GH Spoilers Feb 19 – 23: Alexis Threatens to Quit, Anna Makes a Proposal to Cyrus, and Sonny Makes a Big Decision

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, Feb 19 to Friday, Feb 23, 2024.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week?

Last week, Valentin offered to help Nina in her revenge against Drew, after finding Drew hounding her at Metro Court to sell him her half of the hotel. Valentin came up with an idea and made a call. This week, he decides he has an announcement to make. Speculate in the comments about what he’s up to! Meanwhile, Curtis spends some time with poor Trina, helping her through her grief over losing Spencer. Last week had Maxie and Spinelli spending more time together, thanks to Cody’s help getting Spin to try to date Maxie. This week, Spinelli confides in Cody again, and then afterward, Spin and Maxie share a close moment together. Is this what you want to see? Are you a fan of the couple? What about Blaze and Kristina? These two are getting closer each scene they’re in and before Blaze’s mother comes to town, they share a romantic night together. Will her mama derail this before it gets further if Blaze comes out to her?

While Portia is rocked by Curtis’s admission, whatever that could be, Sonny and Selina put their heads together, and Nina makes a revelation to Carly and Drew.

In the weekly spoiler video, Drews ups his battle against Nina despite Carly’s protests that he move on, Anna gives Cyrus an opportunity, and Joss asks her mom to help her find Dex.

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General Hospital Spoilers Monday, Feb 19:

In Monday’s GH recap, Carly tries to talk Joss into letting Dex go now that he’s free.

Joss is determined.

Valentin decides it’s time to make an announcement.

Alexis is rocked that Valentin’s bought the Intruder.

Tracy feels slighted about there being no plus one on her invitation.

Curtis gives some comfort to grieving Trina.

Marshall’s shocked he’s going to be okay.

Stella helps Marshall get the answers he needs.

trina asks how therapy is

General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, Feb 20:

Anna has a proposal for Cyrus.

Jordan is surprised.

Portia is rocked by Curtis’s admission.

Sonny rebuffs Dante.

Valentin counsels Nina.

portia looking hopeful

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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, Feb 21:

Ava and Sonny confront their past.

Nina makes a revelation to Carly and Drew.

Trina encourages Joss.

Felicia helps Lucy.

Spinelli confides in Cody.

cody thanks spinelli

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, Feb 22:

Sonny and Selina put their heads together.

Maxie and Spinelli share a close moment.

Carly and Drew are at odds.

John thwarts Anna and Dante.

Sasha commends Cody.

selina congratulates sonny

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, Feb 23:

Sam opens up to Liz.

Gregory presses Tracy.

Sonny makes a big decision.

Kristina and Blaze share a romantic evening together.

TJ is concerned.

tracy gregory talk wedding

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