Phyllis Lies to Jack That Sally Admitted to Forcing Her Daughter Out of Town — & Jack Confronts Tara

The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Tuesday, August 3, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, August 4. In the previous episode, Ashland proposed marriage to a startled Victoria. In this episode, Billy and Lily make love, Abby gets upset about Mariah’s disappearance, and Mariah tries to keep calm while demanding her captors tell her why she’s there.

Lily’s shocked when she arrives home to the condo set for a little romance. She takes in candles and Billy walks in. He turns on the slow music and welcomes her home. They dance in each other’s arms and she jokes that she should go away more often. She moved Mattie into her new place, away from her “psychotic roommate” and everything is fine. He shares that he and the kids watched Rom Coms to prepare for when she came home. They kiss. After sex, they sit in blankets and eat caviar and drink vodka and go at it for round two. Afterward, she talks about her kids not needing her as much as they used to. She loved spending time with his kids lately. They kiss. He’s inspired by her and they agree they have a mature kind of love. Billy wants to get to know Charlie and Mattie. He’d like to have a big family vacation — his kids and hers. They kiss.

lily billy sex romance young and the restless

In the lounge at Grand Phoenix, Nick and Devon chat about him letting Faith meet her favorite band when Phyllis arrives home. She thanks Devon for keeping Nick company. He runs and Nick asks if she hit a brick wall or hit paydirt. Phyllis reveals her discussion with Eric and Angelina, telling him that Sally flew to L.A. to recommend Summer for the job in Milan. Nick doesn’t think that’s much of a crime. Phyllis is missing part of the puzzle. Why did Summer call off the engagement and say yes to the job? She looks over and finds Sally. “I’m about to find out.” She approaches and asks if Sally got the photo. She gloats that she sent it when she was getting all the dirt on her. Sally acts undaunted. Phyllis asks her to come clean but Sally insists she has nothing to come clean about. “FYI I’m getting on the elevator so you might want to scurry back to your laptop and watch me on the security camera.” She goes and Nick says, “She’s definitely up to something.” He encourages her to tell him what she’s up to next time. Phyllis receives a text from Jack. She tells him to come over and Lauren arrives. Phyllis tells her to reverse her decision on having Sally run JVC. Sally maneuvered the situation to get Summer out of town so she could get a new position. Lauren finds that hard to believe. Phyllis says Tara is working with her so she gets Kyle. Lauren demands proof. Sally’s doing an amazing job and Fenmores is about to acquire Tara’s shoe company. “Oh. That can not happen!” Phyllis exclaims, wildly. Lauren purses her lips and Phyllis asks what that look was for. Lauren reluctantly admits they’re auditing Tara’s company and they are having a hard time getting a hold of the financial documents. Once Lauren is gone, Nick agrees that his wife’s theory is looking better and better. Work calls and he goes to take the call while Phyllis gets on her laptop and looks around, stealthily. She tries to look up Tara Locke when Jack turns up. “I’m here. This better be good,” he barks. She tells him about what Eric told her about the job. Jack finds that interesting but doesn’t care. “This has got to stop.” Phyllis said Sally admitted it. Jack’s shocked. “She admitted that she and Tara were working together to force my daughter out of town.” Later, once alone, Phyllis looks up Tara’s company’s profits and losses and Nick appears. He asks what she was doing on her computer. “Hotel things,” she says. He reminds her he’s on her side and asks her to spill.

nick lauren grand phoenix young and the restless

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Rey arrives to visit Sharon at Crimson Lights. Jack interrupts. Have they heard from Mariah? He heard from her. She said she was taking a few days off but he hasn’t heard back. She hasn’t been in contact with him or anyone else at Jabot. “She’s kind of left us in the lurch.” Sharon says it’s not like her. He hates to say it but he’ll have to find her replacement if she doesn’t return soon.

sharon in orange rey young and the restless

Abby and Tessa discuss how Mariah hasn’t shown up for her doctor’s appointment yet. Abby frets. Jack hasn’t heard anything. They each get a text. “Why would Mariah send such a bland text about something so important?” Abby doesn’t think she’s returning home. She texted that she couldn’t face the doctor and needed more time away. Abby feels responsible that Mariah regrets being a surrogate. Abby goes and Nina arrives home. She heard from Abby and is concerned. Tessa wonders if there’s a clue in the text. Nina wishes she knew. Is there luck in finding the location of her cell phone? Tessa says no. The location is still blocked. She thinks they should go to a detective.

Mariah gets kicked by the baby and tells him to keep kicking. They need to keep fighting or they may never get out of there. She taps with a slipper on the wall and it sounds like it’s concrete. She should have watched more prison break movies. She thinks about names. “Freddie as in Mercury, Bruno as in Mars. What about Bowie? Yeah? Do you like that?” She assumes everyone is worried about them. She can’t imagine what they’re going through. She’s been hoping Tessa would burst through the door and save them. She tells the unborn baby she didn’t always lead a charmed life. “I grew up in a cult with a leader posing as my father and shocker — things went off the rails…” She wonders if Ian Ward or his disciples are responsible for this. Tessa has also known shady characters. It could be one of those people but she doesn’t know. She yells, “Was this because of something I did? Is this about Tessa? Can you please tell me why you are doing this? What did I do?” She loses her temper and pounds on the door and then apologizes to the baby.

mariah upset captors young and the restless

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Abby visits Devon at home to tell him that Mariah’s still trying to “get in a better headspace.” She’s not coming home for the doctor’s appointment. Devon asks how long that’s going to take. She has no idea. Eventually, she apologizes for laying all this on him but Devon insists that’s why she was there. Talk turns to her missing Chance. He’s been gone for so long and he was always good at calming her down and she’s facing everything alone. Devon reminds her she has a lot of people in her corner. She gripes that it feels wrong to go through all of this without him when he should be there, protecting his wife and baby. “He’s been gone for too long and I need him to come home.” Devon is caring and comforting to her and she asks him to be the same way when their baby is born. “I’ll do one better,” he vows.

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Tessa and Nina go to Sharon for help with Mariah. Sharon tries to be sensitive when she says she doesn’t understand how overwhelming being pregnant can be. She asks Nina’s take. She’s torn. Pregnancy can be overwhelming but she doesn’t think Tessa’s instincts should be ignored. She shows Rey the tracking app that blocked her cell phone. Rey says it’s probably unreliable. Tessa asks him to check into it but he’s not sure that they need to go there yet. Tessa says she and Mariah share the same heart. And our heart is telling me that something is very wrong. How can Sharon be so nonchalant about this? She’s about to leave when Rey says it’s hard to launch an investigation since Mariah wants to be alone. Still, Sharon asks if she can help him not as a cop, but as her husband.

tessa upset sharon young and the restless

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Jack arrives home to Tara pacing. He just had a chat with Phyllis. He tells Tara about her trip to L.A. Apparently, Sally backed into a corner, confessed: “to everything.” Tara thinks Phyllis will make anything up to cause trouble. She’ll do anything to back up this crazy theory. He tells her Sally admitted she and Tara worked together to get Summer out of the country. Tara calls her a liar or says Phyllis is lying. Jack understands going to extremes to protect her family. He’s trying to help her out from under this before it explodes.

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