Y&R Recap: Christine Catches Phyllis Seducing Danny, and Heather Professes her Love to Daniel

Tues Jan 16, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Phyllis seduces Danny, Heather tells Daniel she’s in love, and Summer and Chance’s outing goes so well they plan to do it again, while Seth’s strange demeanor makes Nikki wonder what’s up.

Monday’s recap: Summer Asks Chance Out, Sharon’s New Company’s Named After Cassie, and Phyllis Apologizes to Christine

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Jan 16. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Crimson Lights

At Crimson Lights, when Summer asks Chance to dinner, he accepts.

chance smiles at summer before date.

They leave as Nikki enters the patio to see Lauren.

Nikki’s apologetic about last night and Lauren stops her.

She just needs to know if Nikki’s been drinking again. Nikki explains she gave into temptation after a rough day at work but it’s over.

She shows her friend that she has no booze in her handbag and talked to her AA sponsor. Lauren believes her.

nikki explains she's sober on Y&R

She was frightened for her last night.

Nikki apologizes. She’s determined to beat this thing. Lauren knows words and one meeting won’t help.

Nikki will do her damnedest to ensure it never happens again.

Lauren’s almost in tears as she calls it heartbreaking to see her like that. Nikki says it’s been chaotic and she’s been in agony.

Lauren knows she has strength and pride and that her sobriety means everything to her. It’s why Nikki didn’t want Victor to see her like that.

lauren almost in tears on Y&R

She’s sorry for asking her to lie.

Lauren says he knew something was wrong right away.

She recalls how it was when Fen was going through his addiction, that it was a living nightmare to feel helpless.

lauren tells nikki not to hide

She has nothing but compassion for Nikki so if she needs anything, she wants her to call.

“Promise me,” she says. Nikki agrees. They talk about how great Seth has been.

Nikki says they’d run into each other over the years at meetings and it grew from there.

Since they got along, and she knew she needed a sponsor, it made it easier to reach out.

Lauren’s reminded of Katherine and Neil’s past. Nikki thinks it’s almost impossible to understand addiction unless you’re going through it.

Lauren says Fen and Trey spent Christmas with Fen’s sponsor. Nikki’s wowed by that and will be grateful to Seth. 

nikki upset

Seth arrives. He chats with Nikki, who thanks him for caring for her and comments she didn’t see him at the meeting this morning. He’s all awkwardness and smiles.

He starts to yawn and says he might be under the weather or something.

He was on his way to a late meeting.

seth thinks he's ill

Nikki worries he is coming down with something and suggests he go home to rest.

He will but tells her not to hesitate to reach out. He goes to get coffee and Nikki comments to Lauren that he seemed off. 

seth acting weird.

Daniel’s condo

Danny and Daniel sit on the sofa at Daniel’s condo and talk about the loud music Lucy was blasting.

Danny admits he’s into some of it and isn’t above picking up new ideas.

“You gotta stay on the cutting edge,” he says, before getting a few texts.

Danny smiles, which makes Daniel assume it’s Christine. Lucy interrupts.

danny and daniel laugh at the music.

She’s hungry so Danny offers to cook but she wants grilled cheese.

Danny jumps to make it but she wants it the way Mom makes it.

lucy at home.

She texts her mom since she’s the only one who makes it right.

“She’s already on her way over here,” the kid says, confusing the men before she goes to the kitchen to make sure they have everything.

lucy wants her mother's grilled cheese.

Daniel says, “Guess it makes Lucy happy.” Daniel asks how it makes his son feel.

Daniel likes having Heather there as they’re co-parents.

It’s reassuring to Lucy. They talk about Phyllis and Daniel admits how different it was, how he and Phyllis in the same place isn’t reassuring.

daniel at home.

Phyllis’ room at GCAC

From her room at GCAC, Phyllis waits for Danny to text her back and wrongly assumes that Christine’s with him now.

She’s probably taking shots at her, making herself feel better.

Phyllis refuses to let that happen.

phyllis texting danny on Y&R

She won’t let “the bug” come between her and Danny again.

She rummages through her lingerie drawer and comes out with some sexy underwear and to herself, tells Danny that he’s given her no choice — not that she minds. 

phyllis being bad.


At Society, Chance fills Summer in on his break up with Sharon, that it was civil.

They’re genuinely friends and he thinks that’ll continue once the awkwardness is gone.

Summer calls that mature and says she thinks she and Kyle are trying for that.

It helps to co-parent Harrison but it’s not easy. Chance can see it’s tougher since they go way back.

There’s more pain to get past. Chance tries to cheer her up and she laughs and decides to get the drinks going so she can cheer him up! She assumes the breakup didn’t happen today.

He admits it didn’t but he was raw and wasn’t ready to discuss it last they spoke.

He’d rather talk about anything like the giant thank you he owes here for the wardrobe tips. She knocked it out of the park.

summer and chance date.

She jokes that it saved his career and she flirts that he has to trust her judgment in all things.

He agrees he has no choice. Later, they’re outside talking about his great coat and that he has to go because he can’t be late tomorrow morning.

They agree they had a good time and Chance wants to do it again soon.

chance wants to see summer again.

When Heather arrives at the condo, Danny reads Phyllis’ newest text, asking to meet at Neil Winters’ Jazz Lounge.

He agrees to it and tells Heather and Daniel he has to run.

danny gets text has to run on Y&R.

He’ll be right back. Daniel’s sorry Lucy dragged her out tonight but Heather’s glad she wants to hang around with her old mom.

These days won’t last forever.

heather arrives to make a sandwich

Lucy turns up and texts Heather, realizing she has no cheese.

They could do peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Heather goes off to make them and Lucy exclaims how her mom is the best.  Later, they eat and are drinking hot cocoa when Lucy says she’s tired.

She vows not to call her mama to make sandwiches again but Heather doesn’t mind, as long as they have cheese.

Daniel yells, “Yeah, Cheese.” The kid goes to bed and Heather says she’ll wash dishes before she goes.

lucy and parents have cocoa

Daniel will do it. He owes her.

They admit they’re putty in her hands and they think Lucy likes hanging out with them like it’s old times.

Heather admits she is falling back in love with him.

daniel shocked at heather's love words

Phyllis’ room

Back in her room, Phyllis reads Danny’s texts in her panties and bra as she shrugs into her robe with a smile.

phyllis in sexy outfit.

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Neil’s Lounge

At Neil’s Lounge, Phyllis asks him to play the song that he says she helped inspire.

He says, “Now?” He smiles but says he hasn’t finished the lyrics.

She says she wants to talk, but first wants to hear the song.

danny date with phyllis

It makes her feel like everything will work out as it should. It’s inspiring.

He goes to the piano and plays and Phyllis takes out her phone and starts recording.

phyllis takes a video

Once he’s done, he asks if she is seeing Tucker McCall.

She asks if he thinks it’s a mistake.

He’s not sure. He only knows the man’s reputation.

She doesn’t see a future with the man, who doesn’t sweep her off her feet like Danny does.

phyllis being flirty on Y&R

She reefs on her robe and says there’s no passion and then pulls down the sleeve and shows him her bra, saying that when you have passion, you can’t let it go.

She asks if he remembers their passion. He does but says it wasn’t all good.

phyllis in her robe at the lounge

She disagrees and again, pulls her sleeve down and thinks they can have that again.

Danny looks like he can’t breathe when he gets a text. It’s him, playing the piano.  

“Are you kidding me?” Danny asks. She said it was so beautiful. Danny asks why she posted it.

“That feeling when your ex sings a love song to you?” He’s mad and calls her infuriating but Phyllis pretends she has no idea what the problem is. 

GCAC bar

At the bar, Christine’s not happy as she watches Phyllis’ recording.

christine watches Phyllis's tiktok

The video reads’ When your ex plays you a love song’.

phyllis tiktok


Back in the lounge, Danny knows she wants the world to see that they’re dating and she knows it’s not the case at all. He says she hasn’t changed at all. She’s still playing games.

Doing up her robe, Phyllis denies it and says his “precious Christine” is playing games and couldn’t wait to tell her that they were going on a romantic trip together. 

Danny asks if she was unprovoked. Phyllis was trying to apologize to her. It hurt her and she can’t help it if Christine is threatened by her. Danny asks if she told her that she kissed him. Phylis remembers that he was kissing her right back.

Phyllis thinks the video was her focusing on restraint. That shocks Danny. She too is shocked — that he didn’t tell Christine about the kiss. Danny says it won’t help matters and will fuel the fire. Phyllis thinks it’s because he doesn’t want to admit his feelings. 

danny mad at Phyllis.

Daniel says she’s purposefully misreading this, twisting things to believe what she wants, and the truth be damned.

Phyllis says he doesn’t want to admit it but it’s written all over his face.

He asks what she’s saying. Does she even know? She thinks he’s happier and more comfortable around her, and tense around Christine.

Like he’s afraid he’ll say something to scare “the bug” off. Daniel says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and jumps up and asks the barkeep for a scotch, neat.

phyllis seducing.

Phyllis follows and thinks he’s trying hard with Christine, making it look like they’re comfortable and in sync. Like he’s still attracted to the “bewitching Christine.”

Phyllis calls it an act and he tells her to back off. She thinks he should trust her instincts and moves in close.

She kisses Danny and he kisses her back.

phyllis and danny hot for each other.

Eventually, his hands go around her and he pulls her to him.

They make out passionately as Christine walks in, shocked at what she sees. 

christine shocked danny kissing phyllis.

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