Y&R Recap: Nikki Fires Audra After She Rejects Her Offer to Run the London Office, and Jack Offers Nikki a Solution

Mon Jan 29, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Summer and Chance share their first date, Victor offers Audra a position, and Jack checks in on Victor about his family.

Friday’s recap: Ashley got a surprise as she headed to Paris for answers, and Diane pushed Nikki’s buttons as Nikki mocked Diane.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Jan 29. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Summer arrives at the GCAC and looks around for Chance.

He rushes in and apologizes for being late.

He reserved a quiet table for them.

summer and chance at door

She gets him to help her out of her giant leather coat to show off her velvet dress.

He thinks she looks perfect.

They sit and drink wine.

He learned a bit about when Abby was building the Society wine list.

summer having wine

Things are a little awkward. This is the first time they’ve had to work for conversation.

She suggested her date outfit is throwing things off. It’s just them and not as friends but as potentially something else.

They laugh about trying to keep it low key and down some wine.

He catches her glancing around and she wonders if she’s looking for the background for a social media post.

They joke about that.

chance and summer chit chat

She assures him she’d beyond her selfie-face now and is a serious business woman.

Chance sense she’s pre-occupied but she says it’s more self-conscious.

They worry someone could interrupt them….like her mom.

summer and chance awkward

He chuckles when she admits that Phyllis suggested they would end up together.

He’s not worried that any of their family or exes will intrude.

Sharon wants him to be happy and Kyle wants the same for her.

As they eat, they talk about how they know each other in the big things, but not stuff like whether they’ve cheated or how they like their coffee.

chance eating

She prompts him to tell her something she would never guess.

He needs more wine first.

They keep drinking and teasing each other, talking about her peanut allergy.

He gets hives when he eats kiwi.

She likes that he brings out the comic side in her and she’s amazed he remembers she was in the Sunflower Girls.

chance and summer talk exes

“I don’t seem to forget anything you tell me,” he says.

They joke about her teenage years and the grand theft auto charges.

She admits she’s had her heart broken a few times.

She can’t imagine going through that again after Kyle.

He felt the same when he split with Abby.

They are both feeling lighter and more hopeful.

summer doesn't want more hurt

Nikki calls Audra into her office at Newman Media so they can clear the air.

She apologizes for snapping at her and Audra apologizes for overstepping.

audra arrives in office

She gives her word that won’t happen again and they agree to keep their private lives out of the office.

It makes Nikki uncomfortable that she knows about her issues.

She worries she will start hovering and that would be bad for work.

Audra promises to back off but her boss can’t put this behind her.

She’ll feel watched and judged.

nikki not comfortable with audra

It sounds to Audra like she’s getting ready to fire her.

Nikki shuts the door and explains she wants her to oversee opening the office in London.

There’s a year’s worth of work before it can open and she wants her to move there and takeover.

Audra is flattered but doesn’t want to leave Genoa City.

She makes it clear that she offered to back off and give her space but she didn’t think it would mean her being shipped off.

audra says this would be a mistake

Nikki thinks she should consider this an amazing opportunity. If she wants to help, this is it.

Audra warns that if she lets her go for refusing the position, she will be making a huge mistake.

The Newman warns her not to threaten her. Audra is just concerned.

If she sends her away, she will be on her own. The stress would be monumental.

Her boss isn’t enjoying unsolicited advice.

She doesn’t want her to pretend to care about her when she’s only worried about her own job.

Audra points out she’s asking her to move across the world so she won’t be reminded of her disease.

audra says nikki will slip

That will only pile up her problems and that will make her drink.

She’s sure this will make her fall off the wagon.

Annoyed Nikki tells her she’s leaving her with no choice.

nikki annoyed by audra

She’ll have HR put together a severance package, effective immediately, and then reminds her of the corporate NDA and keycard.

As Audra heads to the door, she tells her it has been a privilege working for her and she hopes she beats her disease.

Alone, Nikki grabs for her flask but resists it.

nikki grabbing flask

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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns


At Society, Jack calls Nikki and leaves a message, reminding her he’s there for her.

jack calls nikki

He wanders over to the bar and finds Victor lost in thought.

He makes it clear he’s not in a conversational mood.

Jack offers a sympathetic ear anyway.

The Newman isn’t about to confide in him but his old enemy thinks they can share a drink.

victor not wanting to talk

He shows him a recent picture of Harrison and they talk about what happened to Kyle and Summer.

Giving in, Victor orders them tequila shots on Jack’s tab.

The Abbott asks him about the kidnapping.

It clearly rattled Nikki. She didn’t tell him much but enough for him to see it was traumatic.

jack offers ear to victor

Crossing his arms, Victor says it was tough on all of them but its been dealt with.

They toast to protecting their families.

Victor is cagey when he asks how Victoria handled it.

victor thinks jack knows too much

He’s giving his family the support they need. That’s one thing Jack has always admired about him.

He even admits he misses their old rivalry and its challenges.

Taking a drink, Victor admits that there’s been a moment or two when he lingered on the idea that Jack was a good rival.

He thanks him for the expensive drink and asks what he really wants to know.

Jack claims he’s only sincerely concerned about his family and has a friendship with all of them. He just wants to know they are okay.

victor jack talk old times

Victor says he’s already answered and won’t say more.

Nikki calls Jack and tells him she needs to talk. He declares he’s on his way.

After Jack exits, claiming he is off to meet Diane, Audra wanders in.

Victor calls her over and asks after his wife.

victor hears audra out

She explains that Nikki wanted to ship her off to London. When she declined, Nikki fired her.

That’s a surprise to him. She tells him his wife was perfectly sober.

She offered to help her with her problem, but apparently, that was a mistake.

Victor is sorry to hear this and offers her something at the company for her discretion.

She reminds him she signed an NDA and wouldn’t use Nikki’s sobriety as a bargaining chip. This has been a clarifying evening and she has other plans.

audra tells victor she moved on

“I now know what my next moves are,” she says.

Jack arrives in Nikki’s office. She tells him she had an upsetting day with Audra.

jack joins nikki in office

Her underling knew about her struggle and shares what her father went through with the disease.

Jack doesn’t have much faith in her after what she did to Kyle. Nikki had faith in her but it’s gone.

She started checking on her and she realized that would make their working relationship difficult.

nikki recaps audra firing

After she recaps letting her go, Jack wonders if keeping her where she could control might have been wiser.

Nikki is sure she wouldn’t dare to do anything. Jack worries about her working short-staffed. He urges her to make a plan.

jack and nikki talk options

There’s no doubt a COO she could work with. Nick would be perfect but he’s working well where he is. Victoria needs to focus on her family.

He suggests Nate and Sally but she waves that away and starts to panic. Jack suddenly gets an idea.

She wonders if he’s stalling but he needs to check on some things before he can say any more.

nikki worries she made mistake

Nikki then wonders if she should take a leave of absence but he thinks she needs to stay busy and focused.

They can fix this.

He assures her she can lean on him and he won’t let her destroy what she has accomplished.

jack may have solution for nikki

She saved herself by reach out for help.

Jack urges her not to forget how strong she is.

Victor starts knocking on the door and asking if she’s in there.

victor knocking on door

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