B&B Recap: Brooke Tells Hope to End Things with Thomas, But Hope Says He May be Her Future

Tuesday, Jan 16, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas and Ridge discussed his relationship with Hope, RJ told Luna he needs to get a place of his own, and Brooke kept interrupting people making out.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Hope believed Thomas but needed to consider their future, and Finn finally agreed to drop it.

In the cabin, Thomas tells Hope that she knows everything about what happened the night Emma died now. He begs her to tell him they can still have a future together.

thomas says he's changed

She doesn’t know what to say. He loves her and wants to marry her.

Hope needs some time but assures him she knows he’s the man he’s becoming. She can’t make any promises and needs time to make sense of things.

hope needs time

RJ and Luna go to the design office. he tells he heard all the things that she said about him to his grandfather.

rj chuckling with luna

RJ knows she’s really into him and he’s into her too. As they kiss, Brooke barges in. Her son adjusts his pants.

rj pulling up pants

Embarrassed, she excuses herself and they burst out laughing. RJ says that he needs to get his own place, like today.

She knows he’s been talking about this. He doesn’t mind living with his parents. It felt healing for the family at first.

Now everything is better and privacy would be nice. “Yes, it would be,” she says.

He says that moving back to LA was one of the smartest decisions he’s ever made. Now his priority is getting closer to her.

luna rj kissing

In the big office, Ridge tells Carter that he’s family. As they hug, Brooke bursts in. “Now you too! I keep interrupting everyone tonight,” she says.

brooke explains embarrassment

She hopes she hasn’t mortified her son too much. They are cute and Luna seems wonderful.

Ridge isn’t that happy there’s another office romance involving one of his kids.

brooke ridge parenting talk

He knows they have all dabbled in them. Carter says he’s the king of them.

Ridge agrees that he’s the king and Brooke is his queen. They kiss and she says they can’t compare themselves to Hope and Thomas.

Carter doesn’t want to listen to this parenting discussion and takes off.

carter excuses himself

Ridge asks Brooke if she wants to make out. “We can do a little of that,” she agrees. They make out.

brooke ridge kissing

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Carter walks into the design office as RJ and Luna are making out. He apologizes. Brooke just told him about interrupting them.

carter interrupts luan rj

He drops off some papers and suggests they lock the door. RJ immediately does and goes back to making out with Luna.

She loves the way she feels in his arms. They don’t make them like him any more. She likes him more every day.

Watching how caring he is makes her see he has all the qualities she wants in a guy. He’s sensitive and hot.

luan rj make out

He feels the same about her. They get back to kissing.

RJ thinks about her day and night, especially at night when he wishes she was in bed with him.

She thinks about that too and begs him to get his own place soon. They keep kissing.

rj and luna kissing more

Thomas shows up in the big office as Ridge is getting off the phone with Dominico Domninico. They chat about Eric and Ridge senses his son has the wait of the world on his shoulders.

thomas tells ridge about talk with hope

Thomas explains he was just talking to Hope and feels like he screwed it up. He says Hope has been amazing and he keeps falling in love with her more.

He doesn’t want to mess this up. Ridge says he can only keep his head on straight and do what he can.

He loves him and is proud of who he has become. That means a lot to Thomas.

ridge and thomas talk hope

“If you’re happy, I’m happy,” Ridge says. Thomas thinks everyone has a problem with his relationship with Hope, especially Brooke.

They sit and talk about everything that Thomas would do for Hope. That’s how Ridge feels about Brooke.

His son thinks he’s shown Hope the kind of love she deserves and she’s the only woman for him. He thinks he can give her the life she deserves.

ridge and thomas talk over hope issues

Brooke barges in on her daughter at the cabin and notes the romantic set-up, assuming it was for Thomas. She asks if she’s intruding.

hope tells mom had hard talk with thomas

Hope explains he left already. Her mom assumes something happened and wants the details.

Hope says Thomas loves her and nothing happened. Her mom keeps pushing.

Shaking her head, Hope admits that they had a difficult conversation about the past. Her mom knows all about the past and how Thomas claims he’s changed.

Hope believes he has. Her mom is sure she can’t be that confident and it must be difficult to commit to him.

Brooke says it sounds like she’s developed feelings for Thomas but can’t get past the past so she should end it now.

brooke thinks hope should end it

“I know you mean well mom, but I don’t intend to do that,” Hope says. Her mom tells her to think of the children.

Getting defensive, Hope says she’s done that. Everyone messes up and Thomas has owned that.

hope getting frustrated

This is not just empty words. Thomas has done the work and she’s convinced he’s changed.

Her mom thinks she’s acting strange and urges her to trust her instincts.

Hope doesn’t doubt Thomas. She thinks he’s an exceptional designer and father and loves her unconditionally.

At some point, her mom is going to have to stop fighting this and accept this relationship. Who knows what their future might be?

hope tries to get through to brooke

Hope touches the ring hanging around her neck.

hope needs time

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