Amanda Asks Devon if He Wants to Petition for Custody of Dominic — & Locke’s Forgery Story Goes Live Without Billy Sanctioning It

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Thursday, November 11, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, November 12. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Abby took a pill and passed out with the baby crying. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Devon gives Abby a pep talk, Sally goes to Adam with her concerns for her job, and Naya shocks Amanda with her kind words.

Sally closes the door behind her in Adam’s office and confronts him about his call. He informs her that what happens in his office is none of her business. She thinks it has to do with him and his dad wanting to do damage to Billy and ChanceComm. Why would she care? She calls this her job. He tells her she’s making this all about her. She thinks that if whatever he’s doing blows up, what she has will disappear. He’d never let that happen. She apologizes for barging in like this but doesn’t want to see her dreams go up in smoke. He promises there’s nothing to worry about. She asks him to prove it. He reminds her he’s given her a job, he took her to Italy to bring her dress to Victoria. He stood up for her when people told him to walk away. She has done the same for him and thinks it’s why he should let her in. He tells her to stay in her lane. She puts pressure on. He tells her she’s safe. Better and stronger than ever. He admits something is going on and what she needs to do is to focus on what’s coming for her and Chloe. He asks her to trust him.

adam concerned sally overheard young restless

Rey shows up at ChanceComm to discuss the shift in Billy’s feelings about Gaines going missing. He knows Billy was dodging his questions at the coffee shop. Lily defends Billy. She lies that they were meeting. Rey knows they’re both lying because Billy said that the coffee he picked up was for a writer, not Lily. He assumes Billy’s trying to handle something on his own and doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Billy claims he’s let go of his suspicions that Adam had something to do with Gaines’ disappearance. He will use his cop radar to figure it out. Lily says, “Let’s just tell him, alright?” Billy finally admits to Rey that Gaines found them and is looking for protection against Adam, Ashland and Victor. They fill Rey in on what’s going on. Rey calls what he’s doing blackmail and thinks it’s a crime he’s ready to commit. Billy calls it a business negotiation. Lily tries to respond but Billy cuts her off. Rey says if he’s withholding information about criminal behavior on Ashland Locke, that’s illegal. Billy says the statute of limitations is over. Rey counters that it isn’t true for civil suits. Since Gaines wasn’t the victim of foul play, Rey doesn’t need to be concerned. Rey hopes not. He takes off and Lily realizes Billy’s considering telling Ashland’s story though they agreed not to. Lily looks at her phone in shock. She asks, “Billy, did you publish that story about Locke forging the Camila Rhodes letter without her knowing?” He says he hasn’t. Lily says, “It’s been published on one of ChanceComm’s news sites!

rey talks blackmail young restless

At home, Devon relays news that he told Ashley his concerns about Abby. Ashley thinks there’s enough support at the Chancellor home and thinks it’s important that Abby bond with the baby. He sees her point but is still concerned. Amanda asks what he’ll do. He may organize a meeting with Victor, Nina and Ashley to discuss finding a way to protect Dominic and protect Abby. He understands where Ashley’s coming from but wants to hear everyone’s ideas. Amanda says she thinks it’s a good time to revisit the paternity and surrogacy contracts. Legally, he has no say in where the baby resides or who looks after him. He knows. She says but here he is, trying to assemble the baby’s grandparents. He says he’s in a position to help. Amanda reminds him that custody would shift to Ashley or Victor, who would become his legal guardians. She asks if he’d like to take this opportunity to change that. If anything happened to Abby, would he want to petition for custody of Dominic? He doesn’t want to do that if it isn’t necessary. “Okay, whatever you want,” she says. He wants to check on Abby. Amanda has plans with Naya anyway. She sighs and worries she’s overstepping. “No, you know better than that. It’s fine. You’re trying to look after me.” He knows this situation resonates with her. She admits it’s brought up things she thought she was over. She calls it priceless that Dominic will always know who his biological father is.

amanda suggests custody young restless

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At home, Abby thanks Nina for being “so wonderful to the baby and to me,” even though her emotions are all over the place. Nina calls it a wonderful distraction. Abby feels like she wants to scream and cry but she can’t do that and be the mom Dominic needs. Nina breaks down, crying over her own loss. Abby blames herself. She knows Nina is struggling as much as she is. Chance was her son. Nina can’t believe she’ll never hear him laugh again. She sobs. “It comes in waves, doesn’t it?” Nina admits she desperately wants to get on that jet with Abby to Spain but she knew it was too important to take care of Chance’s little boy. Risking their lives was the wrong thing to do. Abby knows she needs to get it together for her son. Nina thinks she’s been strong already and doesn’t need to pressure herself. Abby doesn’t want to be a burden. Nina says she’s not. They’re all there to care for one another. Devon lets himself in. “That’s absolutely right,” he says. Nina says they’re family. Devon asks for a minute alone with Abby. Nina goes to take the towel baby for a bath. Once she’s gone, Abby wishes she was more like Nina. While she smiles at Dom, Abby says all she can give him is her tears. Devon tells her about this kid in New York who was a singer. Moses made him listen to his demo and it was terrible. Devon laughs it off but Abby is upset that the kid’s life isn’t going to go where he wanted it to. Devon’s surprised. She admits she’s exhausted and tells him she took a pill Nate prescribed. She fell asleep and admits she slept through Dominic crying for her. She didn’t know how long he was crying for her. She felt like a failure and selfish. Thankfully, Nina was there. Devon’s supportive. He thinks she needs to grieve for him properly. She’s not alone. He talks about losing Hilary and his world going dark. It happened when Neil died. Abby gets it. You’re in a pit and people want to help you but you can’t lift your arms…He talks about masking his depression. Abby says it won’t happen to her. Her kid needs her. He wishes he could have turned to friends and family sooner. He calls her lucky that so many are helping her. He advises her to take advantage of that. “It’s okay to fall apart.” Once Devon is gone, Abby tells her kid that it’s unfair that he had to learn that life is unfair at this age. She talks about her pain and emptiness. She cries, hoping she won’t feel this way forever. The baby cries and she tries to get him to stop. He cries, and cries and eventually, she winds up on the sofa, teary, under a blanket. The baby has stopped crying. 

nina abby sob chance young restless

Naya meets Amanda at Society. She tells her daughter that she’s there to raise a glass to her daughter for taking a stand against Sutton and getting justice for her own father. Amanda’s shocked that she’s not upset. Naya heard everything. She’s proud. Amanda wanted to stand up for Richard who couldn’t do it for himself. Naya apologizes for abandoning her, not protecting her and not being a mother to her and her sister. Amanda says she doesn’t need to do that. Naya disagrees. She feels blessed and undeserving. Naya agreed to give up her babies and despite everything, she opened her heart. Now, she wants to be a part of her life for a long time to come and get to know the incredible woman Amanda is. Amanda looks moved by her mama’s words. They agree to do this more often and Naya wishes Imani could join them. She brings up them officially opening their office. Amanda calls it a big step. Naya has a friend Viola that she wants her to meet. She’s an interior designer. “For your office,” she says. She has ideas of her own. Amanda grins. “Okay.” Naya thinks appearances matter. It matters that she’s beholden to nobody. Amanda knows her mama is courage. Not the same person she was when they met. “Thanks to you,” Naya confides. They embrace.

naya justice young restless

Amanda and Devon return home. Amanda tells him that Naya and her had some breakthrough. She was touched at Naya’s apology and pride in her. Devon’s grateful she got to feel that. Amanda is loving life right now. She asks about Abby. He says she’s still having a hard time opening up but he has a better sense of where her mind is. Later, Abby turns up looking grief-stricken, with the baby carriage. Devon asks what’s going on and she tells him,  “You’re right. I can’t do this alone.”

devon amanda talk young restless

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Abby tells Devon, “I need you to take Dominic and care for him until I can get my head together.”

Lauren asks Jack, “You think you can be objective with her? I mean, Phyllis is your ex.”

Adam tells Victor, “Everything went off without a hitch. It’s a perfectly executed plan. And you. You played your role perfectly.”