GH Recap: Nikolas Wants to Run Off With His Sons, Esme’s Sentenced, Sonny Tries to Call Off the Hit, and Nina & Cyrus Make a Deal

Mon Jan 15, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Kristina checks on Sonny, Laura urges Esme to think of the future, and Joss calls the paramedics for Adam.

Friday’s GH recap: Sonny ordered Dex to kill Cyrus, Spencer realized Esme remembers, and Nikolas faced Spencer.

Kristina stops by Sonny’s office and finds him brooding. He gives her a hug.

sonny hugging kristina

He assumes something must be up. She says all is on track and she just wanted to check on him with all that’s going on.

Her dad assures her that he’s fine. She is sure something is up. He repeats he’s okay.

sonny and kristina chat

She can’t imagine him going to prison when he’s her rock. Sonny flashes back to ordering Dex to kill Cyrus.

He tells his daughter he’s not going to prison because he has a family that needs him.

Kristina admits she’s worried he might not be there for her when she needs him. He assures that won’t happen and tells her she’s strong enough to handle the surrogacy on her own.

kristina worries to dad

She says she never would have thought she could do this but he’s helped her see she can do important things and be confident in herself.

They talk about how her mom always used to underestimate her. Kristina says she’s a different person now, just like he’s a better person than his reputation.

People don’t know how generous, kind, and ethical he is. All of that seemed to get stronger after his time in Nixon Falls. She used to attribute that to Nina but guesses she was wrong.

sonny kristina talk nina

She tells him she liked and forgave Nina. In the end, she didn’t get anything she wanted and it cost her everything.

Sonny flashes back to beating Cyrus and then ordering Dex to kill him. He tells his daughter sometimes people are blinded by pain.

His daughter knows since she’s all reaction. That’s why she admires how clear-sighted he is.

sonny kristina talk change

Once she leaves, he calls Dex and leaves a message, asking him not to do it.

Nina shows up at Cyrus’ hospital room. He’s pleased the Lord sent her to see him but she tells him to keep the Lord out of this.

nina visits cyrus at gh

He’s confused about why she’s angry he helped her relieve her conscience. Doesn’t she feel better without all that guilt?

“No, actually I don’t,” she says. He says she’s lashing out and the truth hurts. It’s time for the healing.

She doesn’t buy that and is sure he used her to get at Sonny. Renault claims he was only trying to help her to a life of authenticity.

cyrus doesn't see problem

He’s sorry if this has caused her marital problems. She challenges him to prove he’s sorry for what he did.

Cyrus can understand the value of contrition. She asks him to prove it by dropping the charges against Sonny.

nina rants at cyrus

He’s reluctant. She reminds him that his religion preaches forgiveness and offers him something he wants more than justice.

He mulls that over and smiles.

cyrus nina deal

Dex walks around the hospital in an orderly’s uniform until a nurse spots him and notices he’s not wearing a badge.

dex in costume

He says he’s a temp and he forgot it. She orders him to stop using his phone at work and walks off.

dex talks to nurse

He finds Cyrus’ room and watches Nina leave.

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Laura corners Ava at the court house and urges her to drop the charges against Esme. Ava wants her to pay for what she did to Trina.

ava and laura at court house

The mayor says that’s a separate issue and Ava takes off to answer her phone.

Laura enters the courtroom where Esme is worrying that Ace and Spencer are absent. The mayor can understand if she blames her for this mess since she convinced her to confess.

laura checks on esme at court hosue

Esme takes the blame and prays for a miracle. When Laura spots Martin, she says one can be arranged.

esme asks for miracle

Moments later, Martin and Laura approach Molly and ask to talk about a deal for his client. Laura adds her position as mayor should have no bearing on this.

martin laura ask molly leniency

Molly says it’s an open and shut case and Laura urges for leniency until Martin sends his sister off. Molly says the law is clear.

Martin tells her that his client will plead not guilty and this will have to go to trial where the jury will likely be sympathetic to her waterworks.

molly talk case

Trina joins Ava in the hall and updates her on Curtis’ condition. They are just waiting to see if he walks again.

trina ava talk future

Her dad reminded her to focus on her future so that’s what she’s doing. Ava is thrilled to hear she’ll be going to Paris with Spencer.

She tells her how much she deserves this and adds that she’s pressing charges against Esme so she can close that part of her life.

ava trina talk paris

The Jerome is surprised when she’s not happy about this. Trina points out what it could do to Ace.

Ava shrugs that off and tells her she deserves justice.

They rush into court as the hearing starts. Esme pleads guilty. The judge asks about the plea deal that was just struck.

esme martin in court

Molly explains they agreed on six months probation and no jail time. Ava is outraged and yelps.

She stalks over to Laura, who claims she only advocated for justice.

ava sneers at laura

The judge agrees to the plea and gives Esme six months probation. She’s so relieved she almost falls over.

esme relieved probation

Ava flies off at Molly and declares this a travesty of justice. Molly says it wasn’t in the city’s best interest to try a case for something so minor.

ava outraged

Turning to Trina, Ava tells her this isn’t over.

Esme thanks Martin. He suggests she thank Laura and stay on her best behavior.

esme relieved probation

Esme thanks Laura for saving her. The mayor is glad it all worked out and urges her to focus on her future.

laura asks esme think of future

Laura leaves for work and Esme lets out a sigh before turning around and finding Trina glaring at her.

Joss bangs on the door of Adam’s dorm room. His annoyed roommate opens and explains Adam took off with his guitar and vodka.

roommate says vodka gone

She finds Adam strumming in the plaza with his bottle. Joss wants to explain why she did what she did.

He says narcing on him was alright. She was just trying to get him some help.

Adam tells her he wants to be alone but she insists on staying. She tells him he’s not okay and he accuses her of being just like his parents.

Joss swipes away his bottle and he complains that nothing matters. He’s just miserable all the time and she can’t change that.

joss adam on bench

He says she doesn’t know how he feels and she says they can find him someone to talk to.

“It’s not like it matter,” he mutters before passing out. She notices he has a bunch of empty pill packets and gasps.

adam passes out

She calls 911 and tries to wake him up.

The paramedics arrive and wheel him off as Joss explains what happened.

adam taken by emt

Nikolas arrives at the penthouse. Spencer is startled and lets him in.

nikolas sees spencer

The prince thanks him for all the care he’s taken of Ace. His son is surprised he’s been keeping tabs.

spencer sees his dad

Nikolas hasn’t stopped caring. He left because he was avoiding prison.

They rehash how Spencer tried to blackmail his father out of Ace’s life. Spencer has played out all the scenarios of what would happen if they met again.

Nikolas is sure he hates him and he’s ready to take it.

nikolas whimpering

Instead, Spencer apologizes. They talk about how Esme conspired with her psychotic father. Spencer is sorry that he was manipulated into helping.

He was blinded by his desire for revenge and made it easy for them.

Nikolas takes responsibility, saying he let Esme get in his head and he took her prisoner. Spencer can see how much he hurt himself.

nikolas and spencer talk ace

He brings up how he abandoned his unborn son. That’s something that the prince regrets, just as he regrets being a bad father to him.

While he was away, he thought about him a lot. He wanted to give him a normal, loving childhood but he failed and you can’t change the past.

Some of his favorite memories are of when he was very young. They both tear up.

Spencer tells him he was his whole world and his father says he loves him fiercely.

Ace starts crying. Nikolas asks if he can meet him.

Spencer brings him out and Nikolas bursts into tears.

spencer brings ace to nikolas

As he holds him, he tells Spencer his brother looks like him and has his grandmother’s nose.

nikolas holds ace

Spencer is surprised that Ace is taking to him so quickly.

Sniffling, Nikolas tells his sons that they are the best part of him and always will be.

spencer and nikolas talk leaving

Spencer asks him to stay and reminds him of how lenient the authorities were on Liz. He can afford Diane and stay out of prison.

Nikolas says he can’t stay. “This time, I’m taking my sons with me,” he announces.

nikolas asks spencer go with him

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