Naya Turns Herself in to GCPD for Murder — & Stitch Returns to Genoa City

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Thursday, June 24, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, June 25. In the previous episode, Amanda got shocking information on her dad from Naya and in this episode, Imani has revealing news, Summer resigns from her job, and Abby runs into Stitch.

Amanda barges into Devon’s place ranting that Naya told her that Richard knew he fathered twins when he was on his way to her foster home. Devon is sure that was heartbreaking to hear. Amanda’s furious. She cries. “Even when she tried to get me to be my grandfather’s attorney, she knew!” She didn’t say a damned word. It’s enough she let him live without her father’s love. Sutton knew, too. She thinks Sutton is behind the car accident that killed him. She drinks some water and Devon says it’s interesting that Victor Newman has been her biggest ally this whole time. Amanda calls Devon her greatest ally. He can’t take credit. He’s just watched her stay strong and take on everyone who should have been there for her and Hilary from day one. Amanda needs to find a way to find justice. Suddenly, Imani knocks. She saunters in angrily. “What the hell have you done?” She asks Amanda. Amanda tells her sister all about the conversation where she knew Richard knew about her and Hil. Imani says their mother has turned herself into the GCPD. “For murder!” She wanted to protect the family so nobody knows she abandoned her babies. Amanda wants to go fix this. She never thought Naya murdered Richard. Imani yells that she was making them pay for all her suffering. She asks her to stay away. “I may have lost my mother to prison and that’s all on you.”

amanda devon dish on sutton young restless

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Abby gets a text from Mariah who is sporting a “Baby on Board” t-shirt. She shows Nina as they drink coffee at Crimson Lights. They talk about Chance, their hero. Suddenly, Abby sees Ben “Stitch” Rayburn (Sean Carrigan) who greets her happily. It’s been years. His old boss at Memorial is retiring and he’s there for the celebration. He congratulates her on her wedding and they discuss Max being moved from facility to facility. He’s not progressed. Abby’s sorry. She gets a text and he reads it. “Mariah’s having a baby?” She tells him Chance and her are expecting and Mariah’s their surrogate. He asks why. She reveals she can’t carry to term. “Because of the miscarriage?” He asks. She assures him she’s happy now. He tells her it was nice catching up and takes off. In the other room, Sally and Tara meet to gloat over getting rid of Summer. Tara acts superior to Sally like she’s only doing this for her son but Sally knows she also wants Kyle. Tara accuses Sally of going after Jack for his money and power but Sally denies it. “I guess it must be difficult for you to relate to.” Tara takes off.

sally and tara not getting along young restless

At Society, Nick worries it’s the end of Summer and Kyle but Jack tells him he’s not so sure.

In their suite, Kyle is shocked Summer’s packing already. She says she has to make a clean, fast break. He asks her to slow down and prove she’s wrong. She can’t expect him to accept this and walk away. Summer says, “I don’t love you like you love me. I never will.” Kyle says accusing him of having feelings for Tara is one thing but he’ll never believe she doesn’t love him. He’s felt it and has seen it in her eyes. She sobs and tells him there’s too much heartache and pain. Kyle argues that her heart belongs to him and his belongs to her. She tells him this is resentment in her eyes now. Summer tries to kick him out but he won’t go. She raises her voice slightly and he finally leaves. She sobs into her hand. Phyllis texts Nick to ask if he’s heard from Summer. Kyle appears and he asks if she heard about Summer calling off the wedding. She did and is sorry. “Don’t be sorry. Help me to fix this,” he begs. Phylis says she’s a  grown woman and he has to respect her decision. She reminds him he has a kid with another woman. He goes and when Lauren turns up, Phyllis asks her to talk sense into her daughter. Lauren looks surprised and heads to Summer’s room. Summer’s crying. She apologizes but she’s resigning from JCV. Lauren’s shocked. “Oh. No, honey. I’m not going to be taking your resignation so easily.” Lauren thought she was happy. She learns that Summer got the Marchetti position. Lauren’s impressed but asks if she’s running away. She doesn’t deny it but says it’s her decision. Downstairs, Nick appears to Phyllis and they discuss the trip to Milan. He’ll go with Summer and invites Phyllis to go. They’ll explore the canals of Venice. Phyllis turns him down and upstairs, Lauren has left. Summer calls Angelina to tell her she looks forward to working together and removes her engagement ring. Nick goes to Summer’s room. He has the Newman jet gassed up and he’s going to escort her there.

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At the Chancellor mansion, they discuss how Mariah’s baby is yawning. Abby tells them Stitch is back in town. Nina doesn’t know him and Mariah calls him a smart, kind, hunky doctor. Nina’s filled in on the guy and his kid who used to have a tumor. Abbyflashes to Stitch telling her they’re having a baby and then her miscarrying. She recalls their relationship ending, while Stitch sits alone at the coffee house and does the same thing.

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Jack sees Sally at Crimson Lights. He notices her upbeat mood is unshakable. She’s just trying to stay positive. He stares at her a bit and looks confused.

Kyle gets loaded at his dad’s house and Tara appears. Looks like his world fell apart. “It has,” he says. “I’m here if I can help.”

Next week spoilers!

Kyle stops Summer before she leaves. He wants to fight for her.

Amanda asks Sutton how he convinced Naya to take responsibility for a murder he’s responsible for.

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