Y&R Recap: Nikki Invites Seth to the Ranch Without Knowing Jordan is with Him, and Ashley Startles Tucker in His Suite

Mon Feb 19, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Tucker and Audra plan for their future, Tessa takes Abby up on her job offer, and Nikki agrees to meet with Seth.

Friday’s recap: Ashley heard voices, disguised Jordan enlisted drunk Seth’s help to get to Nikki, and Devon and Nate suspected Billy of a powerplay.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Feb 19. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott estate, Jack asks his sister how she is and wishes their dad was around to comfort her.

jack comforts sister

She tells him not to see himself short.

They know that with Traci, the three of them can conquer anything.

He goes off to get her tea like John would have.

ashley thanks bro

Diane and Kyle arrive, arguing about work.

She says he’s been making decisions that aren’t his to make.

Ashley makes her presence known and they all invite her to dinner.

jack diane ask ashley to dinner

She’s feeling beat and wants to stay home and rest. She tells them they can bring her back some cheesecake.

As soon as she is alone, she starts to hear voices and screams, grabbing her head before running for the door.

ashley grabbing head

Ashley gets in a car. The voice in her head says it’s time to take control.

ashley massaging head

Tucker and Audra relax in his bed.

He asks why she’s smiling.

She’s happy and giggles.

That makes him happy and he says she’s about to get happier.

When he says he has a surprise for her, she starts guessing what it could be.

audra resting on tucker

Once she guesses plane tickets, she asks where they are going.

He wants her to take a jaunt to Paris to size up the people at Glissade. She loves the idea of seeing the city hand-in-hand with him.

He tells her he won’t allow Ashley or anyone else to ruin the city for him.

Going with her would make everything new to him.

She thinks he’s giving her the hard sell but he claims he’s only telling her what he should have long ago.

tucker optimistic

She takes this as proof that Ashley can’t touch them and that makes them unstoppable.

Tucker tells her that he’s right where he wants to be: as close to her as possible.

They kiss and she rests on his chest.

After they get dressed, he was cheeseburgers. She tells him he can have what he wants.

He’s feeling optimistic. He’s with his best friend and she’s the most beautiful woman in the world and their future is so bright he’s squinting.

“Look out world! There’s a new power couple in town!” he declares.

tucker audra talk plans

They go down to the dining room and talk about the plans for Glissade.

She wonders if they will relocate to Paris.

tucker audra at gcac

She will go anywhere he goes.

Audra admits it feels weird to finally admit she cares about him.

It’s scary and she didn’t know she was scared of anything.

He says they have been cowardly with each other.

She worries this could be too good to be true.

aura asks about paris

He promises it is good and true as well as long overdue.

tucker wants to stay in town

She assumes he wants to stay there. He assures her he’s not interested in any of the “old crap.”

She guesses it’s about Devon and Dominic. Tucker confirms it and wonders if he’s crazy for not walking away.

Audra can see how much the disconnect hurts him. She knows nothing hurts like the pain of being estranged from your own family.

He won’t asks about that but notes it.

She suggests he do nothing with his son. Just wait until the dust settles.

That’s not something he excels at.

She urges him not to scheme and show that he’s changed by doing the last thing he would expect.


McCall thinks she’s amazing.

Ashley walks in, glares at them and walks up the steps.

Audra offers to buy Tucker a nightcap. He loves that idea and walks off to make some calls first.

Diane, Kyle, and Jack go to Society and Abby pours them the latest wine.

abby pours wine

Diane and her son toast him and ask how Ashley is doing.

Jack thinks his sister is coming out the other side of this.

They vent about all the damage Tucker has done to them.

kyle asks about ashley

Diane wonders how they can stop him and Jack says they need to make the company defensible.

Tessa shows up and tells Abby that her wife has blessed her taking the job offer.

But she wants to make some serious changes.

tessa takes job

She wants to give the place a major makeover, remove some tables and have dance nights with a large dance floor.

Abby snaps no. Tessa chuckles. She was just joking and knows no one could even handle changing the empanada recipe.

Tessa needs some flexibility in her work schedule because of Aria. Abby expected that and it’s no problem.

They hug and Abby says it will be such a relief having her there.

She brings her to the Abbott table and announces that Tessa is the manager.

abby hugging tessa

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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns


At the Newman ranch, Nikki tells her daughter and her husband that she’s determined to push Jordan into coming after her.

victor victoria say no

With one more taunt, she can lure her into the open.

Victor won’t allow this and Victoria agrees with him. Nikki isn’t going to sit around and let her torture her.

“Just don’t answer the damn phone,” her husband suggests.

victor complains

She tells them about nearly being driven to drink and Victor complains about how unhelpful Jack is.

Nikki wants a goal to focus on and destroying Jordan is on the top of the list.

nikki wants to push jordan

They continue to worry about the risk this poses to her.

Victoria wishes there was a way to talk her out of this.

The phone rings. They all stare at it.

nikki looks at ringing phone

She sees it is Seth. Victor tells her not to answer it.

She answers it. Seth didn’t think she would.

He knows he has no right to reach out to her but thought he should try. She’s glad he did.

seth calls nikki from bar

Seth tells her that he needs help. He called to see if she can do for him what he couldn’t do for her.

He’s not asking her to be his sponsor but thought maybe they could help each other.

Talking to her would help him get past some of his guilt.

She can’t see him if he’s been drinking. He claims he just got there.

nikki on phone to seth

She asks him to meet her at Crimson Light for coffee.

When she gets off the line, Victor tells his wife he won’t allow her to leave the premises while that Jordan woman is out there.

victor forbids it

His wife doesn’t want to be coddled and he insists on sending one of his men to watch.

Victoria begs her mom to stay there. Nikki gives in.

Her daughter thanks her and tells her she needs to go and check on Claire.

victoria hugging mom

Nikki calls Seth back.

Seth answers outside of the bar with disguised Jordan. Nikki asks him to meet her at the ranch.

seth on phone with nikki

She’ll tell the guards he’s expected and gives him the address.

When he tells Jordan where he’s going, she says, “This just keeps getting better and better.”

jordan hears seth's plan

Back at the ranch, Victor says it means a lot to him that Nikki changed her mind and agreed to meet Seth there.

victor nikki talk happiness

He admires her for helping someone while she’s struggling.

Nikki would be happier if she was setting a tap for Jordan before she could set one for them.

victor happy nikki staying home

When Jack, Diane and Kyle get home, he goes off to find his sister.

The mother and son argue about work.

diane asks what's bugging son

She tells him to tell her how he really feels about her having the job he wanted. He seems to be having a hard time accepting it.

Crossing the room, he claims he’s not struggling and it’s all good.

His mom just wants them to be happy and comfortable.

She doesn’t want being his boss to come between them.

He admits it’s hard for him not to resent her.

kyle resents mom

Meanwhile, Jack can’t find his sister.

jack looks for sister

When Tucker returns to his suite, he’s startled to find Ashley waiting for him.

ashley waiting for tucker

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