava talks to spencer britt memorial GH recaps soapsspoilers

Spence says Trina’s his friend…for now, but she hasn’t talked him out of anything.

Ava offers to increase his chances of getting custody without stepping foot in court.

He likes that. She says he’ll be blackmailed. If he doesn’t go to jail, it’ll harm his reputation.

She hands him a note, calling it dynamite. There’s a web address on there that’ll give him power over Nikolas.

She warns once he sees this, he can’t go back. “I can’t let him parent another child,” Spencer says.

Ava says he’ll know this came from her but she’s an expert at watching her back.

ava gives nikolas blackmail material GH recaps soapsspoilers

Trina runs into Joss outside. Today’s Britt’s memorial and Joss wants to go.

She helped Willow with her cancer diagnosis.

Trina didn’t know her well but is there as support for Spencer. Joss has a bag of food for her family which is about to get an addition.

They gossip about how Cam’s doing, and how he’s hurting.

joss and trina GH recaps soapsspoilers

Joss hates it and knows it’s her fault. Trina’s sorry. Spence thinks there’s more to her break up than growing apart. Joss says it’s too much to get into right now. She’ll reveal it all later. She asks what’s up with her and Spence. “We’re friends this time,” she says. She knows he’s changed. She asks if Joss and Cam will remain friends. Joss wants to but it’s up to Cam. She gets a text and has to go.

joss and trina hospital GH recaps soapsspoilers



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Trina lets herself into the chapel and watches Ava with Spencer, curious. Ava tells her to come to visit her at Windemere.

She owns it now. They’ll talk soon. She goes and Trina’s more confused.

Her dad sold the place to Ava? Spence says she got it in the divorce.

Trina asks what the slip of paper was about. He’s hesitant but doesn’t want secrets between them.

trina and ava chapel gh recaps today

He gets her know it’s evidence he can use to get custody of Esme’s kid.

Trina doesn’t like this and after some complaining, she agrees to watch it with him.

They go somewhere private and watch the video of Nikolas confessing to the disappearance of Esme. They look at one another in shock.

trina shock Trina GH recaps

In the operating room, Austin helps Michael get suited up to watch the C-section while inside, Liz prepares Willow, saying it’s routine.

The doctor explains in great detail how they’ll do the procedure.

willow ready for c-section GH recaps soapsspoilers

The procedure is done and the baby cries. The doc says she’s perfect as Mama cries.

They get to touch the baby but admit they have no name yet.

michael and willow baby girl gh recaps today

Nikolas visits Spring Ridge with Carolyn Webber.

They introduce themselves to Esme and Nikolas says they want to help her determine if her condition is permanent.

Carolyn thinks she has Dissociative Amnesia which is caused by trauma or stress.

nikolas adam huss with carolyn at spring ridge GH recaps soapsspoilers

Therapy can be valuable, she says. Esme’s pumped to regain her memory.

Nikolas says Dr. Webber is a hypnosis expert.

She clutches her baby belly and says she’s all in Carolyn’s face falls, realizing she’s pregnant.

nik and carolyn gh recaps today

She says a quick goodbye, and Nikolas follows. She calls this unethical since she’s pregnant and takes off.

Nikolas goes to Esme who worries she did something wrong to make Carolyn leave.

Nikolas denies that and asks why she thinks Spencer is her baby daddy. He says he’s not the father. “It’s mine.” Esme’s shocked.

esme and nikolas talk spencer GH Recaps

Stella tries to get information out of Jordan in her office but Jordan’s not in a giving mood.

They discuss the glitch in the markers and Stella asks if the commish thinks she has a secret love child in Port Charles.

stella and jordan GH recaps soapsspoilers

Jordan doesn’t say anything and Stella realizes she knows someone there who is related to her.

She recalls Trina deleted her account after finding she has a close match in PC.

“Are you telling me Curtis and Portia are related to each other?” Jordan says no that isn’t it.

Stella can see there’s something else going on and wants answers. She starts adding things up and wonders if Curtis is Trina’s dad, not Taggert. Jordan doesn’t know for sure.

Stella asks what she’ll do about it.

Jordan says it’s not her business to tell so Stella will. Jordan asks her to think twice.

jordan and stella talk curtis GH recaps soapsspoilers

Curtis and Drew chat about best man duties as they try on suits. Curtis is shocked to learn about Willow’s bio mom and recalls years ago that he was involved in the search for Nina’s daughter.

Nina was crushed when she learned Nelle was her daughter after she died.

She thought she blew her chances at being a mother. Drew details that Carly learned about Nina last May and just now revealed the truth.

He’s not happy with what Carly did to them but Drew brushes it off since he thinks Carly’s sorry.

Curtis is glad they never got together, romantically. Drew keeps quiet.

Curtis says she’s not family and there’s no getting past that kind of lie unless it was kept from him to protect him.

curtis and drew GH recaps soapsspoilers


Carlyn arrives at General Hospital to see Liz. She wants to do something for her. Nearby, Ava thanks Austin for his help in sending her to a plastic surgeon for her scar. He’s sorry she had to walk in on him but when he gets an emergency, he runs. 

Michael visits his daughter with Joss.

joss michael visit baby GH recaps

In the OR, the doctors work on Willow but she flatlines.

willow dies  GH Recaps

She sees light and Harmony’s there, waiting for her and asking her to come to her.

harmony in heaven GH recaps

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