Ben and Ciara Make Love, While Xander’s Arrested — & Lani’s Real Mother is Revealed

In the Monday, August 16, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives,  Ciara dumped Theo, and made love to Ben, while Paulina’s mother appeared in Salem and told her daughter to pack her bags and leave the town. In case you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has you covered with this Days of our Lives recap from Friday: Ciara and Ben’s reunion was romantic and they spent some time in bed before Shawn and Theo crashed their private party.

Xander lies to Jack that Gwen was helping him out of a jam. Xander lies that he was dealing, and shoots Gwen a look telling her to shut up. Jack says Tripp saw her arguing with Snyder. She can’t recall, she claims. Jack considers that Xander got his daughter involved in this mess and she was still getting over losing her baby. He let Xandy live there rent-free. He tells him, “You disgust me.” He orders him to get his things and go. Jack leaves and Xander packs his bag. If Jack finds out Gwen lied about Abigail’s miscarriage… Gwen knows. He wouldn’t want her around. Why did he cover for her. He was helping Jack. Never had a friend like him. Jack returns and Xander apologizes to him and then Gwen, for including him in his scheme. He says he took advantage and they’d both be better off without him in the mix. He thinks Gwen’s lucky to have a father like Jack. Xander goes and Gwen thinks about that hot kiss with Xander. She shakes herself from the thought and Jack brings her tea. He says Julie will dance a jig when she hears about this.

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Shawn and Theo arrive at the cabin, Shawn’s gun is drawn. Ciara rushes him and tells him there’s no need for the gun. Theo hugs her. He was worried. Shawn tries to call it in but there’s no cell service. He leaves the cabin and Ciara explains that being at the cabin brought her memory back. She remembered how much she loves Ben. Theo freaks out and when Shawn returns, he asks him to arrest Ben to get him away from Ciara. She tells her brother not to. The reason she didn’t remember was that “The people who hated me wanted to hurt me.” Ciara takes Theo outside to talk and Shawn lets Ben know that Allie and Claire were arrested for aiding and abetting a kidnapper. Ben’s upset. He talked them into helping him and takes full responsibility for this. Shawn hopes so. He snaps about getting Claire to walk down the aisle in that veil. Ben’s sorry but he’d do it all over again. “She remembers how much she loves me now. It worked!” Shawn knows. He heard. He agrees that she belongs with Ben but is upset that a good guy like Theo had to get shredded in the process. Outside, Ciara apologizes for hurting Theo. She tries to explain how she remembered and is sorry for hurting him. He knew she’d remember someday. He thought he could make her love him enough that it wouldn’t matter. She gives him back his ring. He recalls picking it out and thinking he was going to marry his best friend. Ciara knows he’ll find someone else to love. Shawn will take Theo home and Ciara says she’s not pressing charges. She calls Ben kidnapping her an intervention, not a kidnapping. Shawn tells them the charges against the women will be dropped. He leaves Ben to explain that to Theo. Later, Ciara feels bad for Theo. Ben calls them both a victim of circumstance.

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At the pub, Eli tells Abe and Lani that Shawn found Ben and Ciara at the cabin. Abe says, “Thanks to Paulina,” and Lani glances at him. Paulina’s trying to buy their forgiveness. Abe denies it. She saved the department time in finding Ciara. Eli agrees. Lani argues. Lani warns that he should take care when Paulina starts making empty promises. Eli checks his phone. Shawn radioed in. Ciara and Ben are fine.

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Paulina’s not happy when she sees who is at her door. “What the hell are you doing here?” Olivia (played by 227’s Marla Gibbs) says, “Excuse me? Is that how you greet your mama?” Paulina apologizes for disrespecting her. How did she find her place? Olivia tells her how she found out. Her assistant. “Mary? She told you where I am?” Paulina didn’t know Olivia was well enough to travel. Olivia urges her to get her bag and invite her in already. They close the door, which showcases again that Paulina’s in apartment 227. They sit and Paulina offers tea. Olivia complains that the tea is too sweet and then says her sister and her agree they’re not happy with her. They want her far away from Lani. Paulina chastises her daughter for trying to bulldoze the town square. Paulina argues that she made it right. Olivia then mentions that she’s after Abe now and made a promise to Tamara a long time ago. “You broke that promise. And I’m here to stop you before you break anything else.” Olivia tells her to get packed and move on home. She had no business moving here in the first place. They agreed she’d stay away from Tamara’s daughter. Paulina argues that she isn’t Tammy’s daughter. “She’s mine!”

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Xander finds Shawn in the square and Shawn immediately arrests him.

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At the pub outside, Abe has wise words for Theo that time heals all wounds. Theo says this is his fault and it wasn’t love for her. Abe says he took a leap of faith. He gave his whole heart to someone and that’s never a mistake. Theo cries on his father’s shoulder.

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At home, Lani repeats her story about Paulina ditching her when she was supposed to take her to Paris. Eli feels bad for her, knowing it hurt. Did she ever tell her why she bailed? Lani says no. She felt she was over it and then Price Town brought it back up.