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Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Monday, November 1, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, November 2. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Phyllis and Nick fought once again, and Abby was still in shock over receiving Chance’s wedding band from Christine. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nate prescribes Abby a sedative, Devon worries to Sharon about what will become of Abby, and Mariah feels she has failed Dominic.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa, Mariah, and Devon slump over depressed, as they talk about Chance possibly being alive still. Mariah calls Dominic a brave little boy. “Too bad that you had to be.” She’s upset that he was bombarded by her stress hormones while they were kidnapped. She asks Devon if he thinks he’s okay. Tessa thinks he’s fine but the situation might have brought up some drama for her girlfriend. Mariah knows Tessa knows her well but says this isn’t about her. She hopes he doesn’t notice negativity in the house. Devon says they need to trust Abby to take care of him. There’s no need to worry about him, Devon knows he’s in good hands. Tessa thinks they should head back to their hotel room but Mariah wants to stay with the kid while he needs her.

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Ashley and Victor say goodbye to Sharon at the Chancellor mansion. Ashley calls this a mother’s worst nightmare. She can’t do anything for her daughter. Victor says he called Nate to have a doctor around. Ashley likes that idea but hopes it isn’t necessary. Ashley hopes she doesn’t have a break from reality the way she did. Victor remembers and hopes their daughter doesn’t have to go through it. At least if she does, they’ll help her through it. Ash goes to sit with her. Nate turns up and Victor comments that there may come a point when she needs anti-anxiety pills.

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Victor leaves the room and Ashley and Abby appear. “Did they call you to give me a sedative?” Abby asks. She doesn’t need a doctor. Nate says as a friend, he’s been there and just wanted to see how she’s doing. She doesn’t even have to respond and asks to hang out for a bit. Abby asks her mama to stay close by. Ash goes to the other room and Nate asks if she thinks Chance is still out there. She claims not to be in denial. They found his watch and ring but not him. She knows he’s alive. He saw Caroline but this is different. She’s had doubts but now sees things clearly. Nothing has changed. He promised he’d come home and he is. She needs to have faith. He understands. She yells, “Oh stop. Stop trying to placate me!” He worries she’s running on fumes. She insists she just had a sandwich. He asks when she slept. She shrugs. He prescribes a low dosage pill to help her sleep. Ashley returns and asks her to try to rest. She agrees only if she can stay on the sofa. Later, Abby and Nate sit again and she admits she’s tired and will take the medication. Nate assures her that the love she has for Chance will always be there. She thanks him but he’s talking as though he’s gone. They don’t know for certain. He knows. He takes off and she talks to Chance. “You can’t be gone.” Later, Abby finally sleeps and wakes up with a start. She looks into her phone and asks Chance where he is. She knows he’s around and will find him. She runs outside into the light and blinks a few times.

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Back at Crimson Lights, Ashley texts Devon to tell him everything is alright and that they want the baby to return home. Mariah looks concerned but agrees to it. Tessa asks if she can take her home now. “Let some other people look after him now,” Devon tells Mariah. They head out. Devon stops and sees Sharon. She talks about Abby being in denial and that she won’t talk about her feelings. “There’s nothing I can do,” Sharon says. Devon knows. They coo at the baby and Sharon thinks it’s lucky Dominic has him in his life. Devon argues that he’s the lucky one.  They sit and have coffee and Sharon thinks the baby will give Abby a purpose. It’s hard just to get out of bed suffering something like this. Devon knows from experience. Devon hopes Abby doesn’t go through the self-destructive phase. Nate appears and tells Sharon and Devon that he was with Abby and convinced her to eat something and take a nap. When Devon asks if he should bring the baby back since he’s concerned about the negativity, Nate says it shouldn’t be an issue. Devon decides to walk through the park first.

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In their suite, Mariah’s on a call talking budget cuts. She asks for thirty minutes to make a slight change. Tessa asks if everything is okay. Mariah’s trying to distract herself. She hates leaving the baby. Tessa shoots her a look and she asks what’s up. “I find you very attractive,” she says. Mariah thanks her but she can tell her girlfriend still thinks she’s slipping. Tessa knows she got worked up at Crimson Lights like she’s the only one who can care for the baby. Mariah thought she understood their bond. Tessa does but is afraid that instinct will cause her pain. That breaks Tessa’s heart. Mariah realizes she was reverting but she doesn’t think Tessa needs to be worried. “Do you think you’re the only one who can properly take care of Dominic?” Mariah can’t say that for sure. She raises her voice. She knows there are others but she has a connection. She knows Abby gets to decide even though she’s not in the right frame of mind to. Tessa argues that Dominic won’t be neglected. Mariah gets it but she has “thoughts and feelings” and in her heart, she doesn’t think this is the way to treat him. Mariah admits this isn’t what she promised him. Tessa knows but nobody expected this. Mariah feels she’s failed him because she didn’t protect him. “He’s surrounded by grief and loss.” She can’t be there for him. Tessa asks,  “Are you saying you wish he was your son and not Abby’s?” Mariah can’t help thinking that it should have been. “That I should be his mom.” She’s not acting on the feeling. It’s fear talking and she knows it’s her issue. She wanted to be honest. Tessa understands. Mariah says she has the patience of a saint. Tessa agrees to work through it with her together. Mariah has to work. It’ll take a few minutes. Tessa looks concerned.

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A light seems to carry Abby to Grand Phoenix. She keeps talking into her phone about working with Chance there to find a bad guy. She tells him the bar is where she hired him as head of security to keep him from working dangerous cases. He was supposed to stay in Genoa City with her. A light takes her to Society and she wanders around and recalls their first kiss. She winds up in a suite and recalls their date ice skating and how it was freezing and they made love for the first time.  She yells that he made promises and vows and they talked about a future with a family. “How could you leave? How could you allow me to go through with surrogacy? You are too good and too honest for it to end this way.” She knows he’ll return. She ends up in the park and remembers she told him she loved him there for the first time. It has a special meaning to them. She finds a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament and asks how he could leave them when he knew his mission could end like this. “You wouldn’t break my heart like that would you?”

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Devon walks Dominic through the park and thinks, then arrives home. Abby wakes up and holds the rolled-up towel baby as he cries.

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