Nikki Makes Sally Squirm With a Warning, As Victoria Shares Her & Ashland’s Wedding Date

The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Monday, August 16, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, August 17. In the previous episode, Kyle thrilled Harrison’s moving to Milan to stay at least until Ashland knows how his illness is progressing. In this episode, Nick spends a few hours appreciating Phyllis, Adam hears Sally’s side of what happened with Summer and Tara, and Nikki warns Sally.

Jack meets with Lauren at Society to share that he’s taking Harrison to Kyle in Milan tonight. She assumes he’s elated to do this yet heartbroken. He grins, and talks about shipping all of the kid’s things to Milan and preparing to leave with him. Lauren asks how he’s feeling. He’ll miss the kid’s toys around the house and taking him to the park. “It’s a joy that casn’t be put into words,” he admits, reminiscing about breakfasting with the toddler. Lauren understands. Scott and Fen are out there in the world. She nods. She misses her sons. It’s wonderful and terrible. She feels she did her job as a parent that they have successful lives but the distance is hard to bear. Jack asks for advice but she has none. She doesn’t know what she’d do without Michael to lean on. They discuss Sally sabotaging people. Jack calls it a shame and wonders what the odds are of her getting a job of that caliber anytime soon. They talk work.

lauren jack advice kids young and the restless

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Phyllis gets off a call with Summer as Nick strolls up at Grand Phoenix. They discuss Ashland letting Harry move to Milan. Just another thing that’s falling into place for our daughter and Kyle. Phyllis says yeah because she found out about what Tara and Sally did. Nick calls it meddling but admits her stubborn streak and their working together paved the way for the kids to be happy. With that in mind, he tells her today is “Phyllis Appreciation Day.” She likes that idea. He says he’s set it all up with the general manager. When does she want it to begin? “Now,” she says, grinning. “Right now.” He organized something. He drags her out the door. “Crystal. Take care of everything,” she calls out to the lady in the green dress.

phyllis calls summer young and the restless

Sally bumps into Nikki at Crimson Lights. Nikki asks if she remembers her. Sally knows her as Nikki Newman, married to Victor. “I’m also the grandmother of the woman you ran out of town,” she says, in warning. Sally plays the innocent card and blames Tara for everything. Nikki might agree with her but she’s certain Phyllis’ story is accurate, especially since her son Nicholas backs her up. Sally reminds Nikki that Summer has her dream job. Nikki snipes that if it wasn’t for her, Summer would be with her family. They go back and forth and Nikki calls her a smooth talker. Sally admits most of it is true but she wishes the best for Summer. She agrees not to come after anyone else in her family. “Make no mistake. My husband isn’t the only one who knows how to take matters into his own hands.” Sally gulps, squirms uncomfortably, nods and goes.

sally squirms nikki young and the restless

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Victoria sees Adam in his office at Newman Media. They discuss his company finally launching. It hasn’t happened yet. He asks why she cares. He’s no competition to her. She thinks of him as a little underdog with a slingshot. She wonders if he’s worried about the competition and despite his bravado, he must know that his company doesn’t have a chance of survival. She thinks he fears letting down their father. Victor walks in and says, “Victoria, that’s enough.” He’s fed up with the fighting. Adam blames it on Victoria. She tells their father that she doesn’t have the energy to detest Adam. Adam tries to tell her that he wasn’t born with the spoon in his mouth when Vic says to stop. He wishes her the best for her wedding and vows to get a gift since he knows his name won’t be on the guest list. Victor says, “It had better well be.” He asks if she’s there to provoke her brother. She admits no, she says she’s getting married on October 15. “So soon?” Victor asks. They have no guarantees about how long he’ll have, she states. She’d like it in the family house in Tuscany. Victor loves the idea, which tickles Victoria. He can’t wait to walk her down the aisle.

victoria rude adam young and the restless

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Sally goes jogging at Chancellor Park and jogs right into Adam. She apologizes for jogging with her eyes closed. He tells her it’s fine. She wasn’t hired for her athletic ability. She asks what that means. He says that Jack and Phyllis weighed in on her being hired. Phyllis gave him one and he didn’t even ask for it. Sally nods. They have a hate/hate relationship. “She blew up my life,” Sally says. Adam says, “Hmm…” Is she sure? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? He asks to know her better and she asks him to sit and she’ll fill him in. If he doesn’t like what she has to say, he can fire her. She tells him everything she did to Summer. When Adam doesn’t badger her, she’s surprised. Adam says they’re not close. She and Tara got what they wanted but in the end, suffered the consequences. Phyllis broke a lot of rules and got away with it. “Who wants to be judged for their worst mistake?” he says, revealing he has a past. He’ll judge her by her work. She’s thankful. He says he’s taking a run around the lake. She offers to run with him. She could use a partner to ensure her eyes stay open. He’s not sure if she can handle it so she runs off and says, “Race you!” He goes after her.

sally adam jog young and the restless

Phyllis and Nick arrive back at the hotel. She’s gloating because she won the highest score at the batting cages. They’re wearing hats with “Team Nick and Team Phyllis” on them. They kiss and he says massage is next. In their room, Phyllis texts Jack to see how he is. A man comes in with towels and blonde hair. He removes the towels and tells Phyllis his name is Sven and he’s schooled in the art of massage. He tells her to put herself in his capable hands and he’ll have her muscles screaming out in pleasure. They kiss. Later, Phyllis comes out of the bathroom in a robe and asks for her boyfriend back. Nick takes off the wig. She’s amazed. She can’t stop grinning. He professes his love. They talk about Summer learning to be a new mom and having an incredible role model. He’s amazed by their sacrifices to be together. Nick says there isn’t anything he wouldn’t give up for her. “All I want to do is make you happy.” She laughs and kisses him, so thankful for him. She start the “Nick Festival,” and says it’ll last a long time. They smooch.

nick as sven young and restless

At the ranch, Nikki learns about Ash and Victoria’s wedding date in Tuscany. They talk about his chemo and that it’s too early to know how it’s going. They start to plan the wedding. She wants it to be a huge affair with musicians, something she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Nikki’s shocked. She thought they’d want something intimate. Vikki says she wants it huge, glam, and luxurious. “I want this to be the wedding of the decade. No, the century.” She’s done with low-key. “I want the world to know in the most extravagant way that Victoria Newman has finally met her match.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chloe watches Sally telling Adam she hopes he isn’t having second thoughts about hiring her. They discuss what she wants to do in order to ensure she doesn’t let him down. Adam can see it’d be easier for her to cut her losses and leave town. She gets them ice tea and he goes back to the office. Chloe calls her over and Sally tells her new friend that Adam seems friendly. Chloe calls him a sucking vortex of chaos and destruction. She urges Sally to ask around and read up on him online. Sally’s thankful for the advice.

Jack goes home and looks around unhappily. He reads Phyllis’ text and responds that he’s great, though he doesn’t seem to be. He hears Harrison’s laughter and smiles as he goes up to sees him.