Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Ashland Confronts Kyle, While Sharon Meets Adam on the Sly

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Friday, April 2, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, April 5. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Rey lets Sharon know that Adam is the Good Samaritan, Faith’s parents agree on a punishment for her, Sharon discretely goes to Adam, while Ashland meets with Kyle.

Victor plays chess with Faith at the hospital until she falls asleep.

Sharon is surprised to see Rey and Nick at home. She was driving under the influence and underage. They all agree that there will be consequences. There will be a fine, community service, and possibly court-ordered outpatient rehab. Sharon finds that a good idea. There’s one more thing they need to discuss. Nick leaves and Rey tells Sharon that Adam’s the Good Samaritan. Sharon doesn’t admit she already knew, but she defends him. It doesn’t make sense that he would attempt to kill Rey when he saved Faith’s life. Rey snipes that one doesn’t have to do with the other. He reminds her that they found her statue and trey in his car and the thallium in his condo. She knows. She loves him and says she wants to continue their therapy sessions but for now wants to try to be patient with each other.

At the lake, Adam wakes up and reads Sharon’s text that she’ll be there as soon as she can. He sighs in relief.

Back at home, Sharon gets a text from Adam to be careful nobody follows her. She hides her phone from Rey’s peering eyes and lies that she’s off to Crimson Lights.

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The lady in the green dress walks by while Phyllis and Lauren discuss Sally. Lauren calls Sally trouble. Lauren thinks that means she’s on her bad side. Phyllis lies. She asked Lauren to do a favor for a friend. Lauren doubts that so Phyllis refuses to discuss it and goes off to work. Upstairs, Amanda gets a text from Devon who is having drinks with Moses and invites her. A knock comes at the door. Sutton Ames (Jack Landron) appears. Amanda recognizes him as her grandfather, and she’s not happy. She knows him as the man who forced her to give up her twins. Sutton calls it her mother’s decision and he had good reason to advise her to give them up. “The greater good is bigger than anyone in our lives.” He also thought it was good for Naya. He didn’t want her to miss out on life due to one careless mistake. Amanda’s surprised and angry. Sutton thinks she should keep an open mind. He doesn’t want her personal feelings for him to cloud her thoughts on him being a murderer. She’s read the case and doesn’t think he’s responsible for her dad’s death but she blames him for the tough and lonely life away from her sister. She calls him selfish. If she represents him, she won’t have their relationship known. He also better not interfere with her relationship with Naya. He won’t and says he knows she won’t lose this case. He tracked her career. He tracked her and Hilary their whole lives, actually. He wanted to know they were alright. He thinks they were though Amanda begs to differ. He wants her to take her rightful place in their powerful and prestigious family, to know what it feels like to belong.

sutton ames young and restless

At Jabot, Kyle and Summer disagree on Kyle going off to meet with Ashland. “It’s my mess.” He wants to take responsibility but Summer thinks he’s being arrogant. Jack has experience taking care of people like Ashland. Kyle loves her but he’s going.

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Jack meets with Ashland at Society. He lies to Ashland that Kyle had to take a business meeting and he stepped in for him. Ashland accuses him of being the B team, stepping in for his son since he didn’t think he could handle it. Jack plays innocent. Ashland tells him they’re launching a health and beauty line and seems excited about it. Ashland is hoping Kyle will be a part of it. Jack touts his son’s ambitions. Ashland’s glad to hear and says he heard that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Jack was a ladies’ man when he was young and so is Kyle. Kyle appears. The situation in Arizona wasn’t as dire as they thought. He thought he’d get there before they wrapped things up. Ashland’s glad he did. He gets rid of Jack so he can ask Kyle, “When you lived in New York before, did you spend much time in the Hamptons?” Kyle says he tended bar at parties. Ashland assumes he was an active, single guy. He keeps reaching for how they’ve met until he brings up Tara. Kyle lies that he doesn’t recall meeting her there. Ashland asks straight out, “Do you recall sleeping with her?”

ashland asks if kyle sex tara young and restless

Nick arrives at the hospital and tells his father that Adam’s the one who saved Faith. Nick’s grateful. That makes Victor feel good but Nick’s trying to come to terms with it. “He risked everything to save his niece.” Faith wakes up. Sharon appears. Faith knows Adam’s her rescuer. Sharon calls him a contradictory person who has done both good and bad. Faith asks if she should thank him. Nick says not to. He hopes his brother ends up in prison. Sharon doesn’t want to get into this but Nick disagrees. “Adam’s the one who planted the thallium in your house to poison Rey.” Talk turns to Faith being punished. Her parents explain what will happen and she’s ready to pay penance.

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Summer finds her mother at the club and tells her that Jack’s meeting with Ashland and Kyle’s on his way to crash the meeting. It won’t go well. Phyllis tries to calm Summer down but Summer’s scared. Jack appears and Summer asks why he left Ashland. Jack explains that Kyle showed up and he had no choice but to leave. Whatever that’s going on in there is out of his hands. Nearby, Amanda shows up. She meets Moses, who is shocked by how much she looks like Hilary. Devon offers to come back since he can tell Amanda’s upset. Moses offers to take a taxi to see Nate so Devon can stay. Amanda fills Devon in on Sutton and how nasty he is, but she is leaning toward taking the case.

summer upset ashland young and restless

Sharon winds up at the lake and finds Adam. She thanks him for saving her daughter. Adam couldn’t leave her there. Sharon says she couldn’t have survived another loss. Adam knows anyone would have done so. Sharon denies that anyone would. She’ll never forget this. She reveals that Rey and Nick know. Everyone knows because they got a hold of hospital footage. She calls Rey a good man and if she finds out that he’s playing her for a fool, he can rot in prison. Adam promises he didn’t poison Rey. She knows that. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have come.

At work, Lauren texts Sally to meet ASAP as she thinks about Phyllis.

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