Summer Says Goodbye To Family & Kyle, Returns His Engagement Ring and Leaves Genoa City

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Friday, June 25, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, June 28. In the previous episode, Naya turned herself in for murdering Richard and in this episode, Summer says a goodbye tour of Genoa City.

At his dad’s, Kyle drinks coffee and looks depressed. Jack turns up and they discuss how Kyle tried to get her to stay but she’s moving to Italy today. She won’t return his calls and he has no idea what to do. Why would she throw away what they have? Jack’s been in his shoes and says sometimes there are too many obstacles. Kyle can’t believe that and takes off to see her.

In their suite at Grand Phoenix, Summer, Phyllis and Nick pack her things. She’ll leave half her shoes since there are great shoes in Italy she can buy. Nick asks Phyllis again to accompany them to Milan. Phyllis wants to put her winter clothes in a box and keep them in Genoa City but Summer says she’s taking them. This isn’t a trial run. This is where her home will be from now on. Nick and Phyllis shoot each other a look. Summer puts on a brave face and Summer gets Nick to go call her storage unit to ensure everything is ready to go. He leaves and Phyllis takes off after him. Summer stares at a photo of her and Kyle and flashes to Tara threatening to ensure Kyle never sees Harrison again unless she takes the job. She leaves the photo, face down on the desk and tears up.

summer packs for milan young and restless

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At the office, Victor and Nikki are glad Summer is going to say goodbye before leaving. They remember Noah leaving and then Victoria. It makes Victor sad but at least Summer’s on good terms with the family. Nikki wonders why she was so eager to run. Victor blames Tara with her son.

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Kyle arrives at the suite and Phyllis is there alone. Summer went to say goodbye to family. Kyle asks her to help him keep Summer there. They discuss how she thinks he wants to be with Tara. Did Nick suggest it? Phyllis yells that it’s not true. “You have put my daughter in a no-win situation,” she says. She isn’t blaming him. It’s a hard situation. Kyle looks at their photo and Phyllis says he needs to accept there’s nothing left to fight for.

kyle asks phyllis to help young and restless

At Crimson Lights, Summer tells Faith and Mariah she’s moving to Italy today. Mariah’s shocked. Faith will miss her sister and is shocked when she learns Kyle’s not going with her and the wedding is off. She explains she’s just trying to do the right thing. Faith is shocked and they say “Ciao.” Faith goes and Mariah calls Summer a real piece of work, trashing Kyle’s heart. Summer doesn’t expect her to understand. Mariah says she was pulling for them this time. She calls Summer selfish. Summer won’t try to change her mind about her but wishes her well. “Goodbye Snowflake,” Mariah says. Later, Mariah’s alone when Kyle appears. She tells her BFF that he’s better off without Snowflake. Kyle tells her to shut it and she apologizes. He apologizes and she’s stumped as to why she’s doing this.

faith bye summer young and restless

At Society, Lauren and Sally discuss Summer’s move. Summer appears and Sally congratulates her. Lauren’s still shocked but happy for Summer. Summer wishes Sally luck and Sally takes off so Summer can share thoughts on how to make the transition smooth. Elsewhere in the restaurant, Sally texts Tara that Summer will screw her on the way out. At least one of them will get what she wants. Meanwhile, Summer has given her opinion on her replacement. She goes and runs into Billy on her way out. She reveals what she’s up to and he assumes it’s due to Tara and her kid. Summer asks him to be there for Kyle. Billy doesn’t think Kyle wants anything to do with him. He assumes she’s still in love with Kyle. “I’m pulling for you,” he says. She goes. Sally returns to Lauren’s table and Sally says she dreamed of having that job and she was envious but couldn’t see herself as a viable candidate. Lauren talks about Sally getting a bigger job at JVC. By the door, Billy sees Kyle. They discuss Summer. Billy tells him to keep trying to change her mind until she leaves. “If you don’t try, you’re gonna live with the regret.” Kyle runs off.

lauren and sally discuss job young and restless

Summer finds Jack at Chancellor park. He heard about the job. “Amazing opportunity.” He says Kyle’s looking for her. He wants to change her mind to make her stay. Could he? Summer says he needs to let her go. It’s best for all. She cries and asks Jack to help him see that. Jack tried but it won’t take away his pain. She’s happy he loves being a dad but she’s in a different place and isn’t ready for those things yet. She asks if he recalls what he did when he thought she was his daughter. He gave her gifts for her birthday. Jack tears up. He’ll do everything in his power to ensure Kyle accepts that this is something she has to do. He brought her into this world and will always hold a special place in his heart. Jack tells her whatever she needs, he’s a phone call away. “Never forget that.” Once they’re gone, Kyle appears and calls around for Summer.

jack goodbye summer young and restless

Summer sees Victoria and Nikki at Victor’s office. Summer thanks Victoria for the use of the corporate apartment. Victor doesn’t like that she’s leaving but finds it courageous. Nikki hopes she truly wants this. “I do,” Summer says. She’s excited for the challenge. Nervous. They love her. She loves them, too. Victor and Nikki tell her they’ll see her soon when they’re in Florence for a concert.

Back at the suite, Summer is done packing. Phyllis is excited for her and says she’ll visit. “Maybe I can build a Grand Phoenix there,” she jokes. Phyllis starts to tear up. “The world is yours.” She calls her kid resourceful and strong and won’t take anything from anyone because “You’re my daughter.” Summer says her mom inspires her daily. They embrace and sob. Nick and Summer see Kyle downstairs when they’re ready to leave for the airport. Kyle begs her to stay. They’ll have a life together with Harrison and she’ll grow to love him. Summer kisses him. They’ll move on from each other and have a wonderful life. She goes, crying, leaving her engagement ring in his hand.

kyle begs summer stay young restless

Jack returns home. Tara says she’s meeting with Lauren about her shoe line. She’s finally feeling like her life is settled enough to focus on her career. She says she thinks her presence there with Harrison played a part in Summer’s decision to leave. It’s the last thing she wants is for Kyle to resent her. Jack denies that will happen. He knows his son will be in Harrison’s life even more and when his back is turned, Tara gives a small smile. She goes and Billy appears. Billy admits he advised Kyle to go after Summer. Jack’s not pleased but Billy thinks they can make it work. They love each other. “Love does not always conquer all,” Jack says.

Tara arrives at Society. Sally looks stricken. Lauren tells Tara that Sally’s acting president of JVC. “How marvelous,” Tara says. Lauren goes to take a call and Tara realizes she got the job. She got her text and is surprised. Tara says they’re both getting what they wanted.

tara sally gloat young restless

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