GH Recap: Valentin Offers to Go Into Business with Nina, Trina and Spencer Settle Into Paris and Sam Learns Finn Was Set-up

Fri Jan 26, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Spencer and Trina settle into Paris, Portia and Laura want Esme punished, and Laura asks Anna to take over the PCPD.

Thursday’s GH recap: After Laura found Kevin unconscious, Dante learned Esme was headed for Toronto, and Jordan enlisted Brick’s help.

Spencer and Trina arrive at their Parisian hotel by the Seine.

He thought they deserved the best to welcome them to this new stage in their lives.

spencer trina in paris

They kiss and then he offers to give her some French lessons.

Turning on some music, he whispers French words to her and kisses her until they leap into bed.

After sex, he pulls out the champagne.

The bellhop bursts in and has to avert his gaze. He hands off the converter Spencer requested and leaves.

bellhop averting gaze

The couple have a laugh about this.

As they kiss, he notices she brought her turtle dove.

She says it’s to remind her of him when he’s away.

He pulls out his and explains he takes it with him everywhere he goes.

spencer trina turtledoves

He notices Laura left him a voicemail.

At the penthouse, Ava leaves a message for Nina after reading about her ousting from Crimson.

Sonny says this news shouldn’t surprise her after what Nina did to Carly and Drew.

ava shows sonny article

Ava thinks someone should check on her.

The topic turns to the threats against her.

Sonny hopes that Brick has found a way to end it so they don’t have to live together anymore.

Brick arrives and Sonny tells Ava she has to leave as soon as this conversation turns to business.

ava sonny get filled in

Brick explains that he managed to find out the gun was stolen from the WSB, which connects it to the gun that shot at Sonny last year.

This likely means that the person who shot Austin tried to shoot Sonny.

brick talks gun

Sonny asks if this has something to do with the anonymous bid on Wyndemere.

Ava runs off to get the information.

Brick asks his boss if Nina needs to be added to the list of people to protect.

Sonny says she’s his wife legally.

Ava returns with the into and Brick takes off.

Sonny tells Ava she needs to stay vigilant.

sonny ava talk living arrangement

At General Hospital, Chase tells Jordan that they’ve learned Esme bought a ticket to Toronto.

If she’s with her former nanny, they have the address.

jordan chase talk esme trip

She offers to make arrangements for he and Dante to go in pursuit. The cop takes off.

chase jordan talk esme

Anna checks in on Laura and assures her that Kevin is strong enough to pull this.

Laura asks her to come back to the PCPD.

That’s a shock to Anna. Laura points out they haven’t had a commissioner for months.

Mac has been gone for months and the department needs stability.

Jordan is happy in her new role and Laura thinks Anna is the most qualified candidate.

laura asks anna back to pcpd

Anna reminds her she’d also be the most controversial.

The mayor doesn’t think she’s to blame for anything and the city would be safer with her in charge.

Jordan joins them and agrees.

That means a lot to Anna but she doesn’t feel ready for this.

anna not ready

Laura tells her to consider it and then jogs over to Portia for news.

Portia says the doctors are cautiously optimistic for Kevin.

Laura breaks up in relief and thanks her.

Anna says that’s good news and runs off for her phlebotomy appointment.

Portia asks Laura if she’s heard from Spencer.

She wonders if she should call Trina.

laura and portia talk kevin

Laura says he can call when he calls and they just hope they are having a good time.

Spencer calls her back and she explains Kevin is doing well and Esme is in Canada.

He’s relieved.

laura and portia talk to spencer

They tell him to let the police handle this. They are better off on the other side of the ocean.

Getting off the phone, Portia gets an update on Kevin. Everything is going well.

That’s a relief to Laura, but she’s still blaming herself for this situation.

Wanting to see the good in Esme blinded her to how awful she is.

She’s sure that Portia must be angry with her. She’s not. There’s nothing wrong with hoping someone can change if they are willing to take responsibility.

They agree Esme must be found and brought to trial.

Back in Paris, Trina tells Spencer she appreciates him coming with her but his family needs him now and he should return to New York.

trian tells spencer fly home

He insists on staying and pops the champagne.

In Toronto, Dante and Chase arrive at Maggie’s apartment.

A Toronto officer is waiting for them.

They knock and Dante reaches for his gun.

dante chase in toronto

Nina is sitting at Charlie’s, resisting answering a call from Ava.

nina avoiding call

Valentin joins her and she tells him she may have lost everything.

He asks what the plan is to get back what’s hers.

valentin asks how nina will get it back

He reminds her that she built Crimson into what it is.

She claims she has no recourse. He offers to create a rival publication and poach her old staff.

She wasn’t expecting this but he thinks the best revenge is good business.

Nina points out this will only escalate the war.

nina valentin strategy

As they toast to her winning that, Sonny and Ava walk in.

Nina rushes over to ask about Spencer and Ace.

He declares this is none of her business and walks off to the bar with Ava.

nian asks sonny for update

Valentin repeats his offer to Nina.

Smiling, she tells him they have a bad habit of bringing out the worst in each other.

nina tells valentin bring out worst

She can’t do that while she’s trying to win her daughter back.

He says they have a history of pretending to be what they aren’t for other people.

valentin tells nina they don't need to pretend

She doesn’t need to do that for him.

They hold hands.

Sonny watches this and suggests Ava fly off to the island with him.

She thinks he’s trying to get away from his wife.

sonny asks ava to island

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Brick meets with Jordan at the hospital.

After some flirting, he tells her that the number from the burner phone was pinged by Pentonville.

brick jordan at gh

After he takes off, Anna pops up. Jordan tells her she has a lead on the shooting.

Sonny may have been the target, but she’s sure it’s still connected to Anna.

They realize the person who called her must have been Brennan.

anna and jordan talk shooting

Sam and Martin arrive at the court house and tell Finn, Liz, and Gregory that she’s found out something that could affect his case.

sam in court room

McCall explains that she learned Muldoon was being treated at a medical pavilion before meeting Finn.

It’s hard to prove he was being treated by an oncologist.

Sam has to follow another lead and rushes off.

liv finn get news from sam

They file into court and the case kicks off.

Finn winks at Liz and she mouths an I love you.

finn in court

Diane starts with her statement, arguing that Finn needs to be held accountable for everything that Muldoon will tragically have to miss.

diane gives speech

Martin stands and argues that this was all a tragic error of personal responsibility on Muldoon’s part.

Muldoon’s widow testifies, saying that any physician running even basic tests would have detected the cancer.

mrs muldoon on stand

After paying his condolences, Martin gets her to admit that she only knows what her husband said about her meetings with Finn since she wasn’t there.

When he sits, Gregory complains but Martin points out you don’t win by attacking grieving widows.

Finn is up next and Diane points out that he found a cure to a tropical disease…so why couldn’t he catch an obvious cancer.

The doctor explains that Muldoon came for treatment about a tapeworm. He recommended that he have further tests run.

She suggests he wasn’t operating at the top of his game and brings up his being suspended six years ago. Martin objects on grounds of medical privacy.

finn on stand

Diane pushes Finn to speculate on what another doctor would say.

Getting annoyed, Finn says this is absurd.

When she stops, Martin examines him and Finn confirms that he instructed Muldoon to get more tests but he could not compel him to.

After Finn stands down and joins his lawyer, Liz asks why Diane didn’t ask directly about his drug use.

martin says finn mistake

They point out she did more damage by just hanging something out there.

Martin tells his client he didn’t do himself any favors by snapping at Diane.

martin tells liz finn messed up

When the court goes into recess, Sam arrives and explains that debt collectors have put several leans on the Muldoons.

They have been cash poor for some time. They lost almost everything on Aurora.

They realize that this was all a set-up so that he could be sued for malpractice.

finn and fam realize it was a set-up

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