Days of our Lives Opinion: To Recast Hope or Not to Recast Hope

The April Fool’s Day episode was the highlight of the week. For me. Not everyone enjoyed it. Perhaps those who haven’t watched the show since the 90s might not have understood all of the Easter eggs that were seen. We’re lucky to have a show that provides humour for us, especially now during the pandemic. I don’t have one moment that stands out for me that made the episode. It truly all came together brilliantly and I’m grateful for it. It did seem clear that the actors were into it. Drake Hogestyn gets a shout-out for his comedic timing and no, Sami didn’t say what we thought she said at the end. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it!

This week I wrote about my thoughts on two possible storylines going forward, based on what we saw this week on Days of our Lives. What appears to be coming is that either we’re about to see a Ciara, Ben & Theo love triangle, or  Misery sex for Claire and Ben.

Recast Hope

We’ve all been curious as to what they’re going to do with Hope since Ciara’s back. The first day they found her, Shawn mentioned that they’d try to get in touch with her, and it’s been a few days without a follow-up. I’d like to hear that someone has called her and can’t get in touch with her at the very least. Not mentioning her at all is annoying to the viewers. Even a one-liner to say they’ve left her a message would work for me. At this point since we know Kristian Alfonso is not returning, I’d be open to recasting her. The show must go on. And if not, then Ciara should be sent to wherever she is for a while, because Hope not being a part of this storyline is hurting it. I polled Twitter and as of now, we’ve still four hours left and the results are at almost 50/50. Very interesting.

Dumb Bae

Brady was suspicious of “Kristen” in Statesville and her strange behaviour, including her sudden budding friendship with Vivian, but not enough to consider that she wasn’t who she said she was. Even though she sounded like Susan and he’s been tricked by Kristen raping him with a Nicole mask in the past. Yep. She did make sense once she explained that she was struggling in there without him. It was smart of her to ask for time apart, which not only threw him off her scent but makes it easier for Kristen to keep up her schemes. The thing I don’t get is why in the hell did Susan once again agree to this? She’s dying to get out of prison. It makes no sense.

I liked Kristen with Brady. They’ve sexy chemistry and I was into them. I’m not sure if Brady would forgive her for this or not. I mean, he forgave her for raping him, and Eric. He didn’t give a crap that Sarah went missing the night of her wedding, so would he care that Kristen dumped her on an island (With Andre? Just a thought!) or would Dumb Bae dump her and sue for custody? You know, once he finds Rachel. Because I’m not quite sure anyone knows where this kid lives.

As much as I love Stacy Haiduk, I need a break from Kristen and her obsessiveness even if it’s for a few weeks.


I don’t see the chemistry between Brady and Chloe anymore, but I see it between Philip and Chloe and Gabi and Philip. I’m not sure what any of that means, but did anyone else see that hot kiss between Belle and Philip on the April Fool’s Day episode, and become reminded of how much they liked them together? It gave me pause, though I was always a Belle and Shawn shipper. There’s no shortage of chemistry on Days. Lucky us!

Odds and ends

Obviously, there’s something wrong with my Kate, because soap characters don’t just have headaches.

Theo must be the only person in Salem not to defend Ben. And I am here for it. Not every Salemite should defend him. It’s not normal and it’s way more dramatic and juicy that Ciara’s BFF isn’t bowing to our hero. This is why we watch. For the drama.

I missed Sami’s scenes and the murder mystery only making an appearance once a week has been a challenge to stay invested, but I was glad that Rafe cleared her name and their friendship has been a highlight.

Ava is living rent-free in Rafe’s house, and lying to him about the case he’s working night and day on by keeping the truth about being with Charlie when he died. Because she’s protecting Tripp. Ack. It’s Sami all over again I guess.

Let’s talk about Nicole’s hair. All I want to say is never again. Please. Never. It’s not right.

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