Austin Has Nikolas Alive and Well as Chase Asks BLQ to Move in With Him When She Refuses to Live with Tracy

Thursday, August 31 GH recap: Olivia is appalled by what Tracy did, Diane needles Robert for help with Drew’s case, and Spencer and Alexis discuss his situation with Esme and Ace.

Wednesday’s GH recap: Tracy demanded 75 percent of Deception, Maxie and Lucy realized BLQ betrayed them, and Sam had Cody committed.

Dex finds Joss clearing tables outside of Kelly’s and kisses her.

She’s excited to go to a concert with him.

He can’t go. He has to work tonight.

joss asks dex when it won't be intense

She’s furious and points out they haven’t had “alone time” in a week.

He kisses her and says that things are intense with Sonny right now.

She’s miffed they destroyed the flashdrive when they could have turned Sonny over to the Feds.

dex and joss argue about his job

Diane bumps into Robert in the hall of the court house and they start teasing each other.

He tells her about his new car and offers a drive in his new wheels.

robert asks diane what she thinks she can do about it

Chuckling, she says she’d love to but has work first.

She’s there to talk about Drew’s case.

He asks what she thinks she can do about it.

She’s not sure at this point but Carly pushed her to try pushing a biased angle.

It may be unprovable, but she agreed to look into it as a friend.

diane and robert discuss drew's case

She wishes there was a way to get concrete evidence of the judge’s bias.

Robert says that will be an uphill battle. Diane thinks it’s outrageous given Drew’s character.

The DA admits it’s weird that the judge through the book at him the way he did.

She asks him to get the WSB to put in a word for him. He explains they won’t do anything at his request.

diane and robert talk about the wsb

He explains that what Drew, Laura and Curtis did in Greenland embarrassed the bureau and they’d rather have him out of the way.

It may even be the case that they pushed for the harsh sentencing.

Diane speculates the judge could be getting kickbacks.

If she can find a connection between the judge and the WSB, she will.

robert and diane talk case

BLQ paces at the Quartermaine house and tries to ignore messages from Chase.

Leo comes in and gives her a hug, asking what’s wrong.

She’s having a bad day. He gives her another hug. Olivia watches and smiles.

leo cheers up blq

After she sends her son off to the kitchen, she asks what has BLQ down.

She explains she’s let her friends down in the worst way.

olivia asks blq what's wrong

Tracy suddenly appears and announces she can explain. BLQ accuses her of blackmailing her.

Olivia is appalled but Tracy insists this is just business.

She tells her granddaughter she needs to learn how to be a Quartermaine.

BLQ says she always believed in her and thought she was misunderstood but clearly she was mistaken. She storms out.

tracy argues with blq and olivia

Olivia lectures Tracy and tells her how much BLQ looks up to her.

Leo jogs in, worrying about BLQ.

Olivia says they can check in on her later and he walks off.

olivia lecturing tracy for what she did

Olivia gets back to laying into Tracy, who is sure she has only taught BLQ a valuable lesson.

She had to make her pay for the favor she did her.

tracy not impressed by olivia

BLQ sits outside Kelly’s and mopes.

Chase arrives and she tells him she can’t live with Tracy for another minute.

blq can't live with tracy

She tells him she betrayed her friends and they could lose everything.

It’s all a mess because of her and she’ll never forgive Tracy for forcing her to do this.

He tells her she doesn’t have to go back to the Quartermaine house and asks her to move in with him.

chase listens to blq vent

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Ava is having a martini at Wyndemere and flashes back to Nikolas threatening to take Avery before she clobbered him with a statuette.

She decides to put the statuette in a cupboard.

ava puts statuette in cupboard

Austin arrives, happy that she called him. All she wants is some answers.

They are both happy Betty is out of town but the doctor doubts that this is all over.

austin suggests they not get their hopes up

The Jerome wants Nikolas’ body back and wants to see Betty get what’s coming to her.

He suggests this may not be the time to make waves. Ava still wants the body back so she can bury it.

ava and austin talk about nikolas' body

Austin offers to call Mason but suggests she find a better place than the Pine Barrens to bury him.

Ava has decided she doesn’t want to live in the castle anymore.

The place gives her the creeps.

ava asks where it is

Austin is glad to hear that. She never struck him as someone into goth décor.

She’s not wild about all the bad memories either.

Mason arrives and Ava immediately demands that he hand over what he promised her.

He can understand why she’s losing sleep over this. If it was up to him, he’d drop the body off tonight.

But the powers that be decided she won’t get it until the situation is resolved.

She’s furious but Austin assures her that everything is going down tonight.

mason says it happens tonight

She shows them the door. Mason promises to pass her message along but he can’t make any assurances.

When Mason and Austin get outside, the doctor declares he’s done with all of this. His cousin isn’t so sure.

Spencer joins Alexis by the Metro Court pool. She wanted to check on him.

They have both been shocked to discover that Esme is good at her job.

alexis checks in on spencer

They chat about Ace and how happy he makes them.

Alexis says babies make things better. Spencer can’t imagine life without his little brother. He also has to admit Esme is a very good mom.

Alexis is proud of what a good guy he has been. He thinks that if he can co-exist with Esme, he can do anything.

She thinks he sounds like his father when he was his age.

spencer can't imagine life without ace

They chat about Trina and her focus on her family. He suspects that her focus on her family has made it possible for her to put up with the Esme situation.

He doesn’t want to imagine anything positive about his father.

She says that he had demons that he couldn’t battle. Nikolas lost his way. She thinks he should try to understand him.

Martin startles Lucy when she sneaks up on her by the pool.

She tells him she’s about to lose her company and feels utterly betrayed.

martin startles lucy

He convinces her to sit down instead of throwing herself in the pool and orders them drinks.

When he asks if there is anything he can do, she tells him she’s really upset.

martin asks lucy to sit down

They argue about him abandoning her to help Valentin. She suggests he’s not involved in her lawsuit because he stole the idea for The Deceptor from Tracy.

The lawyer acts offended and insists the idea was all Lucy’s.

She worries that she’s headed for bankruptcy and feels gutted by BLQ betraying her by spying for Tracy.

martin offers lucy his help

Now she has to give Tracy seventy five percent of the company to save it.

She vents about it and how much she refuses to give anything to Tracy. Alan always warned her about her.

Lucy is determined to fight her to the bitter end but it’s a good thing she kept her realtor license.

She wishes she knew when and how Tracy started digging.

lucy tells martin what tracy wants

Ava calls her and announces she wants to sell Spoon Island.

Austin arrives at a cabin. Nikolas is there, alive and drinking a beer.

nikolas alive in cabin

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