Furious Jack Confronts Kyle About Betraying Him with Victor as Adam Eavesdrops and Diane Wants Phyllis’ Old Job

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Adam tells Chelsea his concerns about Billy, Jack sees a message for Kyle from Victor, and Diane asks Kyle to give her Phyllis’ old job. In the previous episode, Nate and the Newmans asked Audra to pump Tucker for information, and Nick helped Sally get her pitch to Jill.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 8, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 9. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Chelsea’s, she and Adam get their kid ready for school. They discuss fixing the printer.

Adam notices she’s in a good mood and wonders why.

adam with connor and chelsea Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

His son explains she’s been laughing at her own bad jokes since she got back from dinner with Billy.

When the kid leaves them alone, Adam quizzes his ex about her date.

She insists they just had a meal and a “G-rated” conversation.

But being out made her feel confident. Adam is glad she has friends but Billy is a bad idea.

adam disapproves Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

His “normal guy act” won’t last. Billy will get out of hibernation and go back to failing to grow up. He’ll get bored with being her hero like he gets bored of everything else.

She tells him to stop. She’s heard enough and tells him to get over his hatred of Billy for her sake and Connor’s. Making this about him is not helpful.

Adam relents and says he will try harder for her sake. If her “special friend” hurts her, he won’t let it go.

Chelsea says it’s her life and he has to accept that.

chelsea bangs Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

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Billy bumps into Victoria at Crimson Lights. She needs to talk about Lily but doesn’t want to rub salt in the wounds.

victoria and billy Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Katie and Johnny have grown fond of Lily and not having her around will be difficult for them. She thinks Lily has been good for Billy too.

He reminds her she wasn’t thrilled about them dating. She admits she was jealous.

He’s surprised she would admit to that. Victoria was just envious that another woman got the mature version of him.

Billy wonders why they are revisiting all this depressing stuff. They rehash what happened with Locke next.

billy talks about lily Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

He promises to help the kids with the latest transition. She asks what this means for him and Chelsea. That makes him edgy.

She points out they both went through a dark time and likely formed a connection in all that intensity. Victoria worries that Chelsea might see him as a hero.

Maybe she gave him the chance to re-write history and save someone he cared about? But she hopes that he takes his time and thinks about how this can affect Katie.

victoria with billy crimson lights Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Adam brings Connor in and the kid keeps quizzing him about how he fixed the printer. They discuss his book report and billy hanging out at the apartment.

connor talks book report Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Connor says his mom has been smiling more and Adam says that’s fantastic. If his son ever needs someone to talk to, he will always be there to listen.

When Billy shows up, Adam sends his son to wait in the car.

Billy guesses Adam has an opinion about his dinner with Chelsea. The Newman does but he won’t speak about that.

billy and adam talk chelsea at crimson lights Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Instead, he suggests they set up a playdate for Johnny and Connor.

Chelsea walks in and watches as they force themselves through sorting out the plan.

chelsea finds adam and billy together Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Once Adam leaves, she rushes over to Billy, who tells her that nothing happened. She admits she asked her ex to back off.

Billy gives him props for sticking to that. They talk about people having a problem with them seeing each other.

He asks how that sits with her. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He agrees. They chuckle. She’s grateful for where they’re at… friends.

“Friends,” he agrees, smiling.

Victoria arrives at the office where her father has just ended a call related to Tucker’s debt. He’s trying to get a deal but she wants to move quickly.

victor and victoria talk tucker's debt Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Victor admires how focused and decisive she is. He wishes Adam would use his abilities too. They could accomplish so much if they worked together.

His daughter asks him what his plans are and reminds him of how many job offers her brother has already rejected.

victoria talks tucker's debt Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She accuses her father of engaging in wishful thinking and warns that he will be hurt badly.

Victor claims he’s touched by her concern but can take care of himself. She reminds her that Adam blames him for all that’s gone wrong in his life.

He’s even convinced Victor of that. He doesn’t owe him anything and if he keeps sticking his neck out for him, Adam will cut it off.

There has to be some way to let him go.

When she was a little girl, she found it hard to believe there were things he couldn’t do. But he can’t make people want what they don’t.

Victor insists his son wants to be part of the family. He’s part of him.

She worries her brother wants to be the only Newman.

Her father assures her that his plans won’t impact the company negatively. He repeats that he can take care of himself.

She wishes she could believe that but with Adam there is always a negative impact.

At the Abbott estate, Kyle notices what a good mood his father is in and guesses it’s because of his mom.

kyle and jack coffee at home Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Jack thinks that sounds disapproving. He knows it will take him time to accept this but he won’t hide his joy. Diane has changed.

Kyle is giving his mom the benefit of the doubt but urges him to be careful.

kyle with Jack Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Once Kyle has taken off, his phone dings. Jack notices he left it behind. Picking it up, he sees a message from Victor.

victor texts kyle and jack intercepts Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Kyle finds his mom in Jack’s chair at Jabot. He teases her but she assures him she’s not that ambitious.

Diane's feet Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

They discuss keeping their work and professional lives separate.

She wants to look forward to how she can best contribute. It’s time for her to move up so she can help him build on all he’s achieved.

Her son assumes she’s looking for promotion. Diane thinks that Marchetti Home would be a perfect fit for her. She staged homes all the time when she was in LA.

He’s startled that she’s angling for Phyllis’ old job. Kyle thinks that would be combustible.

kyle thinks his mother shouldn't go after Phyllis old jobY&R recaps soapsspoilers

Diane thinks he’s exaggerating and insists she’s not trying to get back at Phyllis. In addition to being a realtor, she was an architect and is totally qualified.

Kyle wonders why she’s coming to him now.

His mom explains that Stark is out of the picture and she loves how closely the Abbotts work together. She wants to belong to the family too.

That doesn’t sound ridiculous to her son at all.

diane wants Phyllis' old jobY&R recaps soapsspoilers

Diane knows that wanting to be an executive to feel like part of a family is weird, but it makes sense for the Abbotts. He says there are ways to belong outside business.

Kyle wants her to feel like she belongs but he can’t just hand her the job. He will have to talk this over with Summer.

Jack arrives and hands his son his phone. Kyle was wondering why he hasn’t been getting messages.

After Kyle exits, Jack notices Diane has something on her mind. She notices he seems agitated.

diane in navy with Jackie boy Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

They discuss their son wanting them to go slow. He rubs his forehead and she guesses there is more.

Jack explains that their son is more involved with a plot with Victor than he’s let on.

The Newman sent Kyle a message. It made it clear their son has been lying to him.

He assumes this is about his son’s hatred of Adam. This wouldn’t be the first time his son became part of Victor’s schemes.

In the hallway, Kyle calls Summer and tells her about his mom’s idea to take Phyllis’ old job. They hope she will forget about it.

He returns to his parents as Jack is venting about betrayal. Diane takes off.

kyle walks in on his parents talking about him Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Kyle realizes something is wrong.

“You have been lying to me!” Jack says. He confronts him about the message from Victor.

Adam arrives outside as Kyle tries making excuses. His father is having none of it and accuses him of collusion. He demands to know why.

adam eavesdropping on kyle Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Kyle blurts out that Adam doesn’t belong there.

Jack yells at kyle liar Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

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